Ishveer The LoveBirds ..(Episode 5)

Ranveer : Q tumhein Honeymoon manane ki ziada jaldi hai naw ? ????
Ishani : Huh Ur mind iss soooo dirty ranveerrr
Ranveer: Dirty!!????
Ishani : Nott only dirty but disgusting
Ranveer: Ohhh baby … But only for my lovely wife ?
Ishani : ahhhh tum ni sudhroo ge …
Ranveer please find a hotel fast please ranveer im feeling sleepyy
They searched each and every hotel and at last the found a 5star luxury hotel . They asked for the room , brought the keys and entered in .
Ranveer changes and goes to the reception to ask for food . After, ishani goes to washroom she took bath …. Meanwhile ranveer comes and he saw ishani’s saree (the only 1 saree ishani has packed herself…. except of this All of the dresses were western and packed by ranveer) ranveer gives a very much naughty smile … Hid her saree and says ” Now I will look … How u will not consummate our marriage my shonu! ? and he aslo hid behind the door . Ishani comes she cant find her clothes and says
“Abhi yahan hi toh rakhe the … Kahan chale gai? ” (she is wearing a towel and she tought that ranveer is outside )
She searches her clothes and when he come close to the door… Ranveer comes from behind, holds her tightly. Turns her head and starting to kiss her on her neck. Ishani wanted to push him but he is holding her hands her tightly. Ishani was afraid that if the towel opens she was very worried .
Ranveer reads her mind .
He says : ” My love dont worry your towel will not drop … And for example if it is dropped than there’s no need to be worry … Beacause its me your husband and love RANVEER, Im here naww and smiles romantically ?
Ishani : Ranveer leave me please … If someone will come then ???!!
Ranveer : Y ??? Chorne kai liye thori naw pakra hai … And no one will come … If someone will come he will go out immediately after seeing us in this condition ”
Ishani : “Ahhhh you are acting very naughtily to catch me but…..
Ishani loses ranveer’s grip and runs into the washroom and bolts the door
Ranveer runs after her and says
” Shittt yar Ranveer zor se pakrna tha naww ” and smiles ??
He waits for ishani … Ishani has no clothes and she was also afraid to come out . At last , she gathered enough courage and came out and said ” Ranveer please give my clothes ” (in a sad voice)
Ranveer says: Y?? You can sleep with me without clothes ??
Ishani : Urrghhhhhh ranveer… She comes to ranveer hold him by his neck and started pulling him (in funnny mood)
Ranveer : ahhhhh ooohhh…hahahaha hahahaha leave shanooo hahahah
Ishani : noooooooo
At this time ishani’s towel was about to fall … Ranveer catches the towel and say : ” Be careful ishani… Otherwise I cant wait… I cant stay away from you anymore baby ??


Hows this epi??? Guyzz i dont have time today but i only made it for all of you…. U all gave me fame and sooooo much love …. So me app sab kai liye itna bhi nhi krsakti ????????

Ishveer The LoveBirds ..(Episode 5)


Ishveer The LoveBirds ..(Episode 5)


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