Beintehaa 10th November 2014 Written Update

Rocket shaves his mustache and beard and becomes Zain and Zain becomes Rocket with mustache and beard for the fancy dress party. Rocket says now he can meet Aaliya now.
Surayya greets guests at fancy dress party venue as lucknowi begum. Fahad dresses up as pirate and Zarina as witch. Rahman comes dressed as sultan and asks Surayya now that she has come back from Umrah, he wants to take back Zarina and Bilal to Hyderabad. Zarina thinks her preference has changed now. She gets Rocket’s call and asks where is he. Rocket stands behind her and says he can see her and she is looking very beautiful. She asks her to control her buffoon soon. Just then, Bilal comes dressed as Elvis Presley and Shaziya as baby doll and they both dance on I am a disco dancer. Zarina gets irked seeing them and takes Bilal with her, she asks when will he take out Zain from here. He says let him come first.
Zain and Aaliya enter the venue disguised as Chinese woman and Zain as her English husband. Everyone clap for them. Zain asks Aaliya if she will be with him throughout his life. She says yes. Rocket sees Aaliya and thinks soon she will be his. Bilal calls Zain and tells that reporters are waiting for him outside. Zain walks out. Bilal gets happy that he did his work and goes to be with Shaziya.
Rocket gets happy looking at Aaliya. She walks out from there. He then sees Bilal searching for Shaziya, thinks he had to go out and see if Zain is kidnapped or not. He calls Bilal and asks why has not he gone out. Bilal says he is his boss, so not to order him.
Beintehaa 10th November 2014 Written Update
Goa’s don wait for Zain outside. He sees Zain out and says his goons that he can identify Zain/Rocket among 1000s and sleeps seeing his face. Rocket also comes out to check if Zain is kidnapped. Don thinks he is Zain and kidnaps him. Zain comes back to the venue. Zarina thinks Rocket must have disguised back and to confirm asks Aaliya who is he. Zain calls her Khala/aunt and asks why is she asking that. Zarina realizes it is Zain and thinks what is Rocket doing, why he has not kidnapped Zain yet.
Goa don takes Rocket to a jungle and says Rocket that he cannot fool him by telling himself as Zain. Rocket picks up don’s gun and flees in his car, leaving him and his goons in jungle.
Zarina gets Rocket’s call and asks where is he. He says because of her son’s stupidity, Zain is not yet kidnapped and asks her to send her men to kidnap Zain as Pascal don has left. He then runs into venue. Zarina drops juice on Aaliya and asks her to go to washroom and wash it. She then says Zain that she has a surprise for him, but sees Bilal signalling him and walks out. As soon as Aaliya enter room, Bilal locks her out. Zarina then says Zain that Aaliya is waiting for him as a surprise.
Zain goes out to check what surprise Aaliya has for him. Aaliya calls Zain and Surayya’s name. Rocket disguises as Zain and opens room door. They both walk hand in hand. Zarina sees them, and Rocket winks at her. She thinks he will not come back now. Zain is shown with injured head and subconscious.
Precap: Goons beat Zain to pulp with blood running down his head. One of them take gun out to kill Zain.
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