Spoilers — 22nd February 2016


Tulsi asks Aaradhya to leave the village, but Aaradhya tries to convince her that she doesn’t want to go being scared. She don’t want to run away. Tulsi gets tensed after Aryan comes to their home and breaks the things. Aaradhya and Aryan’s love have halted because of the recent revelation.


Ragini tries to commit suicide. Swara, Sumi and Shekhar get shocked seeing her dead. She hangs herself from the ceiling. Shekhar and other take her down. Swara couldn’t stop crying and shows concern for her sister. Ragini left a suicide note. Meanwhile at other side, Annapurna gets angry at Laksh and his new bride. She says Sanskar and Swara couldn’t unite even after marriage, all because of him. Everyone get angry at Laksh for his betrayal. It is yet to be seen if Ragini will die or not, but may be she will come back to life again because of Swara, and will join hands with her to make Laksh realize his mistake.

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Spoilers — 22nd February 2016


Spoilers — 22nd February 2016


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