swasan tera mera rishta (part 2)

Soory guys i had uploded same episode twice and thnks for comments it really support me for writing and hope u liking it

todays episode start with sanky is sitting on the chair and outside the hospital a car stop from a car a lady came out and directly go inside and then she see sanskar and a smile come on face sanky also see her and stand up the lady run and hug sanky
sanky: ma i an fine
yeah it is sanky mom sujata
sujata: you know how i get worried
sanky: mom always take tension in small matter
sujata: but your matter are not small for me and you know that
sanky: yeah ok ma
sujata: that girl how is she
sanky: ma operation is going on
and after some time docter come out
sanky: what happen docter is everyrhing alright
docter: yes mr. Maheswari firstly we loose hope but that girl want to live and bcz of her hope of living we saved her but we have to put her under observation for 2 to 3 days
sanky: ok docter
sujata: can we meet her
docter: she is faint now you can meet her after she come in senses
sujata: ok docter
docter: but mr. Maheswari i have to tell u something please come in my cabin
they both follow docter and come in cabin and sit
docter: i dont know how she is alive after this much tourture but mr. Maheswari i will tell you she is physically and mentally both weak she is brutally raped and looking like she has not eaten anything from three days and her skin has beating marks she had suffered from so much pain try to make her over come by love as now love is only medicine for her
sujata and sanky shocked hearing this and see each other
sanky: ok docter

and they go in the ward where that girl is lying and they come in sujta goes and sit beside her and sanky see her and having so many machine attach to her and she is sleeping peacfully
sujata: she is so cute how can anyone be do cruel to this much extent dont know how much she has faced in this much time
sanku hear this and face of the gitl come when she is pleading him to help her and the pain
sanky: yeah mom and mom can we take her home i think its not safe for her to leave alone
sujata: yeah i was also thinking that
sanky: thnku mom

suddenly girl come in senses and see her surrounding and then see sujata and sanky they also see her abd happy seeing her in sesnses
girl get feared and try to sit but cant sujata try to help but girl shout and closes eyes
girl: dont come near me please
sujata and sanky see fear on her face she is breathing fastly sanky: dont worry we will not harm you
girl: no please leave them dont kill them i will do whatever you say but leave them please they are my life
and started crying

sanky see this and run and call docter and docter come and see she is shevring in fear
and telling please leave them please dont do this with me
docter give her injection and she slowly faint telling dont do this with me
sanky: what is this docter
docter: i tell u mr. Maheswari that she is shock now and its it effect she will get panic attack i have given her injection she is sleeping now
and docter goes sujata cry seeing the girl
sujata: this much pain god how can yoy do this
a small tear of drop come sanskar eyes seeing the girl he wipe it and think why i am felling pain seeing her like this whats happening to me and see the girl face who is sleeping peacefull and before sometime how she is shevring in pain
what is happen with that girl will she able to become normal


swasan tera mera rishta (part 2)


swasan tera mera rishta (part 2)


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