Kalash 22nd February 2016 –

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Scene 1
Ravi says to Manju that i will go to save Devika at any cost, Manju says even if i do suicide? i am your mother, Ravi says i fulfilled duties of son when you were in jail, i didnt leave you alone there, i did everything for you, what if you were kidnapped and Devika asked me to not save you? would it sound good? if i saved you from jail then i have to save my wife too when she is in danger, i request you to take out all negativity from your mind, this is not right, dont try to kill your son’s happiness, he says i will go there, he starts to leave.
Devika plead goons to let her go, goon gets angry on her, he strangles her to stop her from talking, DEvika becomes unconscious, goon checks her and says she is alive, just fainted.
Monty and Sakshi comes to Ravi and says we will come with you, Ravi says its not safe, i will go, Sakshi says trust us, we are worried for her too, Monty says i will call car from my friend, we will go then.
Saket comes in godown, he says to goon that you are useless, i told you she should not leave from here, what if she had reached her home? she she talk to anyone after running from here? goon says i dont think so as we caught her soon, Saket asks where is Devika? goon says she was shouting so we strangled her and she fainted, Saket gets angry.
Saket comes to Devika and sees her unconscious, he says these goons are cruel, he says to Devika that you are mine, i love you alot, care about you alot, the point where you are, nobody is going to be with you, you have to be with me, i will be with you, nobody can come inbetween us not even Ravi. Saket opens her tie of hands, he brings out bangles and says i wanted to gift it to you on our marriage day but that didnt happen, i waited for right time to give it to you and now its here, he makes her wear it and says people will cry on you death, we will go away from here and live happily.
Manju says to Navi that you said big things that you will control Ravi and all but what did you do? Navi says one minute, you couldnt control your son, he doesnt listen to you, he is not in your hands and going mad behind Devika and you are blaming me for all this? dont do this, she leaves. Parmindar says to Manju that you wanted to make this girl your daughter in law? she is way ahead of Devika, she shouted on you.
Navi says i am in trouble, i have to call saket. She calls Saket and says you have to kill Devika, Saket shouts if she has gone mad, do you even know that you are talking to Saket Kapoor, Navi says we dont have any other choice, Ravi is going to reach there soon, you have to kill Devika, Saket ends call and says mad girl.
Ravi, Monty and Sakshi are in car, they are finding Devika. Monty asks Ravi what did Devika say? Ravi says she is kidnapped near some factory, Sakshi says its good that you know about her, Ravi says dont worry, i will find Devika at any cost, Sakshi says trust you.
Navi is in car too, she thinks that i have to reach to Devika before Ravi, i have to kill her, Devika cant come inbetween me and Ravi, i will kill her.
Saket says to goons that take care of Devika, he leaves. One goon says to other goon that why didnt you tell Saket that Devika called someone from phone, goon says Saket would have killed me, he asks other goon to tie her hands.
Sakshi asks Ravi if he has doubt on anyone? Ravi says i have doubt on Saket.
Saket is in car and says Ravi can never find out that Devika is abducted by my goons.
Ravi says to Sakshi and Monty that i saw Saket talking with goons so i have doubt on him, Sakshi says are you sure this is only done by Saket? Ravi asks if she has doubt on anyone else too?

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Kalash 22nd February 2016 –


Kalash 22nd February 2016 –


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