Abhigya: life n destiny (episode 12)

Hi frnds…thnks fr ur support n love
The epi starts afte few weeks during study holidays pragya and purab became very close frndss takhil were in busy love chats in their deep love.bulbul feelings fr purab was becoming strong bt no response from cuteie purab.(as he is nt intrestd in love).nw gonna start wit our abhigya
One morning pragya woke up n saa her phone
Unknown(abhi):hi gm
P:gm,whose dis
A:ur frnd
P:frnd??name plz
P:(irritated)hw cme i knw ur name as msgs mei muh nahi dikta hai
A:oh!!sry fr irritating u its me abhi
P:oh!!u(happy)hw cme u got my number
A:i knw everything abt girls.

P:i didnt asked abt girls bt abt my number
A:i knw everything abt u also.
P:achha!!i am damn sure dat u dnt knw abt me as u r just kidding
A:lets c
P:k i hv sme work cu latr
In noon
A:wt happnd
A:y no reply
Abhi texted her bt pragya was busy she didnt saw any msgs bt abhi thought dat she is avoiding him
A:if u wanna talk msg me vt dnt avoid me i ned replt if u dnt like i wnt txt u again
Pragya in evening saw it n felt bad
P:sry i dbt mean to hurt u i was busy i didnt saw ur msgs
A:y so busy
P:i am a girl i will be hving somor othr work u guys wnt understand …
In this way their communication started

Precap:it depends on u frmdss tell me wether u need nly abhigya scenes or others also
It depends on ur requirements

I knw its too short vt frnds i need ur opinion to continue
Today nly more epis i will upload

Abhigya: life n destiny (episode 12)


Abhigya: life n destiny (episode 12)


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