ragna – love is life (EMA) – Episode 13

d episode starts with kalpi looking at raghav n she is left shocked. she thinks she has met him smwhere before but she cant recollect n says thank u n leaves d stage. d award ceremony starts.

there kalpi is still thinking about raghav n trying to remember where she has seen him? she says come on kalpi u have seen him smwhere . she is pacing in d room paki comes in n says left right left right ( reminded me of that washroom sequence !!!!!!!! ) kalpi says why r u here paki paki says to call u for d ceremony u have to receive sm awards too kalpi says ok u go i m coming paki leaves.

kalpi is still tensedly thinking about raghav. there raghav starts giving out d awards.

paki’s name is announced for d sportsperson of d year award she comes up raghav excuses himself n sammy gives her d award ( great going i think i will make them a couple…… ) sahil sees this n thinks oh now he is raghav for sure dadi asks what is d matter sahil says nothing i have to make an urgent call i will come back in a minute. kamla is really happy seeing paki receiving d prize vitthala gets angry n thinks where is kalpi?

kalpi’s name is announced too she comes to get d dancer-cum-singer of d year award raghav smiles at her n is about to shake hands with her but sammy stops him so he just hands over d trophy. later raghav asks sammy why he didnt let them shake hands sammy answers dude plz be patient she would have recognised your touch immediately raghav says yes u r right d secret would have been out i m sorry.

then d final prize for d day is announced – soty award d host says that we have five contenders in d race. as always d chief guest has to decide who will get d trophy. the five girls are –> 1. chhaya chaddha
2. reena garg
3. paki kapoor
4. shreya lubana
n last but not d least, 5.kalpana jadhav.

every1 claps. d host says that there will be 2 rounds in d first one d contestants will do a rampwalk then 2 finalists will be selected n they will have to answer five questions in a rapid fire round. sammy whispers no there will be just one finalist n winner- raghav singhania will choose kalpana only raghav looks at him n says no i dont want to be partial so u will judge d programme just say i did it sammy says ok

ragna – love is life (EMA) – Episode 13


ragna – love is life (EMA) – Episode 13


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