One Month Agreement – Episode 17

Hi guyz..
Here is 16 part 2
Recap- swasan’s cute moments .
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One Month Agreement – Episode 16

D sangeet ceremony started..
Ragini is in red sari.. And laksh is in dhoti..
(Dhoti and sari… :p)
All decided to play d rapid fire round of songs..
As usual 2 grps..
Swalak wid other grp members and ragsan + other members..

Ragini’s pov-
I challenged laksh to propose me infront of all.. Coz I m d one who proposed him .. So i threatened him dat now he hv to propose me.. Otherwise I m nt going to marry him.. :) lol..

Sanskar’s pov-
Dis sangeet ceremony brings d memory of antakshari dat we played in trip.. Through the songs ,we sang in antakshari,me and swara conveyed our feelings indirectly.. ? now I m thinking to use that trick .. Swara hv to tell her feelings..

Laksh started wid d song(+dance ha),
” tere liye hi to signal tod tad ke aaya delhi wali girlfriend chod chadke” he comes towards ragini and started to play wid her hairs.. Here swara is playfully hitting on sanska’s chest wid her fingers. “Tere se bhi koi handsome munda hona…. ”

To tease laksh.. Ragini started,
” zuth bole kavva Kate, kale kavve se dariyo..” And pushes laksh away 4m him..
Laksh understands her plan and came towards swara.. He placed his hand on swara’s shoulder and sings, ” apun bola tu meri laila, vo boli goli fektay sala, apun jb bhi sacchi boltay to usko kay ko zuth lagtay.. ”
Swara sings wid him, “ye uska style hoga othon pe na PR dil me ha hoinga” and winks towards him…
So tease swara, sanskar started next song , ” ye jo mohabbat hai unka hai ye kam,….. Ab hm na karenge pyar .” and gives evil smile to swara.. Ragini joined sankar and both started to tease swalak..
Swalak also understands der plan..
To convince dem dey sang in unison, “kitne bhi tu krle sitam, hs hs ke sahenge hm….”
Ragsan enjoyed to tease dem.. So dey continued teasing swalak ..
“Ye bat agr tum jra ghuma phirakr kehte, ….. To accha hota”..
Swara(in emotional mood), ” jb koi bat bighad jaye jb koi mushkil aa jaye tum dena sath mera”
Sanskar becomes emotional after listening d song.. He sings, “batein ye kabhi na tu bhulna koi tere khatir hai ji rha”..

Now it’s time for swalak to tease ragsan,(coz it was swara’s plan to make sanskar emotional ? )
Laksh starts to tease rag wid d song, “lakhon hai gopiya bhi hm pe fida . radha…”
And swara started to tease sanskar, “girungi mai banke bijuriya..” .
And swalak started to dance romantically wid each other..
Ragsan fumes in anger ..
Dey sing, “ek bewafa se hm kitna pyar krte hai” and moves away from dem..
To convince dem swalak started to sing , “hme tumse pyar kitna ye hm nhi jante…”
Swara holds sanskar’s hand.. And laksh holds d ragini’s hand..
And both holds der ear by one hand..
Ragsan laughed and winked eye towards swalak and sings d song ,” sent hu mai Jan gyi hu.. 3 shabd tapkao na.. Jra short me batlao na”…
Swalak thinks for while and sings, ” A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z ‘I love u’.

All sang in unison ,” hm ko pyar hua puri hui dua”
D both couples dances romantically..
Sanskar holds swara by her waist..swara keeps her hand on his shoulder.. He swings her in d air.. Den keeps her down .. And slowly moves towards her..

Here laksh and ragini were lost in each others eyes.. Laksh was about to kiss her but due to claps he comes into senses..

Here sanskar drags swara wid her to d guest room..
And moves closer to her . she steps back.. He pins her to d wall.. And blocks her wid his hands.. Swara understands his plan..
Sanskar was about to kiss her.. Swara says, “oh raglak.. U r here.. W8 I m coming and pushes him away from her.”
He was embarrassed..
Whn he looked at d door, he founds dat der is no one..
And den he understands dat it was swara’s plan.

He shouts, “swara! I wanna my kiss.. Now only.. ” and runs behind her . to catch her..
Swara goes into d one room and locks d door..
Sanskar was angry on him.. He thinks, ” u stupid sanskar! U lost d chance to kiss her”
Suddenly swara comes out of d room slowly and kisses him on cheek and runs towards hall.. Sanskar was lost in dat kiss.. Whn he comes into d senses he runs shouting, “swara!”.
In d hall,
Swara hides behind raglak..
Laksh asks dem, ” wht happened guyz?”
Sanskar smiles evilly and says to swara, ” tell dem!”
Swara says , “oh me and sankar was .. ” and stops .. (And thinks oh god wht I was going to tell dem.. I kissed him on cheek.. Clumsy swara!)
And says , ” we were playing wid each other.. ”
Sanraglak laughed.. looking at her expressions..
Sanskar wanna tease swara so asked her, “which game swara?”
Swara thinks(sanskar come into d room afterwards.. I will tell u d name of game.. )and stares at sanskar angrily..
And says(to avoid der questions), “my frnd ajit is calling me.. W8

And ajit comes from behind , “swara I m here! And I m not calling u”
Swara grabs his phn in hurry and says- ” may be .. By mistake.. D call is connected..”
Ajit says, “ya may be .”. And takes his phn and puts into d pocket..
Ajit hugs her and says ,” bdw! Nice to meet u swara! ”
Swara hugs him back ..
Here sanskar fumes in anger..
Swara and ajit were busy in talking wid each other..
Swara forgets about raglaksan..
Raglaksan (trio) shared hug.. And dat time swara comes and asks , ” will u allow me to join ur grp?”
Trio says in unison , ” no!”
Swara makes pout face..

Sanskar melts looking at her cute expression..
And nods in Yes …
Raglak hits sanskar coz it was his plan that dey will ignore her.. But he was d one, who forgave her easily…
Sanskar shouts on raglak..
Swara joined raglak and starts hitting sanskar.
Sanskar shouts ,”you????coz of u only, dey r beating me.. And now u r also hitting me?”
Swara laughs and says , ” I won’t get such good chance again.. To hit u”
And trio hits him..
Suddenly kavita comes der to save sanskar…she stops dem somehow..
And takes sanskar away from trio..
Now it’s time for swara to be jealous .. :)
Swara thinks (sanskar, u r gonna die ).
It was sanskar’s plan (he wanna realize swara ..her love.. Dat she can’t see wid him wid any other girl)
Kavsan starts dancing on d song,
“Sanam re”

Here swara was jealous .. So she throws d hair clip on d ground (kavita will stumble coz of dat clip and will fall)
Kavita stumbled , but sanskar saves her from falling ..
And looking at dis swara fumes in anger and goes outwards..
Looking at d swara sanskar lefts kavita .. Thud! Kavita falls on ground ..
Sanskar runs towards swara.. And holds his ears.. And apologies her.. She helds his collar and scolds him, “dnt u dare to flirt wid kavita. U r mine”.swara stands her on his toes.. And pulls him..
And kisses him hard on his lips..
He kissed her back..
Both r lost..
Swasan reached der home..
And sleeps while hugging wid each other…

Precap- raglak n swasan’s cute moments..
4 chapters r remaining..
Do comment guyz..

One Month Agreement – Episode 17


One Month Agreement – Episode 17


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