Scene 1:
Location: Avni’s residence
Raj desperately tries to plead his innocence, but avni doesnt listen to anything, and continues to slap him. He is shocked, as the police too give him the evidence that he was involved in scuffle with raj. He is shocked. Avni remembers the catering fiasco, and says that she is witness to raj’s threats to abhaas earlier too. raj is shocked. Avni cries on akshat’s shoulder. As raj tries to calm avni, akshat says that he shall kill him, and not let him hurt his family anymore. he starts beating up raj, but the police try to keep them away. Raj is taken in constraints. Buaji’s husband asks akshat to calm down and not act rash, as he has to take responsibility for his family now. Raj rushes to suket, pleading for innocence, and then goes to bhawna, but they both stand still-shocked. Suket finally screams at the police to arrest him. Raj continues to beg desperately to be given a chance to speak, but in vain. Raj is shocked, and she asks the police to arrest him. He is shocked, as he is being taken away by the police. Avni breaks into suket’s arms. raj continues giving justification but to deaf ears. Virat is amused to look at him, being taken away by the police.
Finally dadaji returns too excitedly, and he starts ranting excitedly about his journeys and expeditions, which happened due to abhaas. He thinks that he wants his grandson to get married, and is overexcited to meet him. buaji’s husband tries to tell him, but he doesnt pay heed. dadaji comes in excitedly, but is distraught and stunned to find abhaas lying dead. All go to comfort and compose him, while he is in a daze, refusing to believe what he sees. He breaks down on his dead body. dadaji asks who did this, and avni sternly replies that its raj, and he is shocked to hear this. All remember their interaction with abhaas, and their fun moments. avni drops her favourite Rabri, beside abhaas. as they take the body away, bhawna breaks down and doesnt let them take abhaas away, but somehow is controlled by buaji and avni, while the men take his body out for the last procession.
The men come back after the completion of the funeral rites. All sit down in front of abhaas’ garlanded pic. Dadaji is shocked that he believed raj, and he destroyed them, and he curses the moment he came to their life. avni rushes out in anger.
Scene 2:
Location: Police Station
Raj keeps protesting behind bars, that he didnt kill Abhaas, but the police thinks that its general. the police finds raj’s phone ringing, and he picks up the phone, saying that raj has been accused of murder and is in custody. the police tells raj, that evidences go against him, even though he might plea hard.
Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 10th November 2014 Written Update
Scene 3:
Location: On the road
Anjali is shocked to know that raj has been arrested for murder charge, but wonders for whom. virat says that they shall; get to know ehn they reach there. They pay their respects from the car, while seeing abhaas’ funeral procession pass by. virat asks her to hurry to the police. They comply and drive off.
Scene 4:
Location: Police station and avni’s residence.
Raj’s family reaches the police station. raj pleads to anjali, and she believes him. She questions the inspector, and is given the same angle of the evidence pointing to him, and that avni’s family blames him. Anjali and vikram are shocked. Virat tries to instigate them all the more. Raj says that one thing is clear, that he didnt kill abhaas but someone did, and Virat is alert, as he wonders who would it be. virat tries to point that someone from his college, who he had enemity with, must have done it. the police asks them to leave, while they keep pleading and protesting that they wont leave without raj. The other guards throw his family out, while raj is distraught. Raj thinks that he isnt hurt that he has been accused, but is more hurt that avni could actually believe that he could kill her brother. He thinks that he would have to meet and talk to avni, to make her believe that he cant kill abhaas. He keeps requesting the police inspector to let him call or meet avni once, and the inspector starts getting frustrated. He smiels as he finds avni coming in, hoping that she came to see him finally. He says that he knew that she would come to meet him, while she looks at him in anger. She asks the inspector if raj agreed to the crime. When he denies, she asks to make raj confess to the crime somehow, at any cost, by any means, within any limits. Avni goes to the police and tells them to show no mercy on raj, till he confesses to the crime. raj is shocked and distraught, at avni’s request. The investigation begins, while raj refuses to accept that he killed abhaas. The police starts beating raj to pulp, but avni pretends to be unaffected. He asks avni to ask herself if he can kill abhaas, as she knows him and that he cant take anyone’s life, and that she has to believe him. But she turns around finally, requesting the inspector to keep hitting and beating him, till he confesses to the crime. she turns and walks out, while he keeps hollering for avni, unaffected by the way he has been beaten. he falls unconscious.
When he gains consciousness, Raj is disturbed and tensed, in the jail, while avni, too caters to the family’s care, and is distraught when everyone refuses to eat. Suket tries to make avni feed but she refuses, and so does raj, when he is given the jail food. raj eyes the blood on his hands, reminding him of the vermillion with which he made avni his wife, and she too eyes the mangalsutra of their marriage, and tries hard to take it off, but isnt able to. Both are distraught. the screen freezes on both of their faces.
Precap: Raj asks avni to look in his eyes, and she she shall be convinced of his innocence and know that he didnt kill her brother. Virat, hurt and bruised himself, watches from the other side. Avni says that she knows the truth and that she again be trapped in his pretense simplicity. She says that he is a culprit and she would see to it that he is punished. Raj is shocked, while virat is amused.
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Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya

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