swaragini my soul episode 2

swaragini my soul episode 2

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new characters
virat malhotra (karan tacker)
supriya (not deceided u guys give me d suggestions)

episode starts
the girl in non other than ragini

virat:was just staring at hee with love
ragini: sorry sir i didnt see u were coming
virat:its okay..hi i am virat malhotra
ragini:she didnt even repied she went by smiling

virat not knowing which girl he is searching went back..

@temple road
supriya:beta u didnt even know which girl she was so dud u able to thank her??
virat:no mom i couldnt…lets leave we may neet her again
virat waa just thinking about rags

virat in mind:what a girl she is?? she didnt even repied to me?? who is she?? y i am feeling restless by thinking about hee..


ragini came back from temple n was going to terrace der she saw swara who was crying…
ragini: swara what happened y ru crying??
swara: ragini i cant live without sanskaar but how to understand baba that what ever happend in that there was no mistake of sanskaar n his family..
ragini:i know swara it is all happening coz if me it would be better if i had never met that man…hr completely ruined our family..he slapped my papa for my sins…i never ever forgive him..hiw dare ge was to insult my papa…swara i promise u that i will make proper know..what ever happening to you is coz of me so it is my duty to do everything fine…
swara:thank yoy ragini n she hugged her
(swaragini played bg)


kavya was treating all like animals except laksh

kavya: you guys n ur so called ragini ruined my first night n that swara she insulted me d big star know wait n watch wat i will do…
laksha: vaby i am going to office know see u in d evening bye

ragini gets a call for interview she was very exited for that she went n informed all blessed her…


she was waiting for an auto when on car stopped in front of a guy came out of his car n it was laksh

ragini tried to move when laksh hold her hand n stopped

laksha: saw her dress she was like old ragini
laksha: so know wat is going on in ur mind to get back to my l life..when will u stop acting of suicide this is 3sd time cant you get bored???
ragini was not at all replying to any of his question
laksh: how is ur dad feeling know after my return gift???
ragini couldnt stop her and gave him a tight slap..
lakah:wat d hell. how dare to before he could talk anything she gave another slap
ragini: this is my gift for ur new life…dnt give so much of importance to yourself…u know what i should say thank you for realisibg my mistake..i loved ine who dnt deserve anyones love..what do think after ur betrayal i will fall weak no u was wrong..yes i tried to suicide but know i am no more old ragini that ragini whom u used like a thing is no more know..better u also move on in ur life with ur soo called wife opps sorry baby..i hope u understand my words never again talk about my family…

to be continued…

precap: virat n ragini 2nd meeting…

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swaragini my soul episode 2


swaragini my soul episode 2

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