Manmarziyan….a journey of love and friendship Chapter 18

Manmarziyan….a journey of love and friendship Chapter 18

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Chapter 18

Bird Song

Kirtika was hitting Zubin and teji was trying to sort the issue out…Radhika entered office and went to them she stood there watching them for some time and then said;’’ Can I help’’
Kritika; ‘’Radhika …this stupid fellow took me out on a date…gave me fake flowers sprayed with rose scent…then took me out for a dinner for which I ended up paying…because he forgot he wallet and he forget to fill up his fuel tank and I had to walk 4km to my home as I could not find taxi…Radhika smiled and Teji gave her a irritated look…Radhika handed Kritika a thick book and said; Hit him with this …he deserves this.’’ Radhika saw Teji sad and aked the reason…he said; ‘’one more Valentine’s day without a Valentine…my date of yesterday said I don’t suit her I changed so much for her you know ‘’ Radhika smiled and replied ;’’Teji then she was never your Valentine…don’t go behind someone who wants to change you… look for someone who accepts you the way you are’’ Sam called Radhika to her cabin…she had discuss about a new client, Radhika picked her laptop and was about to go to Sam’s cabin when she saw Neil hurriedly going to Arjun’s cabin…he looked tensed but she ignored. She was anyways thinking a lot these days, Sam told Radhika that they have to prepare a presentation for a well known Male Deo brand…and she needs something very different about it. Radhika thought for some time and told Sam she will get back to her by evening.

Arjun was standing near the glass window with Neil sitting on a chair holding his head he looked at Arjun and thought ‘Chashni was so right about you…you are a gem…’ Neil got up from his place and went and stood next to Arjun with his hands folded under his chest with anger on face.
Neil;’’ you really thought you will hide all this from me and face everything alone’’
Ajun; ‘’I wanted to keep you guys safe…I know Nandu is doing all this but I am not able to reach her…don’t know what she is upto…but I know what she is capable off’’
Neil; ‘’Listen to me…I am not letting you do this alone…I can’t’’
Arjun; ‘ ’You and Sam will take care of Radhika…if plan goes wrong’’
Neil was all shocked; ‘’Are you mad…Chashni will not be able to bear this pain…you will not do anything drastic Arjun…promise me now…we will solve this together…or I will tell the truth to Sam and Radhika’’
Arjun ; ‘’Only I know her completely …she still has soft corner for me…I will use the same against her…please Neil you have to listen to me’’
Neil; ’’Forget it…we are doing this together or we are not doing it at all’’
Arjun stared at Neil for sometime…he thought that he was lucky to have a great friend in Neil…he gently smiled and said; ‘’Ok …we are together in this …I will let you know how to proceed…but first I need to find Rana kaka…I am not able to locate him…that’s my biggest concern.’’
Neil; ‘’Arjun…if she wants to hurt Samrat Sir…then Why only Sam or me she can hurt Manya too…don’t you think ” that rang a bell in Arjun’s head
Arjun; ‘’You are right…we should inform Samrat Sir at the earliest’’
Arjun and Neil entered Smarat’s cabin and found him holding glass pieces …he had received a courier with a broken heart shaped glass…Samrat looked very worried…Arjun and Neil understood that this was the next warning. But It didn’t stop there Radhika received another courier with the pictures of the fire accident and a note…’’History repeats itself’’…She was worried but not scared…she took those pictures and went straight to Sam’s cabin…she knew who was trying to harm them

Arjun was about to leave when Radhika jumped in front of his car…he smiled looking at her and unlocked the car door.
Radhika; ‘’So you were leaving me behind’’
Arjun; ’’I can never leave you…and you know that…tell me you want to go home or we can go some place and I can drop you home later in the evening’’
Radhika; ‘’ Anything you like…let us go by your choice today.’’
Arjun; ‘’that can be dangerous…’’
Radhika;’’I was never scared of you’’
Arjun; ‘’I know that…sometimes I feel why didn’t I meet you before…it would have been so good’’
Radhika; ‘’Ok then what you would have done’’
Arjun; ’’Would have married you as soon as you turned 18’’
Radhika laughed…she could not believe Arjun was so mad about her…she thought of teasing him.
Radhika; ’’What if I would have refused?’’
Arjun gave her one glance smiled…and replied; ‘’then I would have carried you off to some place far…and you know I would have done that’’
Radhika lowered her gaze …she could not handle the intensity of feelings Arjun had for her in his eyes…every time he looked at her…it showed only his love for her. Arjun took Radhika to a private beach…they sat next to each other enjoying the breeze…Radhika mischievously asked; ‘’did you ever think that you would be out on a romantic evening with someone like me’’
Ajrun; ’’no I never ever dreamt of falling in love…but yes I am sitting with you here openly at a beach because if I take you home…I don’t know if I would be able to control myself or not…its getting difficult for me.’’ Radhika’s eyes widened she looked around to check if they were alone enough and nobody heard what Ajun said…she turned to look at Arjun to show her anger…but found him watching her with so much love and affection that all her anger died…she took his hand wrapped it around her waist and kissed Arjun warmly on cheek…Arjun tighten his grip on her waist pulling her close to him. Arjun dropped Radhika home she asked to stop little away from their usual spot…it was bit dark due to trees…Arjun and Radhika got down Arjun was about to ask the reason for stopping there but before that Radhika wrapped her arms around him and hugged him tightly…Arun got the reason…he leaned on car holding his life in his arms he was gently caressing her hair …Radika lifted her head and looked straight into Arjun’s eyes and said; ’’Arjun …you gave a meaning to my existence …I love you.’’ Arjun smiled leaned and kissed Radhika deeply and she responded with same affection.

Radhika entered her house and was greeted by Soniya’s mischievous smile…before she could say something Soniya said; ‘’next time I will tell you where to pull your car…today’s spot is visible from my balcony…’’ Radhika blushed Soniya hugged her and said; ‘’Vicky is right…you deserve the best…I am happy for you…and yes Arjun had send gift for Vidhi…she since then busy with it’’ Vidhi came running to Radhika with a box in hand…it had 2 pink dresses and few toys…Radhika looked at Soniya and said; ‘’I think it’s high time Arjun should chose his second favourite colour.’’ Soniya replied; ‘’Yes…otherwise he will paint you pink.’’

Sam went to Neil’s place to have dinner with Neil and Prerna…they teased each other and enjoyed the food prepared by Prerna. Neil was watching Sam talking to Prerna…he now knew the reason for her worry but instead of feeling worried about the situation he was happy that Sam loves him…and he was confident that his and Arjun’s plan will definitely work. After dinner Neil decided to drive Sam home…he decided to take bike…Sam was happily humming sitting behind Neil when Neil suddenly applied brakes Sam with a jerk fell on Neil’s back…Sam was surprised she asked; ‘’What happened …there is no traffic on the road…the signal is green..Why did you apply brakes.’’
Neil; ‘’For the same reason…for which I decided to drop you home on a bike’’ Sam scratched her head for some time and then slapped Neil’s back…she moved little closer wrapped her arms around his waist and kissed his shoulder
Neil; ‘’So Sammy…ready for a romantic drive’’. Sam nodded happily. Neil took Sam to their favourite spot they had ice creams and held each other watching the stars.
Neil; ‘’What is one thing you would like to change in your life’’
Sam; ‘’Nothing…because whatever happened made me learn something…how about you what would you like to change’’
Neil with naughtiness; ‘’Sammy I wish you would have had love at first sight …looking at me…I wish you would have seen stars heard music…wind and all you know.’’
Sam laughed hard; ‘’Idiot when we first met …I was 3 you were 5…love at first sight…too much…but Neil something I want to tell you …you are the last man I have loved and will always love till I breath my last.’’
Neil; ’’Can I get a hug…I am all emotional now’’
Sam; ‘’Aww…my poor little baby…you will get plenty of hugs.’’ Sam hugged Neil and kissed him on cheek. Neil drove off with Sam to her house Sam waved him bye for the night but before she could go Neil pulled Sam to himself in a hug. Sam had never seen so much desire in Neil’s eyes. Neil tugged he hair behind her ears and said; ‘’Sammy I want to show you the depth of my feelings for you’’ Neil leaned and kissed Sam passionately…the kiss was so true.. full of affection care and love…a tear of happiness trickled from Sam’s eye…today in true sense she understood Neil’s real feelings for her…Neil gently touched his forehead to Sam’s and wished her for the night. Sam stood there on the road watching Neil leave…soaking the feeling of pure love which she experienced just now

Samrat was watching Neil and Sam from the terrace and thinking about what should be done to save his children from this upcoming danger. Arjun and Neil had convinced him…but Nandini is not going to back off so easily

Radhika was having dinner with her family and her brother is law was generally asking her questions about her plans…and upcoming marriage…Radhika was conversing calmly with him without a hitch…but Ridhima was quite…she only spoke few words. After the dinner everyone retired to their rooms for the night. Radhika was working on her laptop when there was a soft knock on her room door…Riddhima peeped in…Radhika gave her a welcoming smile
Riddhima; ‘’do you hate me choti?’’
Radhika; ‘’Di…don’t be ridiculous why would I do that…you are my sister’’
Riddhima; ‘’I never supported your dreams…I had bought Saral’s proposal for you…and you suffered so much because I blamed you for everything.’’
Radhika walked to her sister and made her sit on the bed , she kneeled on the floor took her sisters hand in hers and said; ‘’Di …people are not bad …situations are…you did not do anything intentionally…you only did things which you felt were good for me…who knew Saral would turn up being a jerk…he has good family such good brother…we also thought him do be same…it’s not your fault..don’t blame yourself’’
Riddhima lovingly cupped Radhika’s face and said; ‘’no wonder you are so loved by everyone…no one can be be like you…. you are really very understanding…sometimes I used to be jealous of you…because everyone seem to love you more…but you desrve it…you are a brave girl choti…forgive me for bad words please’’
Radhika got up and squeezed her sister in a gentle hug and said; ‘’What’s done is done …let’s move forward. I will show you what all I bought for my nephew’’ Radhika and Riddhima revived their old times talking about almost everything…Riddhima suddenly asked Radhika; ‘’Don’t take me wrong choti…but why do you trust Arjun so blindly…I mean… what he did in past…and who knows this may again be a plan or a trap..’’
Radhika smiled and replied; ‘’because I love him so much that I am ready to be destroyed in his love…and about trusting him… even if God tells me that Arjun has betrayed me …I won’t even believe him’’
Riddhima took a deep breath and said; ’’I wish your trust wins”
Radhika; ‘’don’t worry it will”

Next day Arjun joined Radhika’s family for breakfast…this was the first time Riddhima was meeting this much talked about person…he was having breakfast with Vicky and Riddhima’s husband and Vidhi was happily pulling Arjun in other direction to play with her…he gently tickled her and she ran around laughing. Radhika was watching all this from door when Riddhima came she looked at Arjun and exclaimed; ‘’OMG…you hit a jackpot…he is so damm hottt!’’
Radhika giggled at her sister’s comment when Soniya added another one; ‘’Plus he is madly in love with Radhika…all romantic types…she surely has hit a jackpot’’ Radhika rolled her eyes at both of them and they went ahead and joined others for breakfast.

Arjun knew that Radhika was little hesitant with Ridhhima but he was happy to see both sisters bonding well. Riddhima was talking to Arjun and complemented him at least 100 times now it was his turn to blush…Riddhima teasingly asked;’’tell me Arjun…what did you see in her…you would have got beauty queen if you have tried for’’ Radhika went numb similar question by her had made Arjun angry last time she suddenly lost her smile and turned pale. Arjun studied Radhika’s expression for a minute smiled and said; ‘’Because she is the most beautiful girl in my eyes’’ Ridhima and other smiled and Radhika took a sigh of relief. Vidhi came to Vicky …showed him her two dolls …then made dolls kiss each other and innocently said; ‘’one Bua …one Uncle’’ Radhika didn’t knew where to hide…she got up telling she was done and before she could leave the room she heard the roaring laughter of others behind her.

Radhika reached office with Arjun…they went straight to the meeting room as they had to discuss on a client. A big Male antiperspirant brand had give a project to Bird Song and wanted them to send a presentation…before they decide on the final contract. Piyali was hearing everybody’s idea’s and finally she came to Radhika…

Radhika started; ‘’Why do we objectify women in Deo, perfume or aftershave add…I mean a girl will fall for you qualities more than how you smell…so why can’t we show the product to be the choice of males who believe in doing right.’’ The thought struck everyone in their mind…but Neil wanted to tease Radhika he asked; ‘’can you explain’’ Sam understood…she shook her head waiting for another tease battle between Radhika and Neil
Radhika; ‘’Teji wears the best perfume in our office…but Neil got the best girl’’. Sam got surprised at how cleverly Radhika answered Neil.

Radhika gave Neil don’t mess with me look…Neil Smiled turned to Teji who had already gone nervous being labelled as an example and said; ‘’Teji next time you go to shop for perfume check with me or Arjun…’’ Piyali smiled and asked Radhika to prepare the presentation after she left Radhika and Sam jokingly throttled Neil …Once they were gone. Neil looked at Arjun and said; ‘’we should start now’’ Arjun nodded and they left together.

Neil & Arjun reached Neil’s place …Prerna served them coffee and snacks she was leaving when Arjun asked her to join them. All the three had a good conversation for 3-4 hrs (I will discose that later) .Arjun left for his place …Prerna was still sitting the room holding her head. Neil came back after escorting Arjun to his car, He wrapped his arm around his mother’s shoulder…he asked; ‘’What’s wrong mom…you got head-ache’’
Prerna; ‘’Both of you will make me go mad…I don’t you are doing right or wrong but hear me out if anything happens to Sam or Radhika because of this I am myself to going kill both of you.’’
Neil smiled and handed a glass of water with a Disprin to his mom. Neil thought; ‘Nothing will happen…we both are doing this for Sam and Radhika only…this time we will finish everything once for all’

Radhika had gone to Arjun’s place to cook for him…she was on her toes to pick something up from the top shelf when Arjun quietly came from behind held her by waist and lifted her up…Radhika squealed she turned around to find Arjun…smiling down at her…he gave her a peck and asked.
‘’What is my darling preparing today?’’
Radhika; ‘’Something my dear husband will definitely love…by the way where were you? Theses day it seems like you are dating Neil instead of me’’
Arjun; ‘’Something is burning…’’
Radhika all surprised starts checking the food on the burner
Arjun;’’ you are burning of jealousy my love…’’ Radhika pouted like a child and turned away from him and again started cooking. Arjun hugged her from behind kissed her neck and said; ‘’My love …I am done dating… I want to bring you home soon…now smile’’
Radhika still in fake anger;’’ really…I don’t trust you ‘’ Arjun tighten his grip on her waist, with little anger; ‘’Say again …that you don’t trust me’’
Radhika; ‘’I was just joking…now leave me or you break all my bones…Arjun I hate your anger’’
Arjun turns Radhika to face him…pulls her close…Radhika looks up to meet his eyes…and then lowers her eyes…she knew her trust meant everything to him.
Arjun; ‘’don’t you dare say that again…your trust on me is my strength…if you lose your trust I will lose myself’’
Radhika felt sorry again…she knew what she meant to him… she pressed her lips together…looked up to him apologetically and Arjun lost his anger in the most beautiful pair of big brown innocent eyes. He pulled her up and planted the most affectionate kiss on her forehead , hugged her and softly said; ‘’I should have kissed you in lonavla…inside that lift…I was so stupid…lost so many moments due to my stupid revenge’’
Radhika rolled her eyes; ‘’You think I would have let you…I was already engaged that time’’
Arjun looked at her with something like a challenge and said; ‘’you really think you could have stopped me if I wanted to?’’
Radhika nodded affirmative with full confidence
Arjun smiled at her innocence He lifted her chin so she clearly look into his eyes ,gently rubbed his tip of nose to hers and said; ‘’Radhika Mehra…if I would have decided to have you in my life then…trust me no one on this earth could have stopped me…you were able to stop me from reaching Sam because I had lost my heart to you…I wanted you more than I wanted my revenge…I never lose’’ Radhika blinked…she knew nothing would have stopped him if he wanted to…her thoughts were interrupted when Arjun covered her lips with his taking what he believed was only his…Radhika gave in completely…she wanted him as much as he wanted her. Arjun dropped Radhika home later in the night and she had to go through another round of leg pulling by Soniya and Ridhima. Ridhima was leaving next day in the morning both the sisters utilized the night in talking to each other

Piyali asked Sam to check with Soniya on the preparations for other functions…Sam drove directly to Vicky’s house she was greeted by Soniya… She asked Sam to wait and she will join her in sometime…Vidhi came to the hall and gave Sam a toy cup and Soccer..she softly smiled looking at Sam and said;’’tea’’…Sam took the cup and pretended to have tea from it…she smiled at Vidhi happily; ‘’So tasty…you made it’’ Vidhi nodded happily Sam; ‘’Vidhi is so good’’ Vidhi happily jumped laughing…her voice was like temple bells…Sam loved that sound. Soniya came to the room and asked Vidhi to go and wake her Radhika up.
Sam frowned; “Radhika is still sleeping its almost 10:00 AM’’
Soniya; ‘’yes…she came late from Arjun’s place and then since Ridhima was leaving today morning they chatted whole night.’’
Sam smiled she was happy for Radhika and Arjun. Soniya briefed Sam on coming functions and Sam liked it…Vidhi came back with a disappointed face as she was not able to wake Radhika up. Sam knew it was difficult to wake Chashni up…she excused herself from Soniya and went straight to Radhika’s room…she found Radhika happily sleeping hugging a pillow buried in the sheet. Sam switched off the AC and tickled Radhika…Radhika stretched herself looked at Sam with Sleepy eyes smiled and murmured; ’’Sammy…I love you’’
Sam; ‘’Really… you love me more or Arjun’’
Radhika got up leaped at Sam and pulled her in a hug , Sam lost her balance and fell next to Radhika on the bed laughing.
Sam; ‘’Tell me Chashni…did Arjun kissed you good yesterday.’’
Radhika quickly got up and closed the door and turned to Sam; ‘’How do you know?’’
Sam; ‘’because I behaved the same way when Neil did….difference was you hugged me in excitement today and I hugged Pa the other morning…how embarrassing’’
Radhika and Sam laughed rolling on the bed…Radhika lifted herself on the elbows and said all dreamy; ‘’its so beautiful to be in love…’’ Sam nodded and then she pushed Radhika of the bed and asked her to get ready quickly. Radhika came out after freshening up she was drying her hair when Sam asked her; ‘’Chashni…what does Arjun loves the most in you.’’ Radhika thought for a moment…’’I never asked…Sam’’
Sam; ‘’Hmm let me guess…should be your eyes or your hair…even I feeling something strange looking at your wet hair’’
Radhika turned to Sam; ‘’Sam…are you alright’’ Sam looked at Radhika’s expression and started laughing. Both came to the hall, Radhika wished Soniya and Vicky for the day and kissed Vidhi…she asked Radhika to kiss bye to her doll too and Radhika kissed her doll. It was Saturday and both the girls had decided to to shopping for the coming functions they entered a shop and were checking outfits. Sam was conversing with the sales person when Radhika felt someone was watching them…she turned around but found no one…she again started checking the stuff but felt as there was someone around, She shared the same with

Sam…both quickly paid the bill and left from there.
The Girls were checking their shopping bags…when they found everything fine they started to move towards the Parking on the opposite side…the signal was red . They were crossing the road when Radhika suddenly pulled Sam back to save her from a car…both were shocked…they knew this wasn’t a coincidence …but they were not scared anymore…they were ready to face it. Sam realized that Radhika got her ankle twisted in pulling Sam back and it was bruised also. Sam cleaned it with a tissue and helped Radhika to the car. Once they were inside Sam in a very painful voice said; ‘’I am sorry Chashni…because of me you always get hurt.’’ Radhika wiped her tears and said; ‘’Sam…if it were you in my place you would have done the same…so no thank you and no sorry between us…and we are not discussing this further infront of Neil and Arjun.’’ Sam nodded and they drove off

Precap: Arjun-Radhika’s engagement

Manmarziyan….a journey of love and friendship Chapter 18


Manmarziyan….a journey of love and friendship Chapter 18

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