Do you like Arzoo’s suspense-drama track in DABH?

Star Plus’ Diya Aur Baati Hum has got a new mysterious entry of Arzoo’s character. The track recently showed Chotu/Aryan and Arzoo getting married. Sandhya finds out in nick of the time that Arzoo is from Pakistan. She decides to reveal the truth to the family and informs Sooraj. However, Sooraj too understands this matter by confirming it with Arzoo. Sooraj realizes that Arzoo is from Pakistan. Arzoo gets to know that the Rathi family is unaware that she is a Pakistani. Sooraj and Sandhya decided to hide this truth from Bhabho. Arzoo tells Resham about Rathis not knowing she is a Pakistani. Sandhya scolds Meenakshi for lying to the family and calls the marriage a blunder. On hearing this, Resham decides to take Arzoo to Pakistan. Sandhya is sure that Bhabho will not accept Arzoo.


Do you like Arzoo’s suspense-drama track in DABH?

Sooraj requests Resham to hide Arzoo’s identity from Bhabho for some time, till Arzoo wins Bhabho’s heart. Bhabho is shocked seeing Arzoo’s personality and calls her Mushtandi. Meenakshi tells Bhabho that she has not met Arzoo and apologizes to her for her lie. Bhabho gets angry and starts confronting the family for not noticing Arzoo’s height and weight. Arzoo overhears Bhabho’s frustration and tells Bhabho that she did not feel bad. Bhabho does Arzoo’s Grahpravesh ritual. She worries for Chotu after seeing Arzoo’s weirdness. Mehak informs Pushkar police about Arzoo. Resham hears Mahek’s intentions and slaps Mehak. Sandhya makes Arzoo clearly understand the rules and regulations to be followed in India. Sooraj and Sandhya prevent Bhabho from finding out that Arzoo is from Pakistan.

Sandhya’s senior asks her to spy on Arzoo and be careful. He tells Sandhya that she has been chosen to be part of the anti terrorism squad. Sandhya gets glad to do something towards her country and give her best to her duty. Arzoo’s Mu Dikhai turns hilarious and guests make fun of Arzoo. Bhabho gets disappointed again. Arzoo misuses Sandhya’s official stamp and applies Sandhya’s leave application. Later, Sandhya is shocked that her leave for three months has been approved. She confronts Arzoo for using her official stamp without her permission, which is a legal crime as well. Arzoo tells her that she applied for leave on her behalf, knowing Sandhya is pregnant. Sandhya clears the confusion of her pregnancy and gets doubtful on Arzoo’s intentions. Do you like the mystifying Arzoo’s entry and the suspense-drama track in DABH? You may leave a comment along your vote.

Do you like Arzoo’s suspense-drama track in DABH?


Do you like Arzoo’s suspense-drama track in DABH?


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