manmarzian…different ways to love and to be loved (intro)

im new to this section….I have already posted my swaragini ff…and now I thought for writing with manmarzian…after all it was my favourite serial…


Radhika mishra (chasni):a cute 24 year old year..she aspires to become a good novist…bestie of sam…she dont know how to say she thinks that her decision may hurt them..

Samaira khaan(sam):a tomboy…kind hearted only for her bestie…she has been separatd from her mthr…and consider radhikas maa as her own…she have her own decisions

arjun mehra:a rude arrogant business tycoon..whose only preveference is money…and only weekness is younger sister aarthi

neil malhotra:bestie of chasni and sam..a man of jokes..he have a crush on sam, but failed to recognize it…bt chasni helps him…

radhika works as PA in a private company and have a hidden work
sam does her own botique and is very much famous..not because of patents influence but with her own talent
arjun is owner of big company…ilke we say anger remains in his nose..dont knw what he will do when anger attack him
neil is working as a manager in same company and a good pal of even he cannot escape frm arjuns anger

leta see what will happen when both meet….I need your responce..I dont no whether you would like or keep updating me..thanku

manmarzian…different ways to love and to be loved (intro)


manmarzian…different ways to love and to be loved (intro)


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