Spoiler Alert– 24th February 2016


Ram and Sita’s shubh Vivaah happened and then Sita’s bidaai. Ram-Sita reach Ayodhya in a beautiful grand cart, along with the other couples. Dasharath ad his queens, along with Ayodhya Praja happily welcome the four newlywed couples. Sita is very happy to see her inlaws. Sita and her sisters greet their mothers in law. They get very happy seeing entire Ayodhya welcoming them by showering flowers and immense love. Dasharath is also happy seeing all his four sons and vadhus.


Bhabho and the family ask Arzoo to serve the kheer. They are at some Dharamshala and take the Bhoj. Bhabho makes the kheer. The Rathi family eats the kheer made by Arzoo, and like it a lot. Bhabho asks Arzoo to give more kheer to Chotu. Bhabho does not know how Arzoo made such tasty kheer without asking her. Bhabho has got Arzoo and Chotu here in Dharamshala as part of their traditions to get newly weds there. Everyone think Bhabho made the kheer.

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Spoiler Alert– 24th February 2016


Spoiler Alert– 24th February 2016


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