It Started With a Hate Request (Raglak) Epi 1

It Started With a Hate Request (Raglak) Epi 1

Hello people. Your kavya is back with a new ff. I know Il do very badly in exams as i am not studying and writing this ff. But even then. Whatever. Ok this is a new ff about ragini and Laksh. I will try my best to update it as fast as i can but i wont like to give you false hope too. So please be sure that the updates will be late. My apologies from the first and ya…please people pray that i do well in my exams and come out with flying colours. Hope that you all will like this ff just like the other one. So please please comment and pray?.

Scene 1
The episode starts with a girl stepping inside a large college named Calcutta Medical College. She breath’s in the fresh air and starts to move with confident steps. This time she was determined that she wont let the students ruin her college life. Whatever had to happen had already taken place in her school life, but her college life has to be perfect. As she walked through the corridor,suddenly a girl from the back came running to her side and bashed with her. The girl gave her a tensed look and started her train of apologies’.
2nd Girl: am soo sorry,(while helping the 1st one to pick up her things). Actually i was in a hurry sooo, am sorry again. I am really very sorry.
1st girl:(while giving a sweet smile)its ok,no problem.
2nd girl: no no, i am really very sorry…
The girl suddenly held her id card and red the name
2nd girl: Ragini.
Ragini smiles at her.
2nd girl: ok, nice name. My name is Swara. Swara Gadodia.
Ragini: wow. Swara and Ragini.
Swara: are you new here?
Ragini nods to say yes.
Swara: great, even i am new. Ok den. Can we be friends?
Ragini: i think we already are.
Both of them give a smile and move towards there classroom. When suddenly on the way they find some guys staring at them and passing nasty coments
1st boy: o my god, look at that cracker.
2nd boy:(pointing to ragini) no no look at that item.
3rd boy: hey stop all this nonsense both of them are going to be my toys.
And den the four of those boys laugh while swara glares at them,but ragini doesn’t react.
Swara: if i get a chance na then i swear,Il make them pay for this.
Ragini gives her an appreciating smile and that’s how there first day starts. Within some hours both them looked as if they had known each other since 20 years. Ragini felt quite happy to find such a sweet,childish,talkative,smart,pretty and ya foodie poodie friend. But then those four boys irritated everyone by staring at girls and mostly at Ragini and Swara. After the lectures ended and everyone was dismissed, Ragini came to know that Swara stays in hostel. Sadly they had to depart as Ragini left for her house.

Scene 2
As soon as Ragini stepped inside her house suddenly a boy of 7 years jumped in front of her with a water gun. She looked at him and said
Ragini: Ansh, don’t spoil my mood anymore.
Ansh:(pointing the water gun) hands up,miss ragini. U are under arrest.
Ragini smirked at it and said
Ragini: ragini can never be arrested.
Suddenly they heard there mom calling them
Sumi: ansh go back to your room and let your sister take a little bit of rest.
From the other side there father said
Shekhar: yes. Go ansh get back to your room.
Ansh sadly left when ragini’s parents smiled her.
Sumi: how was your new college?
Ragini: good.
Shekhar: no body did anything to you na?
Ragini: daad, its a college not a school. Why would anyone bully?
Shekhar: that’s what the problem is honey. They don’t bully but they do ragging.
Ragini: its illegal. Even if they do Il file a report in the police station against them.
Sumi: but its better to take precautions from the first.
Ragini felt happy to see the concern in their faces and hugged them both.
Ragini: don’t worry. I am fine.
They smiled while ragini left for her room.
As soon as she entered her room she closed the door and turned around to find that dark, isolated room which is HER room. She remembered all those incidents which made her like this. She thought ‘everything happens for good’.
She looked at her computer and smiled a wicked smile.
Ragini: time to work honey.
That whole day she didn’t open her room’s door. Sumi and Shekhar got worried.
Sumi: Shekhar i am really really tensed.
Shekhar: don’t worry Sumi, times change. We cant change the past but i am sure Ragini is ok. She’ll be normal again.
Sumi: lets hope for the best.
At night Sumi knocked at ragini’s door to join them for dinner but there was no reply.
Shekhar: don’t worry she might be sleeping.
Sumi: but then we need to wake her up.
Shekhar: its ok you just write a note and keep the food outside. When she’ll feel hungry,she’ll come and eat.
He gave her a smile and so she agreed.
Ansh: where are we going papa?
Shekhar: to watch a film.
Ansh:(excited) yaaaa, we will watch iron man.
Sumi: we are not going to watch that. We will watch Drishyaam.
Ansh made a sad face and then went to get ready. While Sumi turned around every second to see ragini opening the door and coming out,and so at 10:30 pm the three of them left for the night show.

Scene 3
The four of those students who were passing nasty comments on the girls are shown sitting in a closed factory,busy playing cards and consuming alcohol. When suddenly someone opens the closed shutter and comes inside. Four of them try to look and recognise that person but were unable to as they were already drunk. Suddenly the person came to them and said
The person: can you recognise me now?

The next day ragini entered the college with a smile and was searching for her new friend swara. When suddenly she found everyone looking at there mobile phones. And then Swara came to her. Ragini could see a frightened look on her face. Swara came towards her with her mobile phone
Swara: ragini,have you seen this?
And so she showed a video where those four boys were badly beaten by a girl who was wearing a black attire with black jeans, shoes ,top and a mask on her face. She bet them first and then stabbed them and at last shot them with the gun. All the time she repeated only one thing ‘can you recognise me now’. Ragini saw the video and gave a horrified look to swara.
Ragini: who can be soo ruthless.
Swara: god knows. But whoever she is,she has done a good job. They had been disturbing and disrespecting every single girl,so they paid for it.
Ragini: but even then Swara. They are human. The way she bet them is as if they are animals.
Swara: hmmm, wait look at this.
She showed some pictures to her where Ragini found that at the back of every boys dead body the girl had inscribed something with knife.
On 1st boy’s back it was inscribed ‘ I AM’
On 2nd boy’s back it was ‘NOT’
On 3rd boy’s back it was ‘YOUR’
On 4th boy’s back it was ‘ITEM’.
Ragini was frightened. She looked at swara who was giving her a sad look. Suddenly ragini found some police officers passing by.
Ragini:(pointing at the officers) what are they doing here?
Swara: they came to investigate about these murders. After all they were students from our college.
Ragini:(in a horrified tone) swara yesterday those boys had called ME an item.
Swara gave her a confused look.
Ragini: the police might think that i m the one…
Swara: cummon ragini have you seen yourself. I am not even sure if you will be able to hold a knife properly during our practicals and then these murders. O cummon then that will be the joke of the day.
Ragini felt a little relived.
Ragini: but then those things…
Swara: ragini,you and i are not the only ones who got those nasty comments. Many people were there. So just chill.
And so she gave her a enthusiastic smile and took her to their classroom.

To be continued…

I hope that you all people will like my new ff and i am giving you the link of my last episode for my last times ff
Link to the previous fanfic:-

It Started With a Hate Request (Raglak) Epi 1


It Started With a Hate Request (Raglak) Epi 1

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