Mahira and Azad (unique love story) episode 17

The episode begins with Mahira going to talk to Amad and encounters Kainat talking to a guy on the way.
Mahira: Kainat. You were teasing me and Azad and now. Who is he?
Kainat (smiles): he’s my friend.
Mahira: don’t lie.
Shravan (also smiles): Kainat is not lying. We are just friends and not only that we met 2 hours ago in this party.
Mahira: don’t support your girlfriend. I’m Kainat’s best friend so I will keep it as a top secret and won’t even tell Azad.
Shravan: no..nothing like that…
Mahira: shhh…I’m Mahira and Mahira knows everything.

Azad comes from behind: what would you not tell me and how come your dialogue changed today??
Mahira gets shocked and looks back giving a fake smile: actually…we were saying that you are so handsome but I won’t tell you because you know I’m shy and a simple girl.
Azad: dingus! You just did.
Mahira: ummmm…
Azad: never mind.
Azad notices Shravan there and hugs him in a joy.
Azad: Mahira! Let me introduce you to Shravan. He is my best friend. And you know what? I’m meeting him after 5 years because five years back he had got scholarship and went to Canada for study.
Mahira opens her mouth again and in embarrassment looks at Kainat and Shravan and says sorry in sign language.
Azad thinks: yeh ladki bhi na. Why does she even open her mouth so wide.
Mahira looks at Azad and closes her mouth as fast as she can. Azad notices that Mahira’s lip is bleeding.

Azad: oh my lord! Why did you had to close your mouth so fast? You are not superwomen. You lips are bleeding. Come with me!!
Azad takes Mahira from there holding her hand and on the way, Mahira collides with Khan Begum.
Mahira: I’m really sorry.
Khan Begum leaves giving her a look.

Azad’s room
Azad touches Mahira’s lip and wipes up the blood and Mahira is just staring at Azad.
Azad: why are you staring at me? I mean, I know that I’m cute, handsome, hot etc. But you don’t have to stare at me like that.
Mahira: awww thank you. You were describing me right?
Azad: ugh…girls can’t be handsome. (Smirks)
Mahira: haha so funny!
Azad: thank you thank you
Mahira: stop copying my words…oh yea. Lets go to khan begum’s room to see the secret room.
Azad: we don’t have the key to it though
Mahira takes out keys from her dupatta and it is revealed that when Mahira had dashed into Khan Begum earlier, kb’s key had fallen on the floor.

Azad: kitni chalak ho tum. You should become a spy.
Mahira: azad…lets go.
They leave and take out the potrait from the wall. They are about to open the secret room when Khan Begum yells Mahira.
Azad: mahira let’s go.
Mahira: nahi Azad. I will go and come back in a second. You stay here and see what’s inside.
Mahira leaves and Azad gets to opening the door but in vain. Finally he is able to open the door and as he pushes the door slowly to see what’s inside. Azad gets shocked. Mahira comes back .
Mahira: azad. What happen?
Azad points his hand toward the door.

Precap: mahira sees what’s in the secret room.

Mahira and Azad (unique love story) episode 17


Mahira and Azad (unique love story) episode 17


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