Swasan fan fiction (Season 2 ) episode 37

Swasan fan fiction (Season 2 ) episode 37

Hi guys,Swasan fan fiction (Season 2) episode 37,I ,myself has lost connection with the story after a long gap,so,can understand the situation of the readers,still, going to continue…

Scene 1:Cottage..

Swara wakes up in the morning,she is feeling tired because of the fever,she recalls previous day’s events,she smiles when she remembers how Sanskaar sang for her,she slowly goes near the window and moves the curtains,rays of the sun falls on her face,she blinks her eyes and turns,she looks at the couch where Sanskaar slept the previous night,she finds the blanket neatly folded and kept,she then goes to the kitchen,she also looks for Sanskaar in the house but doesn’t find him,she wishes Seema aunty good morning and asks for Sanskaar,she tells her that he left in the morning itself,Swara takes the cup of tea and then aunty comes near her and asks how she is feeling,Swara smiles aand replies that she is feeling better,Seema aunty tells her, “you scared your husband yesterday,he was very sad,I saw him seated beside your bed and wiping his tears when you were not responding,he is a very nice boy,no?only lucky ones will get so much love from their partners,you are very lucky,you have a very loving husband,I saw his concern yesterday,may God bless you to love each other like this and live happily for ever.”,Swara is unable to believe what she just heard,she tells aunty that she has to go to wash room and leaves from there…
She comes to the bed room and sits on the couch,she recalls what aunty said,she is a little happy when she remembers that he wiped tears seeing her not responding…she looks up and says, “God,what is happening?he told Sanju is a closed chapter,I am honestly,very happy to know that his love is not being shared ,but he has some feelings for me??,seriously?,God,I am feeling very happy after hearing that he showed concern,will I get his love ,some day?She quickly realises her silly thoughts,hits her head softly and says, ‘’no Swara,you cant let anything or anyone break your heart again,Sanskaar wont love you,he had told you,then why are you thinking about that,he asked for some time,you agreed,once problems are solved,you both will go back to your respective lives…why are you dreaming then,fool…?she again looks up and says, “God,you know why,because it is a 12 years’ silent love and the wait made me feel 12 years as 12 centuries,then told him,didint get it ,my heart broke into pieces,now when I hear someone else mentioning,some hope is being rekindled ,my love ,my feelings for him,wont go easily like that,this heart is not listening,what to do?I know I am being a fool,but I still love him,I will always love him….”

Scene 2:Same morning

Ragini’s hostel reception…

Laksh is seated on the chair,he is going through a magazine,a few girls are leaving for college,he looks up hearing the sound of heels and again goes back to the book,then he hears somebody’s foot steps and says, “Ragini…?”,Ragini comes near him,she is surprised to see him,she wishes good morning and sits beside him,he keeps the magazine back and says, “Good morning Ragini”,Ragini asks him, “hei,when they told that I have a visitor,I didn’t expect you,and since last few days,you were very serious over the phone,I was planning to come his weekend to see you,what happened?
Laksh looks at her and says, “you gave your other phone to Sanskaar ,no?you didn’t tell me anything,I don’t know what all you guys are hiding from me,you don’t trust me,ah?Ragini is silent,she then says, “I am sorry Laksh,yes,I gave phone to him,but I am not hiding anything,even ,I don’t know why he did all this to Swara,only thing I know is that I cant ignore the honesty in his eyes,he must be having his reasons,not willing to say,”,Laksh looks at her and says, “I was a little disturbed with this,but I am not angry with you or Swara”,Ragini asks him quickly, “with Sanky?”,Laksh says,it is better not to talk about him,I don’t have a friend Sanskaar now,he did hurt me a lot,his words were so sharp,I am not able to forget it,Sanky don’t have a place in my heart now”…”Ragini sadly looks at him and says, “but Lucky..”Laksh says, “leave it Ragini,I also came to ask you something,my grandparents are coming home,then chacha and family,mom’s close relatives are all coming on a vacation,they wish to see you,in fact they are going to talk to your parents about our engagement,don’t worry,wedding will be after your exams,I mean,when you are free…so I came to ask you about this as well..’’Ragini says, “if all your relatives can attend means,then,ok,you tell your dad to talk to my parents,I have no probs….Laksh is happy,he smiles and says, “ok,then,I will leave,you have to go to college ,no?go get ready,he turns to leave,then quickly comes back and pulls her cheeks and says, “now it is just swaraglak for me…I know it will be difficult for you,but,you should accept it,hope you will,ok my girl,bye,ah,here it is…”Ragini looks at him,he gives her a pack of chocolates,she thanks him and accepts it,Laksh goes and she watches him leaving…She recalls what Laksh told about Sanskaar .Her eyes are filled…..

Scene 3:

Afternoon, cottage..

Sanskaar comes to Swara’s room,Swara looks at him,he drags a chair and sits near the bed,she asks him where he had gone,he asks her how she is feeling,he also asks if she had food and took tablets,Swara bods,he hands over a packet to her,she accepts it,he asks her to open it,she does and finds a mobile inside it,he gives her a sim and tells her that she may use it in case of emergency as he is planning to go to office in two days,she looks at him and says, “I am not able to understand you Sanskaar,now,if I use this and call my parents,then they will come this side and if they take me away,what will you do?and how will that gang react,you told you all wanted dad’s money,no?Sanskaar looks into her eyes and says, “I know you wont call them”,Swara is surprised and asks again, “how that trust?”,Sanskaar gets up and says, “I know you more than anybody else in this world,Swara…”saying this he goes from there,Swara looks at him not able to believe what she just heard…she says, “O God,is that my friend Sanskaar who just spoke to me now or my …?he said he knows me more than anyone,I dont understand this boy at all or what my heart used to tell me about his love was true?but his Sanju?she closes her eyes and joins her hands and pleads, “God,if there is some way to sort all things out and give him back to me as my love……,please ,God,”suddenly she remembers about Sanju and says, “No God ,I have experienced that pain,I dont want another girl to go through that,I dont want him by snatching him from somebody,no God,sort thngs out and if their love is true,unite them,,just give me the blessing to accept it and move on..”her eyes are still closed and tears are rolling down,Sanskaar is watching this from the window,he didnt hear anything but he was watching her through the curtain,he has tears in his eyes as well….

(I know,just three scenes and there is nothing in this episode ,next Tuesday, I will post next episode and from then it will be posted regularly.)

Swasan fan fiction (Season 2 ) episode 37


Swasan fan fiction (Season 2 ) episode 37

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