Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do, phirse- Let Love Happen, Again (Episode 3)


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here everyone comes home with Reeti.
Reeti: Mom, I am sorry.
Preet: For what my girl?
Reeti: I should have told someone before going. I will never do like that again, promise.
Preet: Okay, my beti. Next time you won’t do like this and I know this very well.
Just then Neeti, and Kavya comes in.
Neeti: Oh Reeti, I have just heard are you okay? You may have not eaten anything for a long time.
Reeti: No no, I already had my lunch with good uncle. We had chicken together.
Sid: But you should always deny a stranger.
Reeti: But he is good uncle, he saved me.
Kavya: Reeti, how dare you went out of school without telling anyone?
Reeti: I am sorry Dii, actually that pup..
Kavya: Keep Quiet, I won’t listen anyone if your excuses today. You have always done so. But today is just too much.
Reeti: I will never do like this again, but Dii
Kavya: Your punishment is I won’t talk to you at all,
Kavya goes to her room angrily. Reeti becomes sad.
Reeti: Mom, didi became very angry with me, what will I do?
Preet: She is indeed angry, now only you can cool her down.
Reeti gets thinking.
Reeti: But how?
Preet: Say sorry to her,
Reeti: You know na mama, how much stubborn she is?
Bade Mami: Make a card
Reeti: Will she even read it?
Neeti: Think about that later, now let’s eat something, I am quite hungry
Sid: Dii, you don’t have anything else to talk about besides food?
Neeti: You keep quiet! I haven’t eat anything since morning.
Sid: But it doesn’t looks like that.
Neeti: What do you mean to say Sid that I am very fat?
Sid and Neeti continues fighting.
Preet: Okay, okay now you both stop fighting.
Reeti: Idea
Preet, Sid and Neeti look at Reeti.
Reeti: Thank you everyone.
Reeti runs.
Preet: What idea you got? Reeti?

Here, Rizwan is thinking about Reeti.
Rizwan: She was such a sweet kid.
Nachiket: What are you thinking about Mr. Rizwan?
Rizwan: No, nothing
Nachiket: You can feel free to share it with me.
Rizwan: Today, I met a little girl, when she was with me it seemed as she was someone very close to me. She was a really sweet girl.
Nachiket: Little kids are quite innocent.
Rizwan: That’s true.
Nachiket: Do you have any kids?
Rizwan thinks about Kavya.
Rizwan: I am single,
Nachiket: Oh okay I see. I have a call to make, so please excuse me.
Rizwan: Okay, sure.
Nachiket goes.
Rizwan: (in his mind) I don’t know why after seeing that little girl today she reminded me of Kavya a lot today. I am really missing her a lot today.I wish I could get to meet her only but that’s not possible.
And he gets back to work.

Here Reeti comes to apologize to Kavya.
Kavya: I told you I don’t want to talk to you.
Reeti: But Dii
Kavya: Go away
Reeti keeps Kavya’s favorite chocolate muffins in front of her.
Kavya takes it and starts eating it. As Reeti is about to go
Kavya: Reeti, come here.
Reeti comes slowly.
Kavya: Sit here beside me.
Reeti: I am sorry Didi.
Kavya gives an angry look and later smiles.
Kavya: Its okay
Preet and Sid sees this and smiles.
Kavya: You will never do like this again. Promise?
Reeti: Promise
Preet joins them.
Preet: What are both my daughters doing?
Reeti: Mom, you know Didi has forgiven me.
Preet: That’s good.

Preet, Kavya and Reeti are talking to each other and are laughing. Bade Mami sees this and smiles.
Bade Mami: They look so happy together but it seems the family is incomplete. This family only needs Ishan, I mean Rizwan now. I hope his soul rest in peace.
Sid looks at his mom surprised.
Sid: Mom, do you know what you are saying?
Bade Mami: Whatever I said was not wrong.
Sid: Mom that guy was a terrorist, he was the one who snatched all the happiness of our family. He deceived us.
Bade Mami: Sid listen to me,
Sid is angry and looks shocked. Bade Mami looks behind and is shocked. Preet overhears her conversation.
Preet: What did I just listen?
Preet goes from there angrily, Sid and Bade Mami goes behind to console her.

Reeti and Kavya are talking to each other on the other hand.
Reeti: Didi, you know I got very scared when you became angry with me. I hate it when someone is angry with me.
Kavya: You think I like to scold you? You know how much scared I became.
Reeti: Oh ho didi why are you scared?
Kavya: What do you mean?
Reeti makes Kavya feels her heartbeat. And Kavya gets into flashback when Rizwan made her feel her heartbeat, and gets shocked. Kal Ho Na Ho heartbeat music plays.
Kavya: How do you know about this?
Reeti: Good uncle taught me.
Kavya: Good uncle?
Reeti: Yes the one who saved me today from falling down from the cliff.
Kavya: Do you know his name?
Reeti: No, I don’t remember his name, but he gave me a phone number. You want to talk to him?
Kavya: Give me, I will dial and you will talk.

Kavya takes the home phone to call Rizwan. And she sees Preet, Bade Mami and Sid’s conversation.
Bade Mami: Preet beti think about it once, maybe after that you may understand what I mean?
Preet: I am sorry bade Mami, I will not forget what he did to my family.
And she leaves from there angrily.
Bade Mami: Listen to me Preet beti, preet bet I?
Sid: Mom, why did you say like this? I mean what was the need?
Sid storms out of the room angrily and collides with Veena who just comes in.
Kavya: (in her mind) Looks like mom and sid chachu are in a bad mood now.
Kavya leaves
Sid: Are you blind? Can’t you see I am walking?
Veena: Excuse me?
Sid: You excuse me.
And he leaves.
Veena: (in her mind) Why is he always so angry? can’t he evensmile. Idiot.
Bade Mami: veena beti don’t mind he is in a bad mood.
Veena: Its okay aunty I understand he is always in a bad mood,
Bade Mami: No he is not always like that, by the way have you come to teach Reeti at this time? Isn’t it a bit late?
Veena: No aunty, I have came her to give Preet Ji some important documents.
Bade Mami: Oh okay I see, Preet is upstairs you can give her the papers,
Veena: Thank you aunty.
Veena leaves.
Veena: (in her mind) Besides that Sid idiot everyone is so sweet here, but seems that the family is not happy as they seem. something must have happened in this family. I wonder what have happened?
Veena gets thinking.

Kavya dials the phone number on the hand. Rizwan picks up the call.
Rizwan: Hello?
Kavya: (in her mind) This voice sounds so familiar.
Reeti: Hello good uncle, I am Reeti.
Rizwan: Reeti?
Reeti: The puppy one?
Rizwan: I remember about you, how are you beta?
Reeti: I am fine.
Rizwan: How are all your family members?
Reeti: Everyone is fine, my elder sister is with me now,.
Kavya looks on.
Rizwan: Oh really, what’s her name?
Reeti: Kavya!
Rizwan remembers about Kavya, Kal Ho Na Ho music plays.
Reeti: Uncle, you want to talk to my sister?
Rizwan: Sure
Kavya gestures Reeti not do so and later agrees.
Kavya: Hello uncle, I am Kavya, Reeti’s elder sister.
Rizwan: I am Rizwan, felt good talking with you.
Kavya smiles.
Reeti: good uncle, I really want to meet you. And Didi also wants to meet you.
Kavya gestures Reeti again.
Rizwan: Sure beta, I would love to meet both of you, and also talk to you two. But I am always busy. and I m here for 3 days only.
Reeti: 3 days?
Rizwan: I stay in Kashmir, and I came to Delhi for some work for 3 days. And I work at late night, so I can meet you at the night.
Reeti: Okay done, me and didi will meet you at tonight after a while?
Rizwan: Are you fine with it?
Reeti: Where will we meet?
Rizwan: Before you meet me, I must seek permission from someone elder in your house so that they don’t get worried.
Reeti: Okay. I will tell my mom and then she will call you back and then we can meet each other,
Rizwan: Okay fine, bye.
Reeti: Bye.
Rizwan smiles. Reeti keeps the phone.
Kavya: Reeti, do you know what you just did?
Reeti: what i did you were in front and I will also seek permission from mom this time. I am going to mom to seek permission from her now.
Kavya: No, no wait Reeti.
Reeti stops.
Kavya: Just now when I went to take the phone, mom was in a bad mood so if you ask now she will deny for sure.
Reeti: Oh no then who will we ask? Sid chachu?
Kavya: No way, he will deny for sure. Neeti bua?
Reeti: No way, she always blurts out everything.
Kavya: Then who?
Reeti and Kavya gets thinking and just then they see Veena and they both smile,
Kavya: Are you thinking what I m thinking?
Reeti nods yes.
Just then Veena comes,
Veena: Hi Reeti, Hi Kavya
Reeti and Kavya hugs Veena
Reeti: Veena dii, veena dii we need your help.
Veena is surprised.
Kavya:Only you can help us,
Veena: Okay, okay tell me whats the matter?

Kavya and Reeti tells Veena the entire matter,
Veena: Me? What if everyone finds out?
Kavya: We will make sure nothing goes wrong, but only you can help us.
Veena: Okay, I will talk to him,
Veena calls Rizwan.
Rizwan: Hello.
Veena: Hi I am Veena, I am Kavya and Reeti’s relative and they told me about you.
Rizwan: How about her mom?
Veena: Her mom would have come but she is busy so she told me to go wih them instead.
Rizwan: Oh I see, actually after half an hour I have a break that time I can meet them. I will send u the address, and you can bring them near my lab,
Veena: This is my phone number, so you can send me message in this number.
Veena keeps the phone.
Kavya and Reeti :Yeah!
Veena: Shhh!
Kavya and Reeti lowers their voice.
Veena gets thinking on how to bring them out,

Veena brings Kavya and Reeti to Preet’s room. Sid is also there,
Veena: Actually Preet Ji, I want to ask you something.
Preet: Yes sure
Veena: I want to bring Kavya and Reeti to have some ice-cream. So can I seek your permission for that?
Preet thinks the moments where she had ice-cream at night with Ishan/Rizwan.
Sid: Ice Cream? At this time?
Veena: Yes, I have promised them that if they do well for exams I will treat them for ice cream at night one day, so today was perfect.
Preet: But the time? Isn’t it quite late?
Reeti: Please mom, please agree,
Kavya: Pleaseeee.
Sid: No, not today, go in the evening now its quite late and I will bring you there later,
Reeti: No, I want to go now,
Sid: No, I don’t allow
Reeti and Kavya gets sad,
Veena: I am sorry kids, I couldn’t help but its important to listen to your mom,
Preet: Okay fine, you all can go. But do come back quick.
Reeti and Kavya: Yeah!
And they hug Preet.
Veena, Reeti and Kavya leaves,
Sid: Bhabi, you let the girls went with that Veena so easily.
Preet: Yes Sid. Veena is a responsible girl. I trust her,
Sid: I dont what if she does anything wrong.
Preet: Said stop suspecting everyone especially because of that one guy.
Preet leaves angrily,
Sid: (in his mind) I dont trust this Veena at all. I have to follow her to see what she’s up to.

Here Kavya, Reeti and Veena comes to meet Rizwan. Rizwan is standing behind.
Veena: Reeti, is he the good uncle?
Reeti: Yes, good uncle wears this kind of clothes,
Rizwan looks behind. Veena and Reeti smiles. Kavya is shocked. Rizwan also smiles.
Reeti goes and hugs Rizwan.
Reeti: Good uncle.
Rizwan: How are you?
Reeti: I am fine,
Reeti introduces Veena and Kavya to Rizwan.
Veena: Reeti has told me about you, nice to meet you,
Just then Sid comes and he hides behind the tree.
Sid: I knew this Veena was up to something, that’s why she brought the kids somewhere else and lied to Bhabi that she brought them in the ice-cream parlour. But who is this guy?
Kavya is silent.
Rizwan: You are Kavya right?
Kavya nods yes,
Reeti: Didi why are you not speaking anything?
Rizwan is about to go.
Kavya: Dad?
Rizwan looks behind and has tears on his eyes,
Sid finally sees Rizwan’s face and is shocked.
Kavya comes near to Rizwan and feels his heartbeat. Kal Ho Na Ho Music plays.
Kavya: You are indeed my dad,
Kavya and Rizwan hugs each other. Rizwan cries.
Rizwan: You are such a big girl now.
Veena is shocked and Reeti is confused.
Reeti: That means you are my dad also?
Rizwan looks at Reeti surprised.
The episode ends,

Precap: Sid is angrily saying I won’t spare this Rizwan Ahmed Khan now. He was about to confront Rizwan and someone stops him. Sid is surprised. On the other hand, Preet and Rizwan come face to face each other, Kabira plays.

The next episode of , will be published by next Sunday 6th March, so please stay tuned. From this episode onwards my ff episodes will be slightly shorter than the initial ones.
And yes do feel free to express ur opinions as the fate of this ff and no. of episodes will depend on the no. of comments so comment if possible and comment as much as you can :)

Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do, phirse- Let Love Happen, Again (Episode 3)


Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do, phirse- Let Love Happen, Again (Episode 3)


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