Manmarziyan-A new story (Chapter 13- New beginning for Nandini)

Manmarziyan-A new story (Chapter 13- New beginning for Nandini)

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Nandini woke up early in the morning. Even before Radhika and Arjun. She was excited and nervous at the same time. She didn’t know how she was going to face them all. Piyali, Samrat and dam especially. She had hurt them all a lot. Played with their emotions. But now she didn’t care. She had to face them all. She was ready to go to any extent to seek forgiveness. She got ready and prepared breakfast for all of them. Before Arjun and Radhika came, she called up Rana. He picked up in no time.

He said “yes beta.”

She said “kaka I’m scared.”

He asked “why beta?”

She said “I donno how to face them all.”

He said “whatever it takes, you need to face them. For how long will you run?! You need to stop. It’s k even if they don’t forgive you. Give them time.”

She said “I understand kaka. I’ll try my level best. Thank you. Whatever it is, I’ll face it.”

He said “god bless you beta. You’ll succeed. I have the confidence.”

She said “kaka why not shift here? You’re growing old.”

He said “no beta. I’ll stay here. I need to take care of aashram also.”

She said “we’ll find someone. You need to take care of your health.”

He said “I’m fine. I myself will come to you if I’m not able to handle myself. Don’t worry.”

Nandini let out a deep sigh and said “OK fine. But promise me, you’ll take care.”

He said “I will. I promise.”

She said “k bye. Take care.”

He said “bye. You too take care. All the best.”

She said “thank you” and hung up the call.

She had a smile on her face. She was relieved. Now she was confident that she’ll convince them all. Just then Arjun and Radhika came. They were ready. Nandini turned to them and smiled. Arjun and Radhika looked at Nandini as if they were dreaming. She was calm and poised. She was wearing a brown and white salwar suit. They then smiled back. Just as Radhika went into the kitchen, Nandini stopped her.

She said “breakfast’s ready Radhika.”

Radhika asked “what was the need di? I would have done it.”

She said “I wanted to. Now come and eat. It’s getting late.”

The three of them sat down for breakfast. Arjun and Radhika kept observing Nandini. She was calm and poised. They felt happy that she was ready to face whatever it was. They had breakfast and left for Bird Song. They reached office before everyone else. Arjun had an extra pair of keys, that’s how they were able to enter.

After a while, nesam arrived. They were shocked to see the main door open. They panicked and ran in. They saw that everything was right. It was in its place. They went in and checked the documents. It was all in its place. They wandered who it was that entered the office and went without damaging or taking a thing. They then saw someone in Arjun’s cabin. They could see three heads. Neil understood who it was. It was Radhika, Arjun and Nandini. He knew that they’d bring Nandini back and Radhika had revealed her plan to Neil. He was happy to have them back. He was ready to forgive Nandini too. Cause after Nandini and Arjun had united, he spoke to her. Arjun made him talk to her. Neil had promised her that he’d be in her side and help in convincing the others. An unknown smile crept in his face. Sam who was in shock, shook Neil vigorously breaking his thoughts.

She said pointing towards Arjun’s cabin “Neil look there. In Arjun’s cabin. Who can it be?”

Neil shrugged and pulled her towards Arjun’s cabin. Sam was tensed while Neil was calm.

Neil kept wondering all the while “why didn’t they inform about their return? What are they upto?”

They entered the cabin. The three of them didn’t react. It was dim as the blinds weren’t raised. Nesam stood behind and watched.

Sam screamed “hey!! You three!! Whoever you are, show me yourself. Or else….”

Radhika asked “else what Sam?”

Sam’s eyes popped out. She was happy. She couldn’t believe it that it was Radhika’s voice. She ran to the window and pulled up the blinds. The sun rays entered the room and hit their faces harsh.

Arjun covering his face bit out “Sam you idiot. Put them down.”

Sam was so happy to see them. She saw Radhika sitting next to Arjun. She went and hugged her tight. Neil smiled. He saw Nandini and greeted her silently with a smile. She went and hugged Arjun too. Later Radhika went and hugged Neil. He pulled her cheeks. Arjun and Neil broke into a hug. Sam then turned around and saw Nandini. Her smile vanished the next moment.

She turned to Radhika and asked “why is she here? Don’t tell me you told a no to Arjun just for her?”

Radhika nodded in agreement. Sam frowned. She kept staring at Nandini with angry eyes. Neil came and pacified her. Sam was shocked to see him like this.

She said “now don’t tell me that I was the only one who didn’t know of this.”

The three of them nodded in agreement. Sam was speechless. Her mouth hung open and closed like a fish. She was in a state that everyone would just laugh at her, but no one did.

Neil said “Sam, di has gone through a lot in these months. It wasn’t easy for her too. She’s changed. Forgive her. She does deserve a chance.”

Sam asked “so, you’re asking me to forget what she did? The way she used me. Made my Radhika a culprit in front of all. And Arjun!! I just can’t imagine, how she wanted me to stick by him and pull him away from Radhika even when he was married to her. And that created a lot of differences between us, Radhika. Did you even think about me? How much I was hurt? Shattered. The illusion that I loved Arjun killed me and he being away killed me. And this woman comes and adds kerosene to burning fire. You want me to forgive her? And it’s easy for you to say Neil, as you weren’t hurt. It’s not easy.”

All of them just stood there frozen and heard to what Sam was talking. She was totally broken. She let it out. All her frustration, her disappointment. They stood there silently and heard her talk. San broke down on the floor and cried miserably, the past was in front of her, it was like a flash of lightning. Neil ran to her and hugged her.

He said “no Sammy. I just…”

Nandini said “let her be Neil. I don’t deserve her forgiveness at all. I have played a lot with her emotions.”

Sam with teary eyes looked up at Nandini. It had her hard. She saw pure guilt in her eyes. Sam understood that she has changed. But still, couldn’t accept it. She then decided that she’ll forgive her, only if Samrat and Piyali were ready to do the same.

Radhika then screamed in anger “Mr. NEIL MALHOTRA!!”

Arjun understood it and burst out laughing. Neil turned to her and was shocked to see her like that. And then Arjun, he was laughing out loud. Just then it flashed. The reason for her anger. Neil was scared now. He started to sweat. Sam saw this and was clueless. Even Nandini burst out laughing.

She thought “what is it now that I don’t know? Arghhh.”

Neil said scared “chh… Chashni I know. Please. I’m sorry. I did it for your betterment.”

She bit out “don’t you dare call me that. I never thought that you could do something like this.”

She started to walk towards Neil and seeing this Neil jumped and started to run. Radhika too ran behind him. Neil took cover behind Arjun. Radhika was in front trying to catch Neil with a steel ruler in her hand. Arjun kept laughing.

Neil said “that Arjun, please help me. Save me.”

Arjun said “am I not doing that?”

He said “thanks buddy.”

Just then Arjun screamed “OUCH!!”

Everyone’s eyes popped out. Radhika hit Arjun hard. He saw rubbing his right bicep. He looked down at Radhika who was staring at even more anger. Now Arjun was scared. More than Neil. Within seconds, both the boys were running in different directions. Even Sam started to laugh. After minutes, Arjun went and took cover behind Nandini and Neil behind Sam.

Sam said “I’m not helping you this time. If Radhika is angry on you, then you’ve done something wrong. I’m not covering you” and moved out.

Seeing this Radhika smiled. Neil now had no other place. He ran to Nandini and went and tucked behind her like a kid. Nandini smiled.

He said “di please.”

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Nandini said “don’t you dare hurt my baby brothers.”

Radhika and Sam were surprised. So were Neil and Arjun. Neil was so happy. He came in front and hugged her tight. She patted his back and caressed his hair still hugging him. Sam was happy to see Neil like this. She was sure that she can forgive Nandini now.

Radhika asked “di you’re supporting this idiot for what he’s done?”

Nandini said “that’s how you confessed. Else, you would have had your feelings hidden.”

She asked “but still. That idea?”

Sam asked “what are you all talking about?”

Radhika told her everything. Reena’s engagement with Arjun. Which was Neil’s plan to make her jealous. How it reversed. Sam got angry. She now understood why he was tensed that day.

She said “idiot. That’s why you’re so tensed. You and your flop plans.”

He said “it worked. Partially.”

She said “yeah yeah.”

Radhika said “now stop it you both.”

Arjun said “you both need to change. Stop being so immature.”

Sam said “no!! Then what’s the difference between us and you?”

Neil said “I agree with my Sammy.”

Sam said “OK fine. Let’s go.”

The four of them started walking out, leaving Nandini alone. As they were at the door, Sam turned around and said something that shocked everyone.

She said “di, you too come. It’s no use standing there. Let’s go for coffee. And yes, your sponsoring it.”

Sam smiled wide. Nandini was clueless. She kept staring at Sam without blinking. Sam laughed at her state. Neil kept looking down at Sam in disbelief and pulled her closer to him. Arjun and Radhika smiled.

Sam said “di!! I’m talking to you. Stop dreaming and come.”

Nandini asked “did you just call me?”

Sam let out a sigh and said “you’re the only one here whom I call di. So it’s obviously you. Now come.”

Nandini smiled. She managed to make place in Sam’s heart and trust. Now she was confident that she’ll manage to win Samrat and Piyali’s trust. She picked up her wallet and walked to them. All five of them walked out of the cabin.

Nandini said looking into her wallet, walking “you sure you want only coffee? I have enough cash for a feast.”

Neil said “di you’re putting yourself into danger. She isn’t what she looks like. Once she starts eating, she won’t stop.”

Sam beat Neil hard and the other three laughed their lungs out. Then then drove off to a nearby restaurant and sat down at a table. They gave their order and had it quickly as it was time. Nandini payed the bill, even though Arjun said he’ll make it 50-50.

They went back to office. They saw that everyone had started coming. Teji, Zubin and Kritika identified Nandini. But, they were speechless when they saw Nandini bonding well with Sam. They knew that Neil was ready to forgive Nandini. But they were happy. They went and greeted her. She smiled back and greeted them.

Sam pulled Nandini with her towards Piyali’s cabin. Nandini froze at the door. Arjun, Neil and Radhika were there too. Nandini shook in nervousness. Sam squeezed her hand gently assuring that it’ll be alright. Nandini pulled back. She started to tremble. Arjun held her nodded assuringly. Neil and Radhika nodded in agreement. Nandini let out a deep breath and knocked the door.

Piyali said “ come in. She had her back towards them.”

Nandini said “hello Piyali.”

Piyali’s eyes shot up. She saw Nandini. Nesam and Ardhika too were there. She got up and hugged both Arjun and Radhika. She was happy to have them back and they were together. She then gave a cold stare at Nandini.

She asked angrily “why are you here?”

Sam said “mom!! give her a chance. She’s changed.”

Piyali asked “how can you be like this Sam? After what she’s done? She wanted to snatch Samrat.”

Nandini said “I’m sorry Piyali. I was a fool at that time. Please forgive me.”

Just then Samrat came in. He saw her. He was furious.

He bit out “what the hell are you doing here?!”

Piyali held his hand and said “calm down Samrat.”

He walked towards Nandini in anger. Sam came and covered her. Samrat was shocked. He was happy to see ardhika and went and hugged them.

He asked “bacchu?! You covering up for this woman?!”

Sam said “paa she deserves a chance. She’s changed.”

Nandini stood speechless. Ardhika requested them to forgive Nandini. Even nesam tried a lot. Nandini didn’t talk at all. She felt bad for the situation that was put up. After a while, the four of them felt it was useless and gave up. They all nodded in negative to Nandini. Nandini didn’t react. She just smiled. She was about to leave, but Piyali called out. Nandini turned around to see her.

Piyali said smiling with her arms spread out “you can’t leave so soon. We have some unfinished business. Now come. My hands are paining.”

Nandini’s eyes went wide. She was so happy. Nesam and ardhika were happy. Samrat too smiled and nodded in agreement. Nandini came to her and hugged her. Samrat smiled and shook hands with Nandini after they broke the hug.

Piyali said “from now on Nandini will be the marketing director, as Arjun is now partner. She’s the best person that I can rely on.”

Samrat said “not a bad idea.”

Nandini said “I promise, this time there’ll be no problem firm my side. I owe you a lot. Thank you so much for forgiving me. And yes, the job too. Thank you so much Piyali!! And you too Samrat. Sorry for everything.”

Samrat said “it’s k. Let’s put everything behind and be friends.”

Nandini shook hands with him and said nodding in agreement “friends.”

Sam said “welcome back to Bird Song di.”

Nandini said “thank you!! None of this could have happened without you all. Thank you so much!! All of you!!”

All of them smiled at her. She was so happy. Arjun was happy to his Nandu. The old chirpy and bubbly Nandu. Arjun went and hugged her. Nandini broke the hug and looked at Neil extending her hand. Neil was so happy. He too went and joined them. Radhika and Sam watched with a smile. So did Piyali and Samrat.

Just then both Sam and Radhika in unison “forgot us so soon?!”

Arjun and Neil laughed. Nandini too. Both of them pulled their respective wives and had a family hug. Meanwhile, Teji, Zubin and Kritika saw this from outside and was happy.

Samrat said “it’s time for celebration!! Tonight at home. See you all at 9:30 sharp.”

All of them smiled. They then ent to their respective places and started to work. Nandini was so excited that she did her work carefully. She managed to finish the work that was assigned to her. They all then went home and got ready for the party and left. All of them reached the venue and went in.

Ad the party was going on, Piyali came in the middle to make an announcement.

She said loudly “good evening ladies and gentlemen. Today’s party was hosted to welcome my old friend Nandini. She is now the marketing director of Bird Song. And yes, I forgot. The most important thing. Arjun and Radhika’s wedding!! They’ll be married off in two months.”

Ardhika looked shocked. Nandini smiled. Nesam teased them. Everyone in the party were applauding.

Piyali came to them and said “I’ve spoken to your parents about this Radhika. They have no objection. They’re coming her next week. And Nandini, I hope you have no objection.”

Nandini said “no Piyali. I’m happy for them. I’ll plan the wedding.”

Sam said “we’ll do it from scratch. Engagement. Then all the rituals. It’ll be a big fat wedding. I get to dance. Yippie!!”

Neil said “both of us.”

Sam said “oh yeah.”

The party went on well. All of them left to their respective homes and slept off. Arjun and Radhika were so happy that they boh couldn’t sleep. But ended up sleeping peacefully in each other’s arms.

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Up next: Chapter 14-Ardhika wedding preparations

Manmarziyan-A new story (Chapter 13- New beginning for Nandini)


Manmarziyan-A new story (Chapter 13- New beginning for Nandini)

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