Udaan 22nd February 2016 –

Udaan 22nd February 2016 –

Udaan 22nd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on writtenepisodes.com

The Episode starts with Suraj dragging Chakor to Bhaiya ji. She recalls all of his tortures and Ishwar’s death. Bhaiya ji recalls little Chakor’s words and how grown up Chakor gave statement against her. Bhaiya ji says she said will anyone come with her to Aazaadgunj, and press reporters said they will come, did they come. He asks servant did media come with her. Servant says no. Bhaiya ji asks Chakor where is the media and press, where will she go now. He asks her to beg to her, for forgiveness. He says your dream broke down and laughs having pity on you. She says even I have pity on you, your dreams are also incomplete, you were going to become sports minister and they got you kicked out. Suraj gets angry. Bhaiya ji asks Suraj to stop, she is provoking them. He controls himself and says Miss Marathon is good name, you came after ten years, we will sit and talk, ups and downs happen in politics, its okay I will become sports minister later, but there is no ups and downs in bandhua’s life, person stays and dies as bandhua only. He holds her hand and shows the bandhua stamp.

Chakor says this stamp is my motivation and my aim is to get this removed, I will get freedom for everyone. He fumes and scares her with a knife, asking shall I cut your leg now itself. He says Suraj, I did not become sports minister. She says my aim is to come here, I m here already, and now you cut my leg or kill me, I don’t care. After this, your end is definite. Bhaiya ji and Suraj get shocked. She says I m higher than you. Bhaiya ji gets angry and stops hearing the media. Aditya breaks into the haveli, with many reporters. Chakor smiles seeing them. Bhaiya ji and Suraj get shocked.

Bhaiya ji asks who are you all. Chakor says they are media, who came to ask about bandhua people, hide this knife, if it comes on tv, it will be another case. Bhaiya ji throws the knife and asks whats this. Chakor says he is Kamal Narayan Rajvanshi, he slipped from getting sports minister post, this did not happen in his life before. Suraj says its good media came here, all blames on my dad are wrong, he has done all the good things in life, he tried to ensure everyone’s living good, he has a big heart, Chakor blamed him, do you know what he said. He asks Bhaiya ji to tell them. Bhaiya ji says yes, I told her that if I don’t get sports minister post, its fate, I got bigger trophy that a girl from Aazaadgunj has won Marathon and made our village name shine, I know Chakor has bitterness for me in her heart, we will solve this, I assure that if I did mistake, I will rectify it. Suraj asks did they hear Bhaiya ji loves Chakor, his eyes can’t lie, all the blames will be checked by enquiry committee, it will be clear then.

Bhaiya ji says I know I did wrong not to care for Chakor being busy in politics, but this won’t happen again, we will take this village towards progress, so that everyone get proud that they are villagers of Aazaadgunj. Suraj asks do you want to ask anything else. Aditya says yes, I have to ask Chakor something. He says Chakor said Kamal Narayan made many people bandhua labors here, is this true. Chakor says I told this truth, I m saying same again, it will be known soon by enquiry. Bhaiya ji says we are waiting for committee report, I request not to prove you culprit by media trial. Aditya says fine, we will leave, but till committee completes investigation, we will stay here. Bhaiya ji says sure, if you need anything, tell me. Aditya says sure. He leaves with the reporters.

Chakor smiles and asks Bhaiya ji what was he saying, will you not cut my leg now. He says you are flying using media, if they get bigger news, they will throw you out in bin. She says you believe it right, that I m big news today.

Chakor taunts Bhaiya ji. Bhaiya ji scolds her and leaves. Suraj holds Chakor’s face and says its good we did not kill you today. He flirts with her. She asks him to stay away. He says some ignited in my heart, come close and see, you will see the smoke. She angrily leaves. She goes out and thanks Aditya for coming on time. He says you just see what happens next, take care, I will leave. She says yes, I will meet my family in village. He leaves.

She hears Vivaan freeing a hen, asking the hen to fly, else the haveli people will tie hen again. She goes and sees Vivaan freeing many hens out of the box. She recalls Vivaan freeing a hen in childhood, and their precious friendship. She says Vivaan…. And smiles. She runs to him and falls with him. he asks what did you do, who are you, you spoiled my clothes. She says sorry, I will clean. He says no need, go from here, who are you. She says I did not know that we have to ask each other’s name one day, maybe 10 years time is much, Vivaan I m Chakor…. He looks at her and asks who Chakor. She says your friend Chakor. He says I have no friend, I don’t know you, you spoiled my mood. He leaves. She gets shocked and says what happened to Vivaan, I think he is still angry on me.

Kasturi hugs Chakor. Chakor cries for Dadi. Kasturi says we are proud of your Dadi. Chakor swears on Dadi that no one will die as bandhua and promises the same.

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Udaan 22nd February 2016 –


Udaan 22nd February 2016 –

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