KYY Season 3 : The Hidden Love (Episode 23)

Sorry guys for making you guys wait so much. And I m sorry again if this episode is not upto the mark. I have my exams going on so its really difficult.

Now the episode !

Soha (to Rythem) : Who brought you here ? There are many doctors to take care of Manik. We dont need you.

She looks at Manik making a puppy/bx face.

Rythem : Nandini is the one.

Soha throws daggers at Nandini.

Soha : Who the hell u think you are Nandini. Manik is my boyfriend and I have the rights to tale care of what suits him and what suits him not. And definitely this bl**dy doc is not good for him.

Manik clenched his fist in anger and holds Soha’s wrist tightly.

“Manik what are you doing ? Its hurting me.”

Manik : And you are hurting my friends. So just get lost !

Soha : But Manik you love me right ? You do ?

Manik : You really think. Your behaviour makes me wonder how come I loved you before. And please I m not your boyfriend. And I guess now, not even a friend.

Soha : I m sorry for being rude. Please forgive me.

Manik : Give me some time and peace Soha.

Soha leaves in anger and looks at Nandini with hatred.

Manik (to Nandini) : I hope you are not hurt.

Nandini : I would have been if you would have not taken a stand for me. And about Soha I really don’t care what others think about me. Its always my love, family and friends.

Manik : You are too cute !

He squeezes his cheeks.

Rythem : If you guys are done with your romance I have some serious discussion to do.

Manik : Sorry doc.

Rythem : Okay Manik so do you have ever got any flashes or you have met any people who you think are very familiar ?

Fab four also enter there to join them.

Manik : I know you guys may found it weird. But I feel that I m connected to you all. I mean Mukti, Aliya, Dhruv, Cabir. And the most to Nandini. I dont know why. I know we have never met before but …

Nandini : It happens sometimes. I think you must be surrounded by people who are like us ?

Mukti : Yeah maybe !

Aliya : And what about Soha , Manik ?

Manik : I don’t know. She just does not fit my bill. And I always have to supress my anger whenever she comes. I dont why this anger comes whenever I see her .

Rythem : I guess I have an idea by which he can get his memory back.

Manik : Whaat ?

Rythem : You should stay with the people with whom you think you are connected with. Familiar faces tend to bring memory soon. Ut might help you.

Manik : That will be awesome !

Rythem : And stay away from Soha as much as you can because anger can make you insane. That happens in most of the cases.

Cabir : But he is totally sane doc. And I think Soha can stay in hotel or somewhere.

Nandini : Okay you guys should pack up everything. And yeah one more thing Fab five ! Please miss me !!

Nandini was about to walk away when Manik holds her hand.

“You are also shifting.”

Nandini : Chachi wont allow me.

Manik : I will talk to her .

Nandini : Fine ! (pretends to be frustrated)

Mukti whispers in Nandini’s ears “I know cupcakes of happiness are bursting in your heart right now.”

Aliya : Mukti and Nandini what’s re you guys gossiping about ?

Nandini : Actually Mukti was telling she wants to go on a double date. Mukbhi and Cavya.

Cabir blushes like a red tomato.

Aliya : And what about me ?

Nandini : Aliya Dhruv. I guess we should help Manik in the errands. After all we are shifting.

Dhruv : Yeah !

Mukti : Fine its decides. Cabir lets call them and tell them about our plans.

She moves towards the door and looks at Nandini giving her a wink and mouths a thank-you.

Nandini : Mukti dont crash with poor door.

All laugh at her silliness.

Precap : Mukbhi Cavya date. Fun moments of Manan and Dhrulya when they shift.

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KYY Season 3 : The Hidden Love (Episode 23)


KYY Season 3 : The Hidden Love (Episode 23)


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