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Scene 1
Mitlaish is in his room, Maya comes there and sees him busy in his phone, she thinks that i will clear my doubt today, i dont trust you anymore after Soni’s kidnapping, there should be trust in husband-wife relation so i have to check it. Mitlaish asks her to come in, she says i thought you are busy so didnt disturb you, Maya says i was applying oil on Badi Amma’s feet, i have brought, should i apply it to your feet too? Mitlaish says no need, i dont want anyone’s remaining oil, Maya says its Badi Amma’s only and take it as thank you from my side for bringing Soni back home. Maya starts applying oil on his feet, she thinks that he doesnt have wound mark on his feet so he is not Sarkar then who it can be?
Komal comes to Bindya and says its good you saw my face in morning, you will have good day now, Bindya asks what she wants? Komal says someone has asked first time from me what i want, lets leave that, Sarkar wants to know how you will break Lakhan and Poonam’s relation? Bindya says i dont know what Sarkar wants, Lakhan and Poonam are already living separately, Komal says dont dodge topic, tell Sarkar how will you make their divorce happen? Bindya says its you who wants their divorce, i saw you roaming around Lakhan alot, Komal says thats my personal matter and this work is given to you by Sarkar, Bindya says okay i will separate them but first i want to talk to Sarkar about it, make me meet Sarkar then i will do it, dont waste my time till then, she leaves, Komal says she is really twisted women.
Bindya comes in lounge, she says to family that i got to know someone deliberately set factory on fire and i got to know who did it, its one of us only, all are shocked, Bindya says that person belongs to this family and is here between us rightnow, Komal thinks that Sarkar saved her life but she is behind my life, Badi Amma asks who is that person? Bindya calls a man, he is guard of factory and eye witness of fire incident, Bindya says he will tell us who had set factory on fire, she asks gaurd to tell us who did it, lno need to be afraid as i am here, gaurd looks at everyone’s face, Komal is hiding her face, guard looks at Komal, Komal thinks that if he opens his mouth then my secret will be out, guard is about to say something but he gets shot in head, all are shocked, he dies on spot, Bindya cant believe it, Lakhan says he is dead, he sees killer running away, he tries to follow him Bindya is hurt seeing this, Komal thinks Sarkar is great.
Lakhan is following guard’s killer, killer is running and Lakhan is behind him. Lakhan catches him and starts beating him, he asks why you fired at guard, tell me who asked you to do it, tell me else i will kill you, killer throws sand in his eyes and runs from there.

Scene 2
Bindya cries in her room and thinks that it all happened because of me but what i could do, i had hopes from this family but they remained silent when violence was happening against me, it was Sarkar who gave me life, i wanted to take revenge from this family but now i feel pain seeing this family in pain, i have done mistake, i have thrown myself and this family in fire, i have done huge mistake, she cries.

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Begusarai 23rd February 2016 –


Begusarai 23rd February 2016 –


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