Jamai Raja 10th November 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Rajveer trying to act as a good boy and apologizes DD as for marrying Samaira without her consent. Resham says she knows that they both were in a live-in relationship. DD asks her to stop. Rajveer says though they were in a live-in relationship, they did not forget Indian values, so called Mona and got court marriage. He then looks at Sid and says he met him today in the morning at his 5-star hotel. Whole family is surprised to hear that. Roshni says he is Sidharth Kukreja and not Khurana. Sid thinks he should tell the truth now and says Rajveer is telling truth and he wanted to tell them this long ago. DD asks Sid to stop and asks if he went there to enjoy AC toilet. Naani asks her to stop bullying Sid. Roshni asks DD to stop torturing her husband. Sid thinks until he unites DD and Roshni, he should continue this drama till then. Roshni asks Sid why did he go to that Kamina Sidharth Khurana’s hotel when he knows she does not like him. Sid says it is DD’s mistake that she forced him to pay bills, so he has to work for both Khurana and her, he cannot see Roshni working as a servant in her own house. DD tries to slap him, but he runs and she follows him. Roshni tries to intervene, but Naani stops her and says Sid know how to handle his saas/MIL well. Rajveer thinks, the attitude Sid showed in hotel, it does not look like he is a servant there and thinks he has to find out the secret.
Sid goes to kitchen and starts drinking water with touching his mouth to the bottle. DD comes there and asks why is he drinking water by directly touching his mouth to the bottle. He says he got tired running to avoid her slap. DD calls Kesar that he will handle outside work and Sid will handle all office work. Kesar says he is already handling Bablu’s work. DD says she does not want to listen anything. Sid says he cannot, but she says he has to. Sid thinks tomorrow he has an important meeting with clients and DD has confined her. DD thinks Sid does not even have a single quality of multimillionaire.
Jamai Raja 10th November 2014 Written Update
Roshni asks Sid why did not he inform her that he is working for Khurana when he knows that she does not like him. She says he is in problem after marrying her, says she will also work now and has got a job at Save a Child foundation. He asks her if she wants to think herself as equal to him, gets romantic and asks her to kiss like he does. She can kiss better than him and they both are about to kiss when Rajveer comes there. Rajveer apologizes Sid creating misunderstanding and asks now that they are jamai of same house, if they can be friends. Sid agrees and shakes hand with him.
During dinner DD sees Rajveer not yet starting food and asks him to start. He says he is waiting for Sid and Roshni. DD says they will not come. Samaira says she heard about Sid’s misbehaviours and says DD that she wonders how she tolerates loafer Sid. Mona asks her not to bad mouth about Sid without knowing the whole issue. Rajveer also asks Samaira to stop, but Samaira says she is pity on Roshni. DD says she should be worried about Roshni as there are many people to take care of her.
Precap: Raj tells Sid not to mix up family and professional life and asks him to take a decision himself. Rajveer sees Sid tensed and smirks.
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