Thank u guyz for ur awesome support… and neha…. i have introduced one character… thanx for your ida yaar

Kushi goes on searching for arnav…..she calls him

Asr: what?
Kkg: vo actually…….
Asr: i don’t have much time to waste on supid things…. bye….
He cuts the call… kushi feels bad

Ishu hides from everyone…..
Shagun: i caught u
Ishu: wwwwhhat wwhat….
Shagun: stop ishu…. what was that? In stage…. what song… yeah… mere haath mein… thera haath ho…. ho hoooo ishu wow…
Ishu: stop it shagun… nothing like that..
Shagun: y?… don’t hide from me…
Ishu: pls sweetie…. i forgave him as a frnd…. not more than that…. i cant accept him as a lover or husband…. so u btter don’t talk abt this again
Ishu leaves.. which made shagun upset

After a while…. ishu continuously receives some chits… asking her to come to balcony… by referring her as a princess , beauty queen… she bot angry over raman…..while she moves towards raman to ask for this , shagun grabs her and went to stage to give a performance…..
You know she like the drama
Yeah she is s*xy mama
When she dance everybody go o o O! (x2)
Haan, dekho bholi kitni
Utni par tedhi cheez hai
Baatein kare hai kadwi-kadwi
Phir bhi lazeez hai
Ittar gulaabon wali
Bottle sharabon wali
Total tabahi wala scene hai

Allegra Allegra
Allegra Ale-alegra
Indhiya ponnuthango- italy kannuthango
Naan oru minnal thango — dil irunda vango
Hey meniye magnetthango — vaarteye chocolate thango
Naan oru minsaramgo, thalinindukongo
Red wine bottle naan— kashmir apple naan
golden angel.. naane

Allegra Allegra
Allegra Ale-alegra

Raman notices something and went towards stage with arnav…. he pushes ishu aside and starts dancing with arnav….

Yeh dhosthi hum nahin thodengey… thodengey dum mahar saath naa chotenge…..

Gana gana galla gangu…..

Ishu got angry and interferes tgem with shagun and also dances…. mihir also joins them….. they share a group hug.. after which raman grabs ishu to corner

Raman: r u mad?… i have pushed u aside.. right?.. so there must be some reason nah?
Ishu: i wont come to balcony
Raman: what?
Ishu: don’t pretend to be innocent…. for this only u pushed me aside….
Raman pulls ishu closer at once… which made difficult for ishu to breath….
Ishu: raman… leave me
He then puts the zip of her dress which remained open….
Ishu realised that and bend down…..

Raman: so now u got cleared right?… also… if u want to come with me to balcony … i will accompany…. but y this sudden change?
Ishu: stop it raman…. u only gave me such chits….
She gave that… raman got angry reading that chits
Rman: i dint give these chits… who must be that fool… who describes u as a angel…. like seriously….
He laughs which made ishu angry…..

A voice came by…..

Saanwali si ek ladki
Saanwali si ek ladki dhadkan jaisi dilki…(2)

He turns…. he is none other than… abhishek from yhm….. ishu got happy seeing him where as raman got irritated seeing him…. abhishek is their frnd.. but raman don’t like him due to his over acting… and flirting behaviour….
Abhi came towards ishu and sings

Dekhke jiske woh sapne kahin woh main to nahin

Ishu: abhi… wow… what a pleasant surprise
Raman: yeah abhi.. too terrific surprise
Asr mihir laughs…
Abhi: yeah dadi has invited me… as my frnds have no time to invte me for miir’s mrg
Ishu: sooo sryyy…. actually….
Abhi: chal juthi… don’t lie that u had many works blah blah blah….and i have called u to bal cony…. u didn’t come
Raman: oh.. that maha guriji is u?….
Abhi: what means?
Raman: nono… i mean… i was wondering that who can praise ishu like this…..
Ishu: atleast he knows the truth…
Abhi: guyz guyz… pls… no arguments…. u guyz still fighting… i thought u would have married raman by now
Ishu: oh pls… me and rman… never
Abhi: so i have a chance right?
Ishu : abbhiii (with smile… she beats him )
Raman got angry .. and leaves….

Arnav seeing kushi leaves … kushi notices him and follows….

He smiles seeing kushi coming towards him….he enters him room and hides back side of his room where there s swimming pool…he waited for her…. but she didn’t come…
He then moves from there…. but kushi was searching for him inside the room.. he noticed that and again tries to hide.. but at the mean time kushi turns … which made arnav fall into pool….
Kushi kept hr hand over her mouth….
Kushi: oohhppp…. pls… sorry sorry
Asr: why have u came here?… did u forget anything to scold me?
Kkg: no… actually i am sorry that i scolded u
Asr: whenever u r abt to say sorry… u always mess up anything right?… its ur hobby i think
Kkg: no no… i didn’t notice u…. sorry
Asr: if ur sorry list has finished…. will u give ur hand for help?
Kkg: jii… yeah…. come
She gave her hand… after holding her hand asr gave a naughty smile
Kkg: no…pls …. no… don’t think like that pls…ppp
When starts to say again…. he pulls her into the pool….

Kushi: what have u done?…. i should never came here to say sorry.. u r not worth for it
Asr: u know what?…. u r the first girl who was not enjoying me with pool… otherwise all girls always wish to have like this
Kushi: chiiii
Asr: this character only i like in u …
Kushi became silent …. asr came near her…. she tries to go….he lifts her they both came outside…he made her sit in corner
Asr: now i wish to tell u one thing
Kkg: what?
Asr: u have asked one question right?
Kkg blinks…: vo vo
Asr: actually i did everything bcz
Kkg: mom must be waiting… bye
She heads to leave….he pulls her towards him .. she lost balance and falls over him…. which made a accident kiis over cheeks…. again she tries to leave….

Ishu: something is buring
Raman: oh really? .. y have u came here? Go and attend ur guest/…
Ishu: yeah.. i should… bcz abhi wont mingle up with everyone
Raman got angry… and turns … he looks at abhi who is standing behind….
Abhi: hey ishu… i have been to goa .. for business trip.. i will show u the pics…
He starts talking with ishu.. raman who is standing behind abhi waves his hand as if he beats abhi… ishu notices that
Ishu: abhi… raman is telling something to u
Abhi turns.. raman still has hand over abhi’s head… she laughs
Raman : i just said hi….
Abhi: hi?… y?
Raman: u continue nah… tmr there s only one day.. aftr that u may go…. so don’t waste time cont with ishu

Ishu to herself: hmm ravan kumar… u r getting jealous…. now i will make u admit that u started this FRIEND FRIEND drama only to trap me….. u just wait and watch

Asr holds her hand tightly and pulls her
Kushi: u cant hold my hands like this.. y r u holding my hand?
Asr: i cant hold ur hand…. so i can kiss u right?
Kkkg: wwwhat?…. i didn’t say like that
Asr: u didn’t objct for that….
Kkg: leave me i got to go

She moves fastly towards gate…
Asr: i love you kushi
Kkg makes her eyes wider…. she didn’t turn… she runs from there….
Asr: cant u hear me?…. should i say louder…ok fine

Kushi came and closed his mouth…….





Indian Dramas
Today’s best Drama Series’ on television manage to keep us on the edge of our seats with every new episode. This is why we’ve compiled a list of the 6 Best Drama Series that you can’t miss, includin... Today’s best Drama Series’ on television manage to keep us on the edge of our seats with every new episode. This is why we’ve compiled a list of the 6 Best Drama Series that you can’t miss, including House, CSI, 24 and plenty more. They are the tv series that captivate our attention and entertain us every night after a hard day of work. Action, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery and more come to our screens catching our interest and enwrapping us with their storylines. 6. CSI. Also known as “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” This show is produced by Jerry Buckheimer. The drama series follows Las Vegas detectives as they take on challenging and often mysterious criminal investigations throughout the city. The series debuted in 2000 and continues to captivate audiences today. Watch just one episode and will be enough for you to get involved. 5. Mad Men. This drama is a three time Golden Globe Award Winner and has won 9 emmy’s as well. It is one of the most popular shows in recent history and is a perfect example of what a drama series should be. Mad Men follows the publicity surrounding Sherling Cooper in New York circa the 1960’s 4. 24. A fascinating show that mixes drama, suspense, and action to form a perfect recipe for our list of top drama series. Debuted in 2001, this show follows Jack Bauer, a UAT employee, in real time for the most suspenseful 24 hours you will ever have watching television. One of the series that keep you focus the whole time. 3. Law and order. One of the longest drama series running, it’s first episode aired in the year 1990. By 2010 this show had been through 20 seasons. Definitively, the numbers talk good about it. In 1999 we saw “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit” which continues to air today. 2. Boardwalk Empire. The latest drama series that has kept the audience glued to their seats. With big names such as Director Martin Scorcese and actor Steve Buscemi, this series has managed to captivate audiences and is quickly reaching legendary status. The second season premieres this October, 2011. You can’t miss it. 1. House M.D. This masterful drama with Hugh Laurie as the protagonist is about a doctor dedicated to treating extraordinary illnesses with unorthodox and sometimes controversial practices. The seventh season began airing on September 20, 2011. Drama Series: Boardwalk Empire, Mad Men, CSI. Written by Jessica Gómez. Schedules for each series can be found at HBO, FoxPsychology Articles, and Warner.

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