Manmarziyan !! With more crazy things!! Episode 6

Manmarziyan !! With more crazy things!! Episode 6

Hi friends!! I just loved ur replies!! Hope I get more supports from you!! You guys are really chooo chweet!! Love you all!!

Our episode starts with Neil and Sam entering the room.Piyali looks at them with her burning eye!!.Sam cried in her heart “God!! Mom looks like an evil now!! Please save us!!”.And looks at Neil who already standing horrified.Piyali gives a sharp voice “You guys you have any idea?? What have you done today!!”.Neil gulps and looks at her in fear.Sam checks her ears “God!! Whats this still I can hear Mom’s voice !! Is it not working??”.She looks at Neil and signs him her ears.Neil gets confused asks “What??” In low husky tone..Sam takes out the cotton ball and says”Its not working Neil!!”.Neil’s eyes widened and realises Piyali saw them.Sam gets shocked and looks at Piyali.Piyali sees them and shouts “Sam !! You can go now!”.Sam looks at Neil with her pity eyes and says “Sorry Neil!!”.Neil cries in his heart “God!! Today is the worst day !!”.Piyali gets the cotton balls from Sam’s hand and sends her out.Piyali “So….This your idea!!”.Neil says “No aunty!! Sam..”.She shouts “Just stop dragging her in all your problems…”.Neil says”No ..”.She continues”Just stop it!!! Today you made a big mess in my work…I am not gonna spare you….You have to be punished!!”.Neil looks at her worried.Sam worriedly waits outside seeing them.She runs to Neil as he came out at last.Sam aaks “What happened?? I am sorry Neil!!”.He ignores her and frees her hand from his shoulder.She asks “What happened?? “.Neil says”I am leaving!!” in a low tone..Sam shouts “What??”.He says” Yes to US..”.She gets shocked and cries “No Neil…I cant!!”.Neil suddenly laughs pointing her!!.She gets confused “Are you mad??”.Neil laughs saying “God!! You really are a Drama Queen!! If I knew before…I would have betted that you will cry!!!”.Sam punches his tummy again and goes.Neil screams and says”Thus little..!!”.He runs behind her and says “Really !! You cried!! God!! I missed to take a pic!! It would be more fun!!”.Sam in anger starts beating him with her bag.Neil runs to escape.Both
Sees Pyali coming and stands still!!.

Our scene shifts to

Arjun hides smiling.He hears Radhika’s screaming and runs shocked!! She shouts “Leave me…”.Arjun searches her and follows her sound.Finally he sees a guy hugging her from back and she struggling to free herself….she screams and Arjun face burns in great anger…He in few secs goes and pulls him…gives him a hard punch in his jaw…next second he fell on ground!!.With Arjuns next kick!!
(Wahh…if I am a director…how nice it would be?…its ok!! Dont laugh I was just kidding!!?)
Radika blinks in a great shock!!! Arjun holds her shoulder “Are you ok!??”.She shouts “What have you done!??”.She runs and asks the guy “Saral!! Are you ok??”.He screams in pain.Arjun stands in great anger seeing them together.Radhika looks at Arjun in anger and wipes the blood in her shaul.Arjun’s anger reaches its higher limits as he saw her tears for the guy!!.He pulls her hand “Who the hell is

he??”.She says “My Friend!! How can you beat him?? What kind of person you are??”.Arjun tightens his grip and asks “Oh really?? If he is ur friend then why you screamed!!??”.Saral interrupts “Leave her!”.Radhika sees Saral worried.Arjun looks at Radhika and asks “Answer me!!”.She looks at him and says “I was just shocked..suddenly he hugged…and you?? Why you beat him??”.Saral again interrupts “See..who are you?? First leave her hand!! “.Arjun sees its hurting her and leaves her hand.Radhika says “He is Arjun…”.Arjun looks at her.Saral asks “Why he is here??”.She with some hesitation looks at Arjun and says “He is Dad’s friend’s son”.Saral laughs “Oh its great!! I just thought he is your would be…”.Radhika gives him angry look.Saral again laughs “Ok ok!!Hi Arjun I am Saral …I am Radhika’s best friend!!”.Arjun gives a mocking look and goes saying”Whatever!!”.Radhika gets irked and thinks “Is he like this always!?? “.She looks at Saral and sees he become normal.He asks”Hey Radhi…can we go to coffee shop?? I am bored !!”.She thinks “Bored?? Seriouly He is mad!! Forgot that He is just got insulted by Arjun!!”.She nods her head.Both goes out while Arjun staring them from his room.Both sitting in a shop.Radhika sits thinking….
“Why he just angry?? Was he just mocking me….suddenly how this concern..??Is this concern true?? Or again trying to mock me??”

Hi guys how is it!??
Do you saral in positive character??

And how is todays update…eagerly waiting
for your replies guys!!
Love you all!!

Manmarziyan !! With more crazy things!! Episode 6


Manmarziyan !! With more crazy things!! Episode 6

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