Love is for life time (episode 9)

Episode 9

Recap: 25 surprises for Swecha

The episode starts with Swecha waking up n starring him. Swecha kissed his forehead n then got ready. Vivek woke up.

Swecha: Good morning

Vivek: Good morning

Swecha: U go n get ready. I will bring coffee for u. Tell me wat u want for brk fst.

Vivek smiled.

Swecha: Wat happen?

Vivek: I am just smiling as I came to know that u didn’t even know abt my likes n dislikes. So u nvr cared for my likes anytime. Right?

Swecha: Vivek, U r right. I didn’t care much abt anyone’s likes or dislikes. I am grown up like dat. To me Love is something which we should show only when situation comes. But yesterday I realised true love cares for us every second n values every word n remembers even the smallest thing abt us. I can’t change my past behavior. But from now surely I will change my way of thinking. Its not coz of u but coz of ur love.

Vivek: Prepare ur fav noodles

Swecha: But I want to prepare ur fav

Vivek: If u love me then find my likes n dislikes by urself. Don’t ask me. Now go n bring coffee for me.

Swecha brought coffee for him n he got ready. Vivek sipped it n gave cup to her

Vivek: Make it again n bring it in 5 mins

Swecha: But y

Vivek: Just do wat I say

Swecha sensed the seriousness in his tone n silently brought coffee for him again.

Vivek: Did u add sugar in it

Swecha: Yes

Vivek: Who told u to add

Swecha: I didn’t understand

Vivek: Go n bring coffee with out sugar

Swecha brought coffee without sugar again.

Vivek: Now go n bring sugar to add in coffee

Swecha brought sugar n added in it.

Vivek: Its cold. one thing. Prepare coffee again with sugar n give it to me

Swecha: ok

Vivek saw tears in her eyes. But she didn’t say anything to him n just silently brought coffee for him again.

Vivek: Ok.Go n prepare brk fst.

Swecha: Its prepared

Vivek came to dining table. Swecha is abt to serve him brk fst.

Vivek: I didn’t want to have this noodles now. I want pasta

Swecha: Ok I will prepare it

Swecha brought pasta aft sometime.

Vivek: I want chapathi.

Swecha: ok

He saw tears in her eyes but didn’t find even a bit of irritation or anger in her face. He felt as if he is seeing new Swecha coz he know her well. She is very impatient n nvr tolerates any harassment. But now she is doing wat ever he said calmly. She knew he is torturing her intentionally but she is not at all angry on him. Vivek lost in thoughts thinking abt her change. Swecha brought chapati.

Swecha: Do u want anything else?

Vivek: Its enough for now.

Swecha: What u want me to serve now?

Vivek irritated seeing her smile. She is talking to him so pleasantly with a smile.

Vivek: Serve 3 in little quantity

Swecha served him n he is having his food.

Vivek: Have ur brk fst too

Swecha: ok

Swecha abt to serve noodles for her but stopped as he caught her hand

Vivek: Have chapathi

Swecha: But I…..

Vivek: I know u don’t like it but u must have it everyday as brk fst from today.

Swecha ate it with difficulty as she gets vomiting sensation to eat chapathi. Somehow she managed to finish it.

Vivek: At wat time u need to go to ur frnd’s home?

Swecha: at 12pm

Vivek: ok I will send driver to drop u there.

Swecha: Aren’t u coming

Vivek:No. Wat will I do there?

Swecha: I thought u will accompany me

Vivek: Hmm.ok. As u did everything I said today without irritation, I will come with u

Swecha: Thank u

Vivek: No need bcoz for every thing u ask me aft saying No, I will make u to pay for it.

Both went to Mona’s home for her engagement. Vivek, Arjun, Ram n Krish are in hall chitchatting. Mona n Swecha are in Mona’s room. Mona is getting ready before dressing mirror. Swecha helping her.

Mona: How r u?

Swecha: Fine sweety

Mona turned towards her.

Mona: I can see ur feelings on ur face. Tell me wat he did again?

Swecha: He is so sweet Mona. His love is incomparable. He is unique in loving. I learnt wat is true love from him

Mona: R u ok?

Swecha: What

Mona: I nvr saw u being that emotional. I am seeing another side of u Swecha.

Mona saw tears in her eyes.

Mona: What happen to u?

Swecha: There is a lot of difference between loving a person n thinking that we r loving a person. Vivek loved me. I thought I loved him.

Mona: I didn’t understand

Swecha: Yesterday I realised his true love. He fulfilled many of my drms. He listened very carefully to my conversation n remembered even little things abt me. He know wat I love, wat I hate, my behaviour in different moods, my attitude n everything abt me.

Mona: Ok. But y did u say u thought u loved him?

Swecha: Frankly, I know nothing about him even now

Mona: What r u saying? U r in love with him from 5 yrs. 5 yrs is quite a long time. But now………I am totally confused.

Swecha: No one knows much abt me Mona. I grown up in a family where there is competition but no love. I too thought to succeed in everything. I topped in school,college, university. I won in everything but in the process I lost myself. I forgot wat is love. 5 yrs is a long time. But 3 yrs he is away from me. One year we both r busy in career n met one another very rarely. Even wen we met one another, I didn’t care as much as he cared for my opinions n feelings.

Mona: Ok. I understand dear but If u didn’t love him, then y did u accept his proposal n married him.

Swecha: Because I found my happiness with him. I always feel happy n as if I had someone when he is with me. He made my loneliness away.

Mona: ok now wats ur prblm?

Swecha: My prblm is he loved me. I didn’t but thought I love him. When I pretended love with arjun, I didn’t hav any feelings. When I said I love u to Vivek, even at that time I didn’t hav any feelings.

Mona: What?

Swecha: Yes. dats the reason I didn’t listen to his likes, dislikes, thoughts. I am not serious to understand or know abt him. Till now I didn’t do anything for him.

Mona: Ok but now u got married to him. How can u deal the situation now.

Swecha: Till yesterday watever he says to me I felt as a restriction or something which is a burden. But when I realised his love n care of him on me, I am so surprised. Now I can’t miss him. I love him so much. Now I just need a chance to rectify my mistake n give the same love to him. But I know his love is unique.

Tears are flowing from her eyes uncontrollably. Mona hugged her.

Mona: Don’t worry. Everything will b alright. At least now u realised wat is love n ur love on him. Tell everything to him frankly. He will understand ur family situations n y u belittled love. Definitely he will forgive u n loves u.

Swecha: No. He hates me more than now. Now he is just angry. But he will hate me if I say all this. I can bare his anger but not hatred. I will make him feel my true love from now.

Mona: Ok. All the best. Definitely u both will b happy forever. But remember we should nvr get confused in love. Because it makes life more complicated. Now u should work a lot to make him understand u.

Swecha: Ok come lets go. Everyone r waiting for u.

Engagement completed n Vivek n Swecha reached their home. Swecha sat in sofa n Vivek observing her. He is confused as he thought she will b upset with his actions n thoughts, but now she is very peaceful. As she got clarity about love n started loving him, she is able to bare even his anger.

Vivek: Shall we go to our room. I want to show u something important

Swecha: ok

Both went to their room. Vivek sat on bed n sighed her to sit.

Vivek: Yesterday u said that u stayed at Arjun’s home

Swecha: Ya

Now she is really scared hearing his tone which is so harsh.

Vivek: Wat else did u do?

Swecha: Vivek, I didn’t do anything wrong. I didn’t betray u. Really I……

Vivek: Shut up

Vivek threw few photos on her face. Its the pics in which Swecha hugged Arjun.

Swecha: Vivek

Vivek: Let me ask u one question Swecha. Wats wrong according to u? U pretended loving him, hugged him n acted as if u loved him. U behaved in the same way as u behaved with me.Do u still want me to forgive u?

Swecha: Vivek, I did it to save my frnd.

Vivek: Answer my question

Swecha: I didn’t do anything wrong bcoz I didn’t love him

Vivek: Do u love me? Tell me the truth Swecha. Otherwise u will die in my hands

Swecha: No but now I really love u.

Vivek gave her diary to her. Its her diary in which she wrote her feelings. She even wrote abt her feelings on Vivek in the mrng which later on she shared with mona.

She is scared n stood up n went back. Vivek caught her hand n pinned to wall. He came very near to her n made her to look into his eyes.

Vivek: I read ur diary morning. I nvr expected this from u. When u r clear in everything u do y r u confused with love? Isn’t it cheating?

Swecha: Vivek, Now I really love u

Vivek: I am not ready to accept ur love now. Till now u r in confusion abt love n didn’t care abt my feelings n me. But I really loved u n cared for u every minute. From now u will understand the pain of ignorance of ur beloved. Now u love me. I can see that in ur eyes. From now u won’t get love from me. U will understand the pain which I faced. I can’t forgive u. Be ready to take divorce. But before dat I will show u the hell.

Swecha(tears): Vivek, I know I hurted u a lot. I am happy in ur love but nvr gave dat love to u. But pls give me one chance to prove my love. Pls Vivek. I am sorry for my faults

Vivek: Shut up. Its not a small mistake nor single mistake. U have done many mistakes. U hav broken my heart. Now it doesn’t know to forgive or love. It knows only to hate n take revenge.

Swecha: Don’t u love me?

Vivek: No

Swecha: Then y did u celebrate my bday n fulfilled all my wishes?

Vivek: There is no necessity to answer ur stupid questions. However u will understand how much I hate u from tomorrow. From today we r not staying in the same room. Leave the room right now Swecha.

Swecha went to another room n started crying. Though she did everything coz of confusions n the situations she grown up, its true that she broken his heart. Now she is crying not for his words or hatred but bcoz she understood how much he got hurted coz of her till now.

Vivek in his room. He is remembering his moments with Swecha.

Vivek(inner voice): I still love u Swecha. I love u forever. But its true u broken my heart. Now u will understand the pain of not getting same love from the beloved which u show. I won’t forgive u.

Both slept thinking abt one another.

Next day:

Swecha woke up n got ready. She is unsure to go to his room. She is waiting for him to come out. Vivek got up n waiting for her to come. But she didn’t come as she is scared n is in guilt. Vivek is in his own thoughts thinking Swecha still didn’t love him. So she didn’t even come to him to convince him.

Vivek(shouts): Swecha

Swecha came to him.

Vivek: Wat r u doing? Don’t u know to wake me up at early mrng? Y didn’t u come till now to me

Swecha: I…..I thought……

Vivek: Wat??

Swecha: I am scared coz of ur anger last nite. I am sorry

Vivek pulled her harshly towards him by placing his hand on her waist.

Swecha: Vivek, its hurting

Vivek: Really? Till now u saw my love n sweetness. From now u will see my hatred in my words, touch n behaviour. But even though u must stay closer to me. U must bare every torture of mine. But should nvr avoid facing me. Otherwise torture will b double. Understand?

He left her.

Swecha: ok

Vivek: Should I remember now in my way all the works u should do.

He came forward to her.

Swecha: I will do

Vivek(shouts): Then do it fast.

Swecha: I will bring coffee

Vivek: Who will give my clothes n everything? If I should take everything then y r u here for?

Swecha: I will do everything

Swecha gave his clothes n went to bring coffee for him. Vivek got ready. Swecha gave him coffee. He came downstairs for brk fst n saw her in kitchen.

Vivek: Is brk fst not ready

Swecha: Just few minutes

Vivek: ok

Vivek is in hall n heard the shouting of Swecha n ran to her to kitchen.

Vivek: Wat happen

Swecha hide her hand

Vivek: I asked wat happen

Swecha: Nothing Vivek. Brk fst is ready. U sit there. I will bring it

Vivek: Y did u shout?

Swecha: Nothing

Vivek came near to her n saw the hand she is hiding from him. He hold the hand n saw it

Vivek: R u mad? Can’t u do anything properly? How many times should I tell u to b careful?

Her 3 fingers burnt indicating that she caught some hot vessel with her hand. Vivek took her to hall n is keeping ointment to it.

Swecha: I am sorry

Vivek: For wat?

Swecha: For everything. Vivek, pls give me one chance to rectify my mistake. pls don’t leave me.

Vivek: It depends on u n ur behaviour with me. If u r true to me n proves ur love then I won’t leave u. But trust once broken is tough to regain.

Swecha: I will do anything for u.

Vivek: I am getting late. Bye

Swecha: Pls hav brk fst.From tomorrow I will do everything on time.Pls have it

Vivek: Ok

Swecha served him.

Vivek: Wat abt ur brk fst?

Swecha: Later on

Vivek: How can u have food with ur burnt hand? Sit near me

Swecha: Its ok. I will manage.

Vivek: Just do wat I say. I am not like u to not care for loved ones.

Swecha sat near him n he feeded her.

Vivek: I am leaving. U didn’t know to love or care for others. Atleast take care of urselves

Swecha: Ok

Vivek: For wat?

Swecha: To tc of ur wife

Vivek: Remember that u r my wife till I leave u. So behave like dat obeying every word of mine. Don’t think that burning hand saves u from works n torture. U must do all the works even if its hurting u. Because its not more than the pain u gave to me.

Hi everyone..U may not like this episode much. Bcoz Swecha confusion abt love that too even aft 5 yrs, is a bit unrealistic. But its based on the life of my frnd. Swecha’s confusion n Vivek’s anger are based on real story. I am writing this story on a purpose. Sorry if u feel bored.

Love is for life time (episode 9)


Love is for life time (episode 9)


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