Thapki Pyaar Ki 26th February 2016 –

Thapki Pyaar Ki 26th February 2016 –

Thapki Pyaar Ki 26th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bihaan coming in the party wearing the blue teddy costume. Shraddha thinks how did blue teddy come. Kids and everyone clap for blue teddy. Bihaan dances around Thapki. Tere liye… dilli wali girl friend…..plays………… Thapki gets worried. He teases her. She gets angry. He tickles her and dances with her. He holds her and irritates her. Thapki leaves from there and goes to storeroom.

She says how did blue teddy come, he is troubling me. Bihaan comes there and shuts the door. He holds her hand. She says leave my hand and beats him. The teddy fight looks so cute. He tickles her. She starts laughing. She says stop, and removes the teddy head. She asks whats your problem, why are you troubling me, entertain guests outside, don’t dare to come close to me. He asks her to not point finger at him and removes the teddy head. She gets shocked seeing him. She says Bihaan… you. What are you doing here? He says Ghazab, you are asking this, I should ask this to you. I had doubt on you, so I became blue teddy, I troubled you so that you remove this head, see my doubt was right, its you. She says I have to go. He asks her to answer him first, why did you wear this teddy clothes, why did you do this.

She gets teary eyed and says I love kids, see many kids came in party, so I have worn this costume to entertain them. He says so, you won’t say truth like this.

Vasundara holds her head having hangover. Shraddha asks is earthquake happening still, why did you drink that cold drink, I think you have drunk wine. Vasundara worries. Shraddha says you were going to tell Thapki our plans, I stopped you. She asks Vasundara to drink lemon water and come downstairs, party is over.

Bihaan drags Thapki to cowshed. He makes her stand infront of Lord idol and says you can lie to me, not to Lord, tell me why did you wear teddy clothes. He keeps her hand near the idol and asks her again. He asks why did you do this, tell me. She says I had no way, I was told to entertain guests wearing teddy clothes. He asks what, who told you and why. She says because I do maid’s work in this house. Bihaan gets shocked. He asks what, you are working as maid in your own house. She says yes, I m maid of that house. She cries and says maid has to do the work told to her, that’s why I did this. He says that’s why you were hiding from me and going inside house, who told you to become maid, tell me.

Suman talks to everyone. Bihaan comes there shouting and says I won’t let Thapki work here, I came to know what you all did with Thapki. He says our family regards servants as family members, and here you all made family member a maid, fine you don’t regard Thapki as family member, atleast respect her that she is a woman, else have shame and think Thapki is still my wife, and I m son of this house. He cries and asks Bau ji am I son of this house, or did you throw me back to road again. Bau ji asks are you mad, I did not differentiate between you and Dhruv. Bihaan asks why did you differentiate Thapki then. He asks Dadi and Vasundara. He asks Maa why so much anger on Thapki that you made her a maid, you asked her to give cowshed rent. Dhruv gets shocked.

Bihaan asks are you worse than animals for you, you made Thapki a teddy bear and made her dance. Dhruv and family get shocked knowing Thapki was the teddy. Dhruv recalls pink teddy and sees Thapki crying. Bau ji and Dadi recall Thapki took their blessings. Bihaan asks how did your hearts turn stone, Dadi this was not right, you say where there are elders, eye’s shame does not end, how did eye’s shame ended today. He confronts Bau ji and says you have nothing to explain today. He picks Thapki’s maid clothes and says whatever happened today, don’t even think of this again.

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Thapki Pyaar Ki 26th February 2016 –


Thapki Pyaar Ki 26th February 2016 –

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