Begusarai 24th February 2016 –

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Scene 1
Mitlaish says to Bindya that we can take decision for your family, you dont need to worry, Badi amma says let me talk, Mitlaish leaves, Bindya is about to leave but Badi Amma says do you even know what you are doing? you can be Begumsarai but you can take decision about our lives, Bindya says its not me but you who play with people’s lives, dont you remember when you played with Poonam’s life to made her marry Lakhan? then you played with my life to save Mitlaish, if you didnt do that with me then you wouldnt be seeing this day, fate is again asking you to sacrifice so why are you going back now? be firm like i am, for this family’s betterment we have to separate Lakhan and Poonam, Poonam says i dont accept this decision, not me nor Lakhan can accept this, she comes to Lakhan and says why are you silent? tell everyone that you still love me alot and dont want to break this relation, Lakhan looks at her, she asks him to speak up, she cries, Bindya says Lakhan is silent and this is his answer so you accept this decision too, no relation can be formed forcefully but with love, its clear that Lakhan doesnt love anymore, Poonam says no, never, she asks Lakhan to tell everyone that you love me like i do, why are you silent, tell everyone please, i cant accept that the person who fought with whole Begusarai for me doesnt love me anymore, tell everyone that you are mine and only mine, please speak up Lakhan thakur, Rekha comes to her and pushes her away, Poonam falls down, Bindya is hurt seeing this, Badi Amma asks Rekha what is this? Rekha says i am just giving her reality check that my son who was mad behind her now doesnt wanna see her, Maya supports Poonam to get up, Rekha says you fell down and Lakhan didnt even move an inch, he doesnt love you anymore, Choti amma says elders are alive to take decision, Rekha says they can decide but this is my son’s life and i will take decision, Badi Amma says marriage is not a joke, Rekha says thats what i was trying to tell you in 11years, because of this Poonam, we dont even know where Bhushan is, Badi Amma says Bhushan is my son too, Rekha says really? he got shot in leg so made him servant for life, when you divided property, you didnt give him anything, when Dadda slapped him, you were silent, can someone behave like this with her own son? Badi Amma says you have so much poison in mind, Rekha says yes i have it but its not by birth, your injustice filled poison in me, leave all this, i wont let my son get crushed in all this, if he doesnt want to live with Poonam and doesnt take her worthy enough for him then i will throw her out of his life, i accept Begumsarai’s decision, Bindya thinks that even after Rekha’s ill words, why Lakhan is silent? Lakhan doesnt love Poonam anymore really?

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Begusarai 24th February 2016 –


Begusarai 24th February 2016 –


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