kaala teeka analysis

i must say,the sho is doing well after leap isint it? he says anything from i love u to i would have loved u…
the track is very nice until now…bt i wonder yug and kaali look better or gauri and yug will look better?
n i feel they wont marry n before marrying yug will come to know the truth because vishweshwar said in 27th feb episode that he wont leave kali once their marriage is done
i dont expect that the show will go in the same flow like other shows go n i dont want it..bt still if something happens like he comes to know after their marriage the show wont be worth it , isint it?
n i feel it will get irritating once romance starts between yug and gauri n i personally wont like it at all until yug comes to know the truth?
i wonder what will sharmila do, what do u think?
n what about manjiri/pishima? who will know the truth first?
n how will yug react when he know its kali?
what do u think what is going to happen in this show?

kaala teeka analysis


kaala teeka analysis


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