A Journey of Love(Episode 34)

The episode starts with Arnav drops kushi infront of her house.Kushi ask leave and explain the reason.Arnav said ok for her and ask her dont take more stress and leave from there.
Ishitha stop her two wheeler and went inside of house.Mr.Iyer ask about Radhika.Ishitha answer him she went to took permission from office.I think she will be back in 20mins.
Mantu ask Amaya why you are so sad. Amaya answer him nothing i just remember my papa.But i am really lucky that babuji didnt show any difference between Kushi and me.If babuji didnt agree for our relation then….Mantu put his hand on her mouth and said dont worry about anything Ammu.You just belive me and my friends also.They can do anything for me.Amaya hold Mantus hand and put her head on his shoulder.Mantu drive the car very comfortable. Slowly Amaya went to sleep and in sleep she tight his grip and feel tense.He notice that and touch her which she feel relief.He understood that she worried with some other matter.But he didnt disturb her.After 20mins Mantu stop the car infront of her house. Mantu ask her to get up and cuped her face in his hands and kiss her on forehead. Mantu:Ammu dont worry for anything.Kushi and you are my responsibility.Dont take any stress. Amaya nod her head and ask leave today and explain the reason.He said ok and leave from there.Radhika park her two wheeler and enter into house with prasad from temple.She give it to Madhu and went into room.
NOTE:All these things happened in between 6:00Am to 9:30 Am.

Sashiji and Buaji start in their car. The truck followed the car.Kushi and Amaya start on their two wheeler and followed the truck.Ishitha and Radhika prepare all things in first floor and waiting for them.Madhu prepare breakfast for them and bussy in preparing lunch for all. Ishitha remember one thing and search for that cover.Finally she got it and opened it.She is in shock and feel happy after reading that letter. She run from that room and show that letter to Mr&Mrs.Iyer. They feel happy for that.That it is the letter given by Raman to Ishitha.It is admission letter to join in PG in pediatrics.Ishitha:Papa ,What can i do now?Mr.Iyer:Nothing to worry betaaa. I am here for you.At same time shashiji enter into the house and said I am also here for my daughters. You dont worry for anything.God give four daughters for me.All four hug shashiji and Ishitha and Radhika took blessings from buaji.
The four girls ask Buaji to sit with Madhu and set all the things in proper place.With in four hours they set the house.
The clock struck 2:00pm.All togeather sit infront of dining table.All four phones receive msgs .Mr.Iyer:There is no work for this customer care people. Every time they send different messages.But the girls didnt respond for that comment.They already see the msgs from their respective bosses.

Msag to Ishitha:Had ur lunch or not. Dont be in shock for mrg incident. Eat well and sleep well.Ready for next shock.Bye sweet heart.
From RavanKumar.
Msg to Kushi:Hope you complete your lunch.Shifting work completed or not. If not take rest for some time.Bye..
From your laad governer.
Msg to Amaya:Ammu…completed your luch?If not go and have it dear…..
From Mantu.
Msg to Radhika:Hello buddy.Complete ur lunch?If yes give a msd call for me. I am waiting for your call.take care.
Amma(madhu):Why my girls didnt talk anything today?
Ishitha:Nothing Amma.
Radhika:I want gulabjaamuun Amma.
Kushi:For me also……
Buaji:kushi….Already madhuji do lot of work today.Tomarrow babuji bring it from shop.
Madhu:No no.Already i prepare gulanjaamuun.
Again Radhika receive a msg from msg that you complete ur lunch or not.
Radhika read it and put reply for that.

All left from dinning table.Madhu serve jamuuns and put it on table. At same time the callingbell rings. Radhika normally open the door and she is in shock by seeing Arjun there. He ask her dont shout and give strawberry flavour icecrem to her.she hold it and look at him.Bcoz he is in deliver boy dress.Kushi also come there to call Radhika.But Arjun turn back and walk towards Gate.Kushi see icecream in radhikas hand and ask her who send this Radhuu?
Radhika:I dont know who send this? But it is on my neme only.
But kushi sence that it is Arjun sir in her mind but she didnt spell out. They walk towards table and eat jamoons along with icecream.All enjoy it.
The time is 4:00pm.Anjali call Raman and ask him to send driver.Raman ask her is there any Urjent work dhi. Anjali i want to go to Dr.Shivas house. I want to play with Ananya.Raman:Ok dhi wait for 15mins.

Anjali sit in the garden and look into the garden.Raman stop the car and blow horn.Anjali come into sense and walk near the car.She open the door and sit in front seat.Anjali:Bittu why you come by leaving your works.
Raman:Nothing is important to me more than my family dhi.
Anjali remember so many things and chat with Raman.He feel happy for Raman and more happy that she called him bittu.From his childhood she called him bittu only.Raman stop the car in front of shivas house. Both getdown and saw Shiva in garden.He play with Ananya.Raman and shiva hug each other and shiva look at Anjali with smiled face.Anjali called Ananya.She played in the garden and run towards Anjali and hug her.Anjali lift her and kiss her.Anjali ask about Shanta.Shiva:She is not feeling well from yesterday onwards.I ask her to take rest.Anjali:What about food? biscuts to her.Afterwards she feed Milk to Ananya.Ananya walk along with Anjali only.Raman:Anjali develop bond on Ananya.Shiva:Ananya also …
Raman:Shiva,I propose to Ishitha todaoi agree for that.Raman:She has feelings on me.It is confirm shiva.I know her past.I want some clarity.How much time period did Ishitha and shubu was in love.Shiva:Exactly one and half year.Raman:Shiva..How much bond they have when they are in love. Shiva:One thing Raman.Shubu is good. We are good friends.Shubu think that Ishitha is good from heart and his parents also like Ishitha.They spend time as a good friends than lovers. Shubu die bcoz he save Ishithas life. There Ishitha struck and didnt move from there.If she move from that place then she accept you whole heartly.Raman:In any case i dont loose her.Shiva:She is to good Raman.If she is your life partner def your family is the best family.
Anjali:Dinner completed.you people need anything such as juice or tea.
Shiva:Why you can take burden….

Ananya walk towards Shiva and called Maaa showing her finger towards Anjali.Shiva is in shock.Raman look at Anjali.Anjali is happy for that and put her hands forward to her.Ananya walks slowly and crossly towards Anjali.Anjali hug Ananya and ask her to call again and again.Shiva:Sorry Raman.Now only Ananya start to spell the words.Bcoz….Raman:Dont worry about anything.I can…..
Anjali ask Shiva that she took Ananya with her bcoz Shanta is also not well. Raman:Ya…we take Ananya with us. You infrom us when shanta feel good.
Shiva:But Ananya sleep with me only.
Anjali:Raman then i stay here with Ananya until shanta feel good.
Raman agree for that and try to leave.Anjalu:Raman inform it to Arju also.Raman nods his head and leave.
Anjali play with Ananya and went in to garden.There she play with Ananya. Shiva observes that and he feel sad about Anandhi.Shiva is bussy in his presentation for tomarrows class in one organisation.He look at clock and see the time is 8:00PM. He get down from his room and see that Anjali and Ananya sleep on sofa.Ananya slept on Anjali and Anjali hold her in secured and comfirtable.He turn and look there Rose flowers boquet infront of Anandis photo.He stand and look at them.He saw a paper on it and took it into his hands.After reading that paper again he look at Anjali. He wipe his tears and look shanta stand there.
Shiva:Kaki…you need anything.can i bring food to you.
Shanta:No need.Already Anjali feed food to me and give medicine.She make bath and feed food to Ananya. Aftet that she prepare boquet with roses and put that infront of Anandhis photo by Ananyas hands.She is so good and too sensitive shiv beta.
Again she read the paper.In the paper the msg is:Happy valentines day to Maa.From Ananya.
Shiva ask Shanta to take rest.Shanta went into her room.Shiva sit infront of dining table and try to put items in plate.He feel some stand beside him and turn his head.Anjali stand there with bowl and water and ask him to wash hands before taking food.He wash his hands and ask her can you have your dinner.Anjali nod her head in opposite direction.He ask her to have dinner.First she put all the items in his plate and serve less quantity of food in her plate.But shiva ask her to eat good amt of diet and put another two rotis in her plate. Without any single word they complete their dinner.Anjali hold Ananya in her hands and went into bedroom.Shiva observe that she feel inconvinent by her sarrie.Anjali leave Ananya on bed and sit beside her.Shiva ask her to change the night dress.She look at him.Shiva give keys to her and show the cupboard.He said there are many dresses and sarries in that cupboard which are related to Anandhi.You took one and change your dress untill then i handle Ananya.Anjali open the cupboard and select one night dress and change the dress.Shiva see that and it is the same dress which is favourite to Anandhi.He feel that Anandhi is infront of his eyes.But he control his feelings and ask Anjali to sleep on bed and he sleep of sofa in that room.Anjali ask him for sleeping tablet.Shiva give one tablet to her. After that he switch off the light and went into sleep.

The scene shift to Ishithas(girls) house:All four sit on the open place on building.They chitchat with each other.Ishitha tell them about her PG seat in college.All remaining three ask her to thank him by putting him a msg.Ishitha nod her head and put a thanks msg to him. Ramam(reply):only thanks for proposing you.cant you think more romantic than this. Ishitha(reply):Thanks for MY PG seat.
Raman:Ohoo.Thanks for that one. Ok… I feel that you accept my praposal.

A Journey of Love(Episode 34)


A Journey of Love(Episode 34)


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