Twinj (Friendship turns to love) Episode 38

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Sidmin tell Twinj that they’ll go home together and Jasmine drives.Kunj sees Twinkles hand and remembers that she had saved him by keeping her hand,he puts his hand in his pocket and takes out his handkerchief he holds Twinkles hand and Twinkle says what happened Kunj,he wraps her hand with his handkerchief.Sajna Ve plays.
Twinkle sees him beaten badly and takes a tissue and wipes the blood from the side of his lip,and remembers that he got slapped so she couldn’t get slapped,and blows his injury Kunj looks at Twinkle so close to him.Sajna Ve plays.

They reach home and Yuki ask Twinj and Sidmin what happened,they say they met with an accident.Twinj go to their room and Sidmin too. Twinkle goes and gets the first aid box and holds Kunj hand and makes him sit and says be quiet without saying anything.Twinkle sees that he got beaten on his back,face,chest and arms.She says what was the need to hit them so much,He says they needed those hit for what they spoke.Twinkle goes behind him and tells him to remove his shirt,Kunj tries but can’t.Twinkle helps him and removes the shirt.Twinkle sees the red marks on his back and puts the ointment,Kunj feels the pain and she blows it gently.She sees the cuts on his arms and applys iodine on them,she comes to his chest and puts and blows his cut.Twinkle puts the iodine on the side of his lip and it burns him and she blows it.Sajna Ve plays.
Twinkle takes the first aid and leaves but Kunj pulls her and she falls on him.Sajna Ve plays.
He says what about ur hand,he removes his handkerchief and applys ointment on it and she clutches the bedsheet in pain,Kunj blows it and says u r feeling a lot of pain.He says why u came in the middle of them,she says if I didn’t then…Kunj puts his finger on her lips and says no need to say anything u care for me as a friend right.Sajna Ve plays.
Sidmin room.

Jasmine crys seeing Sidhant beaten and says I told u this idea was not good,u,Kunj and Twinkle got hurt bcoz of this plan.Sidhant says u wl give me lectures and not attend to my injuries.Jasmine brings the first aid box and does his aid.Gerua plays.
Sidhant stands and says he is ok,now let us pack our clothes.They take their suitcase and pack their clothes.

The nxt day,Sidmin leave the country and Twinj come home.Twinj go to office and the boss gives Twinkle 10 crores,Twinkle asks him for what is this,the boss says for ur hardwork.Kunj smiles.Mannu the boss brother asks Kunj again Twinkle become ur GF before it was Jasmine right now what happened,Kunj says I have done wrong with Twinkle in his mind and says I don’t know how to talk to her.Yuki hear that Twinkle gets 10 crores and is surprised.UV comes home..Chinki comes and says UV u r here?UV says actually I had some work.UV says Chinki I want to tell u something actually I don’t love u,Chinki says what!UV says I love Twinkle.Chinki is shocked and devastated.UV says Chinki I didn’t want to tell u bcoz u might have done something with ur life u r my best friend but I love Twinkle not u.Chinki is shocked.UV says I wl tell Twinkle in some days.Chinki says UV don’t do this pls.UV says no I love Twinkle and I Love u as a friend only.

Precap-Twinj think to confess their love again,but before that UV tells Kunj that he love Twinkle…

Thanks for commenting guys,Have a nice day and God bless U……Twinj will have a bed scene where they fall on each other….sorry if my episode was short but I have to go to the airport so I can’t make a long episode but the nxt wl be long don’t worry,BTW how did u like the twist of UV liking Twinkle I bet u’ll didn’t but trust me Twinj wl come closer bcoz of this no worries…❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Twinj (Friendship turns to love) Episode 38


Twinj (Friendship turns to love) Episode 38


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