definitely maybe!!!!!! (Episode 12)

Hi guys!!! Thanks for your support. Please do comment below. I think my fan fiction is not impressive. I’m improving my writing skills for every episode. If you guys don’t like this fan fiction ,I would stop writing .I am not getting enough comments. I feel this ff is boring for you guys. Of course this is my imagination which you guys may not like. So please guys tell me whether should I continue this ff or not.
Precap::: ranveer – ishani meeting

The episode begins with pragya feeling happy about her meeting with abhi in the evening.abhi also thinks about pragya. Tu chaiye plays( po indru neeyaga plays).
At the same time bulbul and ishani are at the shopping mall.
Bulbul: ishu I’m hungry yaar.
Ishani: bulbul you just now had hot chocolate. You are eating a lot. Gonna become an elephant
Bulbul: di y r u teasing me always
Ishani: bcoz u r still a child baba
Bulbul: wait and watch Ms.ishani
Ishani: yes of course.
Ishani kept on laughing but suddenly someone grabbed her hand and pulled her. Ishani was shocked bcoz it was ranveer.
Ranveer: so here I’m Ms. Ishani. What are you going to do? Today even God cannot save me.
Bulbul: arey stop it. Who r u and what the hell do you want??
Ranveer: I’m ranveer wagela.
Bulbul: so what Lord governor. First leave my di’s hand and back of.
Ranveer got angry and slapped bulbul. Bulbul was about to fall but a hand holds her. It is purab
Purab: hello!! R u OK? Ranveer stop being short tempered.
Ranveer : stop ur lecture purab.
Purab helped bulbul and she thanked him.

Ishani : mr. Stupid pls leave my hand.
Purab stares at ranveer and ranveer leaves ishani’ S hand.
Bulbul : thanks purab .come on di let’s go.
Ishani and ranveer look at each other.( tum hi ho plays).
Pragya got ready to meet abhi in a red the restaurant
Abhi: hi pragya
Pragya: hey abhi, nice place.
Abhi: you look beautiful pragya. Abhi hands over a boquet of white roses to pragya.pragya gets really impressed. She smiles.
Abhi: shall we
Pragya: ya sure.

They order food .in the mean time the restaurant announces about the ballet that night.pragya looked at abhi in a doubtful manner. Abhi replied no as he shook his head.suddenly
Abhi: do you dance pragya?
Pragya : ya!! But y r u asking this?
Abhi: come on let’s dance and gives his hand to pragya.pragya looks at abhi. Abhi smiles.pragya gets up. The song gerua plays.they dance romantically for that song. They are lost in each other. Song plays
Oru pathi kathav neega di maru pathi kathavu naan Adi.parthu kondu thiruthirunthom.sethu vaika kathu irunthom.
The song ends. Abhi stands with pragya still in his arms. Suddenly someone shouts near abhi’s ear. Abhi gets startled and he falls on pragya. Pragya kisses abhi and a lip stick mark is made. They have an eye lock. Allah waariya plays.
Ranveer: bhai get up.please
Purab: arey abhi what are you doing here and who is this?
Before abhi could answer ,ishani and bulbul also arrived.
Ishani: di what are you doing here with this Mr.stupid.
Ranveer: arey mind your tongue. And their fight begins. Abhi and pragya stand still.
Bulbul and purab try to stop them.
Ishani: di let’s go and she grabs pragyas hand and moves from there.
Ranveer: bhai let’s leave and he also takes with him. Abhi and pragya share an eyelock.
Bulbul and purab smile at each other. Sanam re plays in purabs mind but purab doesn’t react.

Will destiny allow abhi-pragya to be soul mates?. Hope you guys like this episode.

Precap:::ishani meets with an accident.

definitely maybe!!!!!! (Episode 12)


definitely maybe!!!!!! (Episode 12)


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