Abhigya: life n destiny (episode 10)

Sry frndsss fr short epis as i am using my phone here epi starts both abhi n pragya r near stage they r tieing papercuttings b pragya climbed up d chair to tie it abhi was holding it bt he left it n went aside to bring smething sudnly a girl came running n hit d chair pragya lost her balance n was abt to fall abhi hold her.they hv an romantic eyelock tum hi ho plays in bg,suresh saw al these n was jealous so he came to disturb thm.they came to sense wn he came.S:pragya ru ok?P:haa ya( wakes up)abhi cant u do things correctly? A:sry i went to bring glue.P:u shuld hv told i was abt to fall….A:bt didnt na(he smirks).suresh was jealous seeing all these n he said pragya dat sir is calling u n took hr frm thr abhi smiles himself looking at her.@noon mamy ppl left sme were playing wit waterballs in balloon pragya was watchin thr play sudnly bulbul came n hit her wit ball she was wet.P: oh i wnt leave u today.B:cme catch me.pragya rans behind her n threw a ball bt it hit abhi.P:oh god!sry.A:hw dare u cnt u see..

Abhigya: life n destiny (episode 10)


Abhigya: life n destiny (episode 10)


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