Love starts from care (YVR) episode 8

Love starts from care (YVR) episode 8

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Episode 8

Its morning
Survi is getting ready for going to office.Suddenly she gets a call.
Caller:Hey my sweetheart..
Survi:Dont irritate me in the morning itself Anki. iam gonna give you a leave from my irritation.
Survi:oh…thank god..but how.
Karthik:Iam not so well..little I will not be coming to the office and so you will have to go yourself.
Survi:Not much problem na..Do I want to come
Ankit:For what..for increasing my fever?Hey no need..i will manage.
Survi:Fine..take care..bye..
Ankit:okay bye..

Survi is going to the office.She is waiting for the bus to come.Suddenly an omni comes near to her..She is shocked.Suddenly someone inside the omni opens the door and pulls her inside the omni..
They made her asleep by using chloroform.

Karthik’s company
Staff:Sir,today you have a meeting at 10am right?Its already 9:50 sir..
Karthik:But where is that survi..The files are with her.
Staff:She didnt come yet.
Karthik:How can she become this much irresponsible.
The staff leaves
Then he remembers about yesterday’s incidents.
Karthik to himself:oh…she may be unwell.But file..
Staff comes.
Staff:Sir,this is the file.right?
Karthik:Yes..from where you got it..
Staff:From her cabin.
Karthik:Okay you can leave now.
Staff leaves.
Karthik:Maybe she yesterday itself kept it here at night.
In a Godown
Survi is unconcious..Her hands and legs are being tied.Suddenly she regains her conciousness.
Survi:Where am I?Who took me here?
But there was no one in the godown.
She is now trying to get rid of the ropes tied around her.
Someone comes near her.
He:Hey beauty,.Do you know who am I?

Survi is shocked.
He:okay..lets come to the point..I just want one thing from you.
He:That file…
Survi:which file..
He:The file on which all the details about karthik’s contract is there..that one..
Survi:Its not there with me.
He:Yes,I know it..because I already checked your bag.So just call Karthik and ask him to bring the file here..if he denies..say that your life is in danger.Call..
Survi:No…i cant do it..i cant cheat him..
He slaps her hard.
Episode ends.

Precap:Karthik is coming to the godown to save survi.

Hope you liked it.

Love starts from care (YVR) episode 8


Love starts from care (YVR) episode 8

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