Friday Spoilers — 26th February 2016


Dharam has kept a fast for Shiv ji. Dharam does the havan at home. Dharam has kept fast and does havan for Kokila’s welfare and wants to thank Shiv ji that Kokila has come back safe. Kokila gets impressed by Dharam. Everyone become part of the puja. Kokila comes to meet Dharam, and feeds food to him to end his fast. Gaura stops Kokila and says I m still alive. Kokila says Dharam is hungry since 48 hours. She feeds food to Dharam and ends his fast. Gaura hides Madhuben and sends Kokila from her house.


Swara’s Grah pravesh is done and she got a new challenge too. Swara has to deal with Kavya now. All the family is standing to welcome Swara. She has come home by all rituals, everyone is happy with her, as she saved Annapurna from going jail. Swara has turned savior for them. Swara comes to Maheshwari house.

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Madhu to kill Kokila in SNS

Swara takes a stand for Ragini

Friday Spoilers — 26th February 2016


Friday Spoilers — 26th February 2016


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