Manmarziyan – Enemity to Love (Episode 8)

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So guys, as you all know, love melts anyone, any rude person also in the world. That’s how our Ardhika also started melting in love. Though they show hate, but it got reduced due to their closeness. Soon we will see the love in their heart will change them completely.

Manmarziyan – Enemity to Love (Episode 8)
Recap: Radhika gets missed & Arjun was tensed.Radhika gets a puppy as a gift which annoys Arjun.

Kishore compells them to go to Mauritius consider it as a jolly trip. he thinks that it will give ardhika a better understanding to each other comparatively by now.

Ardhika wants Nesam to join with them. As usual Neil is always ready and he is excited and super happy by thinking to spend time with Sam.

Kishore leaves the decision to them and goes to his room. All 4 of them stands in the same place like a statue. Arjun throws the tickets on the table and goes to his

room. Sam also gives an angry look to radhika but radhika is pleading her through her eyes. Sam too leaves angrily. Now only Radhika and Neil are left out. She sees him and smiles slightly seeing him day dreaming.

Slowly she moves to him and sits near to him and pats his shoulder to get him into reality. Neil comes to sense and gets blushes.

Radz: So Neil, what you were thinking?

Neil: Nothing radz. I was thinking about how Mauritius will be. I never been there na that’s y. He is literally blushing infront of her and he is not able to hide his

feelings also.

Radhika understands his feelings towards Sam and she is so happy for him.

Radz: Oh really !!! I believe you Neil. She smirks at him.

Neil lifts his head and looks at her smile and realise that she is teasing him.

Neil: Oh So Madam, you are teasing me is it? How nice? Its time for me to tease you now. So Radz, y can’t you go alone with Mr.Angry bird and y do you need me and Sam

to accompany you both?

Radz kept quiet and thinks for an answer.

Neil: tell me madam.

Radz: Aaahhh…mmmm…Neil, pls yar. Don’t embarrasse me. She keeps a sad face.

Neil: Hey Don’t act ok. I know you very well…Nautanki.

Radhika stares him shockingly and Neil also stares her. Both started laughing seeing each other.

Radz: Ok ok. I don’t want to go alone with Arjun and that’s the reason i have called Sam with me and even Arjun also called You. But more than anyone here, you are the person who is getting benefit out of this. Am i right? She winks at him.

Neil is shocked for a sec and says, “Haa..yaa ofcourse. I can see the place where i haven’t gone till now”. By saying this he turns his face opposite side and closed

his eyes and gets blushing.

Radz hits on his head and says, “I know your interest on sam, so don’t hide anything from me. Actually i am so happy for you both. Sam is a very good girl. you know

what She is also my bestie and you are also my good friend. If you both get unite it will be the happiest moment for me”. By saying this she shows so much excitement

in her face.

Neil is surprised to listen her but he too smiles seeing her..ooops sorry he blushed hearing what Radhika says. Like this they both are talking continuously for

sometime and cracking jokes. Arjun who sees and listens their conversation from stairs smiles and feels happy for Neil. He turns and sees radhika smiling heartfully. He is stunned to see her like this and remembers his old Radhika who always smiles out from the heart. he is seeing his radhika after a long time and spontaneously tears comes from his eyes. He immediately wipes it and goes to his room again.

Next day, all 4 are getting ready to leave for Mauritius. Somehow Radz convinced Sam to go with her. They have done all their checkings and goes to their flight. The

seating is for them is like Ardhika together and after few seats behind them it is for Nesam. Ardhika doesn’t want to sit with Arjun. So she went to Neil and ask him

to go and sit with Arjun. Neil is refused. Radhika is pleading him.

Neil: No way radz, yesterday what you were saying? I will get time to talk to Sam right. This is the right time yar i can spend some time and now you are coming and

trying to spoil that is it?.

He is saying all this as a secret to her and make sure Sam did not listen them. Radz blinks at him and again pleading him to change the seat. Meanwhile Arjun seated

already and hears radhika’s pleading to Neil and he smiles seeing her childish behaviour.

Finally Sam gets up and tells Radhika, “Radhika, you go and sit with Arjun. I want to talk to Neil personally. So it will be a good time for us to share few things.

better you go and sit with your hubby.”

Radhika is shocked hearing this and is almost in tears but she now understand that both of them will not leave their place, so she moved to her seat where Arjun is

literally laughing silently and waiting for her. She gets a window seat next to Arjun’s.

Neil is super happy hearing Sam’s statement and sits happily with her. He turns to her and says, “Wow, you want to talk to me that too personally. OMG i couldn’t

believe it”.

Sam cuts his words and says, “Don’t believe it. I just said for radhika’s sake. I don’t have anything to talk personally that too to you.” She turns her face opposite

side and controls her laugh seeing Neils sad face.

Neil is speechless and becomes sad hearing her and thinks, “Hmmmmm…i could have agree to radhika, i can talk to arjun atleast. See now i don’t have any other choice

apart from sleeping”. He makes a crying face and rests his head on the seat. Sam hardly controls her laugh.

Radhika goes to her seat and sits there silently for sometime. After few hours she falls asleep and rests her head on the window side. Slowly she is in deep sleep and

her head is about to dash on the window suddenly a hand comes and stops her from hitting. It’s none other Arjun’s hand. He extends his hand from back side and holds

her head and slowly moves to his shoulder and pats her gently.

They all hear an announcement that they are going to land soon. Radhika wakes up by their sound and sees her where she is resting. SHe is shocked to see Arjun close to

her and his hands are covering her. She sees him sleeping peacefully, she slowly takes his hands from her but somehow Arjun also gets disturbed and sees her close to

him. He moves back and sits comfortably. Radhika also composes herself and they get ready to land.

Flight lands on Mauritius Airport. Nesam and Ardhika done with their checkins and they get a taxi to reach their hotel where kishore instructed them. At the reception,

Arjun and Neil checks for the rooms available. They get shocked hearing that already rooms has been booked under their name. They checked the list and 3 rooms got

booked. One is for Ardhika and rest 2 is for Neil and Sam each and it was booked Kishore already.

Radhika is boggled and tries to change it but she couldn’t as Sam and Neil did not accept it. They did not give her any chance of moving away from Arjun. All 4 reached

to their respective rooms and takes rest.

Ardhika’s room,

Radhika zooms the room and worry seeing the bed and the pillows on it. Arjun finds it and tells her to keep one pillow at the center and he doesn’t want pillow.

Radhika feels little relaxed but still she feels bad by his statement.

She keeps all her bag at one place and takes the new set dress and goes to bathroom to take bath. Meanwhile Arjun removes his shirt and looks for another normal wear.

But suddenly he heard radhika’s scream from bathroom and rushes there. He started knocking the door by calling her name. He is continuously knocking and after sometime

it is opened. He goes inside and looks here & there and he finds radhika in the corner with scared face. He moves to her and asks her what happened?. She points her

finger to some place and he too see there.

Yeah it is none other than our Love guru.. ? ? ? COCKROACH. ? ? :D.

Arjun gives a sigh relief seeing it and tries to take and throw it out. But to his surprise it started flying towards radhika. That’s it.

Arjun feels both chillness and heat in his body. He sees straight to see her but she is not there at the corner where she was standing but she is in his embrace now.

Yeah..Radhika runs to him and hugs him tightly by seeing the Cockroach flying. She closed her eyes tightly and rests her head on his chest. Arjun realises their

position and feels the heat raising on his body.

He slowly keeps hands on her bare shoulder. Radhika also feels the touch but she did not move back from him, moreover she tights him more. Slowly Arjun moves his hands

on her shoulder and then to her back. Radhika too feels the heat and gently enjoys it unknowingly.

Arjun slowly covers her with his hands and slowly moves towards the wall. He lifts her face up and cups it. He looks her with full of love in his eyes. He kisses her

forehead and moves down to her cheeks. Radhika not even shown single objection to his act and seems like she too wants his closeness badly.

Slowly he leans to kiss on her lips, mistakenly she takes her hands from him and keeps on the wall and it touches the shower nob. They both get disturbed by this and

comes to senses and shocked seeing them this much close. They share an eyelock intensely for a while. Radhika turns opposite. Arjun comes out from bathroom immediately

and feels tensed remembering what happened before. he wipes the water on his body and goes to the balcony to relax.

Radhika inside stands under shower without any motion. She wants to flow out her emotion with this floating water, so that she don’t want to be in this kind of embrace

but poor radhika doesn’t realise that just flowing things out will not make her strong to hide her feelings about him.

Precap: Nesam gets close to each other.

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Manmarziyan – Enemity to Love (Episode 8)


Manmarziyan – Enemity to Love (Episode 8)


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