Love is for life time (episode 11)

Episode 11:

Swecha wakes up n gets ready. Vivek wakes n sees the clothes kept by her on table n finds new shirt which is of his taste.

Vivek: Swecha

Swecha came to him.

Swecha: Good morning. I will bring coffee for u.

Vivek: Good morning. When did u buy this shirt?

Swecha(smiling): Yesterday. Did u like it?

Vivek: Actually I like this type of shirts. But as u brought it, I don’t like it.I am not going to wear it.

Saying this he threw shirt on her face.

Swecha(fake smile hiding tears): Its ok. I will give another shirt to u.

Swecha gave another shirt to him n went away from him. Vivek went to kitchen n find her crying.

Vivek: Swecha

Swecha: Sorry for the late, coffee is ready. U pls take it n sit at dining table. I will bring brk fst.

Swecha didn’t even see him. She just gave coffee to him without facing him.

Vivek: Look at me

She didn’t see him. He turned her towards him but she closed her eyes.

Vivek: Open ur eyes

Swecha still didn’t open her eyes. Vivek smiled looking at her.

Vivek: I said look at me. (raised his voice)

Swecha scared n opened her eyes n saw him smiling.

Vivek: Am I looking good in the shirt selected by u?

Swecha downed her eyes n saw him wearing the same shirt brought by her.

Swecha: U wore the shirt brought by me?

Vivek: Of course. Its brought by my loving wife n how can I leave it without wearing? Anything brought by u is so spl for me. As this is ur’s first gift to me, thats more spl. I wondered knowing that u brought gift for me for the first time. I think I should mark this day n celebrate it.

Swecha(still in tear): Stop taunting me. U told u didn’t want to wear it. Y did u say that wen u r going to wear it?

Vivek: Actually once I brought a dress for u n u said u didn’t like it. U said u r so frank to say dat. So now I just said like dat to remember u ur past behaviour. I am sorry for hurting u. Don’t cry pls.

Swecha hugged him.

Swecha: I am sorry for my past behaviour. At that time really I didn’t realise how much it hurts. I didn’t know how I behaved like dat.

Vivek hugged her back.

Vivek: Its ok. Did u prepare brk fst?

Swecha: Ya

Vivek broke the hug n is having coffee.

Swecha: I think its not hot. I will prepare it again

Vivek: Its ok. I will have it. Bring the brk fst. I will b waiting there in hall.

Swecha: Ok

Swecha is serving n he is starring at her.

Swecha: Y r u looking me like dat?

Vivek: Because u r my wife. I hav all rights on u. Isn’t it?

Swecha: Of course. I am ur wife. U hav all rights on me

Vivek: Really? Are u sure?

Swecha: Yes

Vivek: So can I……

Swecha: What?

Vivek: Nothing. Leave it

Swecha: I really didn’t understand wat u mean to say

Vivek: Nothing. U no need to understand bcoz however u nvr understand any of my feelings till now.

Vivek completed his brk fst n went to room to take his mobile. Swecha is thinking abt his words to understand wat he meant. She got the meaning of his words n felt shy. He came downstairs to go. She hugged him from back.

Swecha: Yes I am ur wife n u have all rights on me as a husband. So u can…..

Vivek turned towards her n saw her blushing. He smiled at her.

Vivek: Will come soon at evng. Do u know even to blush?

Swecha: What?

Vivek: I nvr saw u like dis before

Swecha: U can nvr see past Swecha again. Now she is totally changed

Vivek: I didn’t ask u to change.

Swecha: I changed coz of ur love. That change is essential to keep my relationships strong. Just bcoz of u I realised wat is love n the value of relationships. U made me to understand how to behave with loved ones. Thank u n Really I love u Vivek.

Vivek: Bye. Tc. I am leaving to office.

Its evng n Swecha got ready n decorated their room with flowers n candles. She is waiting for him. She heard the door bell n opened the door with smile. But she saw Vivek bringing someone in wheel chair. It seems as if that person got discharged from a hospital. She didn’t know that person n she is standing there at the entrance.

Vivek: Can’t u move aside?

Vivek pushed her a side n went inside. As the person is unable to walk, he lifted her in arms n took to guest room.

Vivek: Swecha, Bring coffee n a juice

Swecha is looking him as he didn’t say anything abt that person to her. It seems as that person is so close to him. Thinking this She didn’t listen to his words.

Vivek(shouts): Swecha

Swecha came out of her thoughts by his shouting.

Swecha: Yes

Vivek: Can’t u hear me? You nvr change. U r always like dis n expecting u to change is my foolishness.

Swecha: Wat happen

Vivek: Nothing spl. Asusual u r busy in ur thoughts n didn’t care for my words.

Swecha: Sorry

Vivek: For anything u will have ready answer of sorry. U r even lessening the value of sorry. Sorry will b considered only wen a person changes their behaviour n nvr commits the same mistake again. But u nvr change. So at least stop saying sorry n irritating me.

Swecha(tears): Vivek, I didn’t…..

Vivek: Shut up n Bring a coffee n a juice soon.

Swecha got hurted n irritated with his words. But just controlled herself n brought coffee n juice and gave it to him. He is in guest room. He slowly lifted that person from bed n made her to sit n drink juice. Swecha is feeling uneasy with their closeness n especially as Vivek didn’t say anything abt her. She went to their room n aft one hour he came to the room. Swecha is in tears n he saw her n decoration of the room n remembered his words at mrng.

Vivek: Swecha, I am sorry. I didn’t remember wat I told u at mrng

Swecha: Its ok

Vivek: And she is my frnd Anjali. She is going to stay here for few days

Swecha: ok

He just got fresh up n went again to guest room. Swecha prepared dinner n went to call him.

Swecha: Dinner is ready. R u coming?

Vivek: Actually Anjali can’t come there. Do one thing. Bring dinner to both of us here. We will have it here itself.

Anjali: Vivek, Who is she?

Vivek: Anju, she is Swecha, well known lawyer.

Anjali: Hmm. Is this the way to introduce a person? Swecha is ur wife,Right? U should introduce her as ur wife not as a lawyer man.

Vivek: But she feels happy to be known as a lawyer than my wife. Anyways anyone’s identity should depend on themselves as per their skills n talent. Not on others.

Anjali: U nvr change Vivek. Hi Swecha, I am Anju,sorry Anjali. Vivek’s best frnd. U may have heard abt me from Vivek. Vivek, Did u ever tell abt me to ur wife?

Swecha: Hi Anjali

Vivek: Ya I told abt u when u proposed me Anju.

Anjali: Oh dats so nice. So u both didn’t have any secrets between u. Swecha, I am so hungry dear.

Swecha: I will bring dinner to u both

Swecha brought dinner to them n they had dinner. Swecha came to room n remembered Vivek saying abt Anjali n that she proposed him. She is in thoughts n its already too late. Vivek is still with Anjali n didn’t come to room. Swecha tired of waiting for him n went to Vivek.

Swecha: Vivek, Its late. Aren’t u going to sleep?

Vivek: I am sleeping in this room today coz I hav to give tablets to Anju from time to time. U just go n sleep.

Anju: Vivek, Dis is really too much. I am not a kid. I will tc of my medicines. U pls go to ur room.

Vivek softly hitted on Anju’s head.

Vivek: I know u from 3 yrs. U nvr takes care of urselves. Now u just sleep n from time to time I will wake u up n give tablets.

Anju: Swecha, atleast u take him from here swt hrt. Pls..He compels me to take tablets n will trouble me.Pls

By the way Vivek, Swecha will b alone na. U just go

Vivek: She feels more comfortable when I am away from her. So it doesn’t matter. If u love me then b calm n sleep.

Anju didn’t speak anything n closed her eyes to sleep.

Vivek slept in sofa setting alarm in his mobile to give her tablets. He didn’t care anything abt Swecha. He didn’t even know that she didn’t have her dinner. Swecha didn’t understand his behaviour. But as a wife, she felt uncomfortable to see his care n concern on someone other than her. She just went to her room but unable to sleep n just lied on bed n aft sometime she fell asleep.

Precap: Anjali- Mirror of Vivek. Swecha’s fight with Vivek regarding Anjali. Does this fight makes Vivek to realise her true love or increases his anger further?

Love is for life time (episode 11)


Love is for life time (episode 11)


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