Arziyan Yeh Dill Ki Episode 3

simran comes back to her room. she looks at the clock.
simran: oh! its already 9 am. i have to go there.
simran stands in front of the mirror and apply kajal. she combs her hair. while combing hair suddenly her phone rings.
simran: god knows who called me now!
she goes near bed and takes the phone from the bed. but seeing the phone she becomes sad. its call from her mother. she disconnects the call and says sorry mom. but i cant receive ur call till i get successful in my mission. just then her phone rings and its a message from someone ishaan. she smiles and starts to read and reply. here is their message conversation –
ishaan: where r u madam? did u reach?
simran: yes…i have. and got a nice hotel too. its a cottage on the top of a hill.
ishaan: yaa yaa u had to. and all credit goes to me. let me remember u that it was me who helped u to ran away from home.
simran: i remember and thanks for that. now stop praising urself.
ishaan: yes now chore is behaving rude with me.
simran: chore? u called me chor. i did this not for myself.
ishaan: okay queen of quarel. stop now.
simran: pls send me money. i cant ask from my family. becoz if i will do so then they will get know that im here.
ishaan: money? i had gave u 5000/- yesterday while leaving u at station. where did that money go?
simran: actually i gave the money to an old staff of this hotel. he was very sick.
ishaan: oh so it means u started to charity there also. if u wanted then u should have give ur own money. do u know how difficult it was for me to take those money from my friends?
simrsn: sorry yaar. but pls send me money naa. else how i will eat? ur my friend naa?
ishaan: dont blackmail me saying friendship. and yes im ur friend and now im paying for this.
simran: pls….pls….pls…
ishaan: u know that my weak point is that i cant see u in any pain and now ur taking advantage of it. okay, i will send. how much?
simran: thanks buddy. u dont need to send much money i just need 5000/- only.
ishaan: r u mad? ur saying 5000/- only. u know that im not rich and im a student of college. i dont have own income.
simran: but u always buy expensive things.
ishaan: thats bcoz i take them secretly from papa’s bag.(me: yeah ishaan kaisa ladka hai. apni hi pa ki bag se chori. log thik hi kah te hai. aj kal insan badmash ho gaye hai)
simran: i know that :( :(
ishaan: and if i give u all money then what about gfs? do u know the expense of having gfs? sunday ko treat, toh monday ko picture. ab uske liye bhi paise ka jarurat hota hai.
simran: i know that u r not that type of boy having gfs. ur just saying lie not to give me money. pls yaar think abt me. without cash no food.:'(:'(:'(
ishaan: u know everything abt me. if i try to lie then u always catch me. now stop doing melodrama. okay. i will manage money.
simran: thank u thank u …..ur best friend in the world.
ishaan: okay… need to make me happy now. tell me ur account name.
simran: send money in name of simran kapoor.
ishaan: whos this simran?
simran: my new name for here. so that nobody can find that im here.
ishaan: ha….ha….ha….didnt u get any other name? heroine type name.seems u had watched ddlj yesterday.
simran:shut up. i have some work so will talk later.

simran takes a bag n file and goes from the cottage hotel.

scenc in delhi-
we r seeing a very big house with swimming pool and garden. now lets go inside the house. we r in dinning room combined with living room. this room’s wall is of light blue interior and very beautiful. on the dinning table a man and a women is sitting. the women is wearing a blue sari. she is nearly of 40 yrs and shes modern and beautiful. shes looking tensed and making breakfast. the man is of 45 yrs. he is reading newspaper with full concentration. even bcoz of the newspaper we r not seeing his face too. in a corner of the room a girl of 25 yrs is lying on a sofa and seeing tv. the women looks these two with tired face. she sees both the man and the young girl is not in the lost in newspaper and tv.she makes a jug fall intentionally from the table. the man and the young girl both hears the sound of breaking glass.
the man says to the woman: what r u doing?
the young girl: why did u break the glass, mom?
the woman: to make u and ur dad return to this world. the women looks at her husband and says from yesterday the girl of the house is missing and any of u r not bothered about it.

[me: oh! i forgot to introduce them. this woman is niti. she is beautiful, smart and modern. she never worry abt her age as she thinks shes still sweet sixteen. shes the wife of vikram. she is a bit possesive abt her daughter. for her everyone is after her but in reality shes after everyone.

this man whos reading newspaper is vikram and husband of niti. hes a bit boring man. always sticks with newspaper. hes a big officer. he doesnt care abt whats happening around him but just concerned abt if the hawker come everyday to give newspaper or not. on govt holidays when he doesnt get newspaper he becomes ill tempered. he believes in freedom and thats why he always permit his children to do as per their will if they r right.

and this young girl is niti and vikram’s elder daughter anushka.she reads in a college.her habit is to fight with her mom over small issues. but she loves her mom a lot and she also know that her mom loves her a lot. she loves her younger sis a lot and believes that if even anybody wont believe her then her sis will still believe her.]

now lets go back to their conversation.

vikram : why r u taking tension? she will be back.
niti : what back? she has gone all alone. akira is still immature. akira’s not understanding that she will find nothing.
vikram: i know. but akira is responsible girl. im not overreacting like u bcoz i too know that she will find nothing. but im saying nothing bcoz if we dont let her do then she will think for the rest of her life that what she was thinking was true but she couldnt do anything.
niti: im not too much like u. why dont u understand that she will have problem.

vikram holds nitis hand.

vikram: akira wont do anything wrong. we r her parents. if we wont believe her then who else will? and as far as concering abt her accomodation and staying i will try to find her. now stop worrying.
niti: u dont know how much i love her and i dont want she to get hurt in bcoz of this all. and u r not understanding that she has run away from home for just that thing.

just then a young boy enters to their house. he sees niti angry and says i think i came in wrong time and is about to leave.

niti goes near him and holds his ear.

niti: im sure this ishaan know everything. he has helped akira in running away.
this is ishaan. akira’s friend. actually hes the son of nitis frnd. they r also akira’s neighbour. reads in college. hes helpful, handsome and he loves to keep promise.
ishaan: i dont know anything. aunty let me go.
ishaan runs away from their home.

simran is walking in the road. she doesnt find any auto there. she sees a old woman. she goes near the old woman.
simran: grandma can u tell me where i will get auto?
the woman laughes hearing her words.
old lady : seems u r new here.
simran: yes.
old lady: dear this is hilly area. here u wont find auto like city.
simran: then how u people travel?
old lady: if we need vehicle then we buy it. u cant do so. dear, see there in that road u will find trucks. u can go and take lift.
simran: thank u, grandma.

simran tries to take lift but no truck is stopping. at last one truck driver agree to give her lift.
truck driver: dear, u cant sit beside me. i have some box that i have to keep with me. do one thing go behind and sit.
simran sits in the behind. she sees many there. the truck starts leaving. simran’s hair moving bcoz of the wind. she takes a and starts to eat. she smiles and she sings a sing.

dhree chal na hai mushkil toh
jaldi hi sahi
akhon ke kinaro mein bahane hi sahi
hum chale baharo mein gungunati rahi raho mein
dharkane bhi teej hai ab kya kare………

simran thinks i have changed my identity to simran from akira for completing a mission. and simran have to win this. but i want akira to prove herself and achieve something in her life. i want to be sucessful in my life. i want to help these people here and want make my own identity on my own.

will be continued……..

a story by Natasha……….

hows that guys? im trying hard to write a good story that can entertain u and give u peace and joy. i dont think im doing that well. guys pls pls pls give ur feedbacks. ur welcome to give ur opinion. consider me as ur friend.
guys like akira aka simran i dont support running away from house to make own identity. but i have shown it in need of the story. i prefer to take permission from parents it we want to do anything. they will never want anything bad for us. if anytime they dont understand ur point they make them understand in polite way. and even after telling them ur point if they dont agree then give them some time.

guys this was 3rd epi. if u dont have read previous epi then can read epi 1 and 2 here-

and everytime u will find all epi in this link at a time-

Arziyan Yeh Dill Ki Episode 3


Arziyan Yeh Dill Ki Episode 3


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