FF – Swaragini a new start. Episode 2

FF – Swaragini a new start. Episode 2

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Letz start the episode.

Kavya push ap and someone hold her. Its shown that its ragini.
Kavya. Look who finally diecided to show up.
Ap. Ragini beta.
Ragini make her stand and goes toward kavya.
Ragini. Open the door.
Kavya. No way ragini laksh maheswari.
Ragini. What did you just said. Let me clear it. Its ragini gadodia.
Kavya. Shhh yeh kambakhat ishq.
Ragini. Ha jo tumhe pata nahi kya hai.
Kavya. So why are u here.
Ragini. For fun.
Kavya. What???.

Ragini. Yes for fun. When i will roll on you so its will be fun.
Kavya. Not even in your dreams.
Ragini. I will show u.
Kavya. Yea its will be fun when i will do that with u.
Ragini. We will see now open the door.
Kavya. Never.
Ragini snatch the keys from her hand and goes toward the door and open it.
Swara stand up and run toward door.
Swara. Ragini.
Ragini. Swara.
Swara hug her.
Ragini. Don’t worry.
Swara break the hug.
Swara. I missed u.

Ragini. Wait swara.
Ragini goes toward kavya. Ragini is very angry
Kavya. You
Before she could say something ragini slaped her. Shocking everyone.
Ragini. This one for slapping my sohnaaa and locking her in a room.
She again slapped her.
Ragini. This one for disrespecting everyone.
She again slapped her.
Ragini. This one for making everyone your slave.
Kavya. How dare u.
Ragini. Well let me tell you. This all house is mine. Even whatever you are wearing is mine. Each and everything is mine. And your sunget company too. I am the owner og your everything. Kavya the greatest.
Kavya. How is that possible.

Ragini. Let me remind u.

A man come to kavya and give her paper to sign on it.
Kavya. What is this.
Man. Madam its a big company in London. They want to be your business partner.
Kavya. Oh ok give me the paper.
And then she signed it.

***Flashback over***.

Ragini. You are so greedy that u did’t read the papers ones.
Kavya. No its can’t be.
Ragini. So sorry kavya. But if u want to live then live here. Or the door is right there. U can leave.
Kavya. I don’t trust u. U must be lying.
Ragini. Oh dear kavya. I knew that. Here is the one fake copy of your signing the paper.
Kavya take it and read it.

Ragini. And u and your husband. If will live here so go to guest room.
Kavya goes to her room in angry.
Ragini. Don’t u listen. Go to guest room.
Kavya leave toward guest room.
Laksh also goes behind her.

Everyone is shocked after what just happened.
Ragini also leave from there.
Ragini close the door.
She open the laptop.
In laptop she sees guest room.
Kavya enter the room.
Kavya. How dare she.
Laksh also enter the room.
Laksh. Its good that now u don’t have anything.
Kavya. Just shut up.
Laksh. I am happy that she is back. Now i don’t need to worry about my family. Because u are not owner of the house.
Kavya. Just wait. I will also play the same game with her. And if u tell this to her. Then u now na i will not leave your family.
Laksh. Bas.
He leave to bathroom.
Kavya. I have to start my plan.
She smile evilly.

Screen freeze on her face.

Precap. Whats kavya plan.


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FF – Swaragini a new start. Episode 2


FF – Swaragini a new start. Episode 2

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