ragna – love is life (EMA) – Episode 12

hi guys i m back . now that my exams r nearing, i m gonna write as many episodes as possible this week itself after that it wont be so irregular but as i said, just keep checking this site for my updates …….. n dont forget to pray for me ( i asked u earlier too ) i have an idea since u dont even know my real name u could just wish that only those questions should come in my boards n especially my law entrances whose answers i know that would be a really great help on your part. as for d ff, here it goes………………………..

it is announced that d chief guest has arrived. d girls r really excited kalpi n paki r confused they ask one girl why she is so excited she says oh i have heard that d chief guest is a really young guy n more than that he owns assets worth 400 crs n he is very handsome too. paki says oh wow is he unmarried d girl says i dont know must be after all he is a young bizman dont think he has enough time to get married. paki asks what’s his name girl says dunno paki. paki says ok let me see if d guy is handsome or not if he is i will make him my bf she leaves. kalpi rolls her eyes.

there in d arena every1 is getting really impatient as to who d chief guest is. raghav ( my hero ) walks in with sammy n greets d dean d host welcomes him n d programme begins.

paki is trying to look at my hero (hate u paki) but another student comes in between so she cant.(yessss)

kamla ma thinks if this is d same raghav who stayed at her chawl for a night she thinks to speak to him n get d answer after d programme. vitthala too thinks d same. sahil n dadi r looking at my hero n thinking if this is d same raghav they knew as a kid n if he has returned to exact vengeance from them for their misdeeds?

d programme starts first their is a group dance in which d lead dancer is none other than d hateful paki ( sorry, no offence intended ) d group performs a western dance n paki finally sees raghav n thinks he is handsome but could have been better. they finish their dance when sammy notices raghav n asks why he didnt even see d performance raghav says bcz i hate one of those dancers sammy says oh yes i forgot paki right raghav says no had she been just paki i would have had no problem but never forget she is paki kapoor d apple of my enemy’s eye sammy nods in affirmation.

now there’s a classical dance by kalpi where she is blindfolded n is dancing on a really fast song raghav smiles looking at her he is completely mesmerised sammy jokes come on raghav at least blink or dust will go into your eyes raghav says no i just take my eyes off kalpana she looks so beautiful in this dress sammy says u would like her in any dress omg u r blushing raghav says shut up guys never blush it’s a girl thing sammy says but- raghav says just keep quiet sammy.

d dance ends n every1 gives kalpi a standing ovation. kalpi takes off her blindfold n her eyes fall directly on raghav. she is shocked.

ragna – love is life (EMA) – Episode 12


ragna – love is life (EMA) – Episode 12


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