Alfriaa!! (Chapter 1)

Alfriaa!! (Chapter 1)


The story is about gang of frnds with different attitudes and idealogies…how they discover love with twists abt historical island and sea…


A small beautiful city surrounded by sea on either of the city…known for its best clgs for archaeology studies,marine and geapgraphical studies… island of historical importance with great stories. It is situated 208 kms away from the city….though the island is very famous not many the attempt of going there….reason unknown!!

The story is about following few characters..

Ryan: hard working and rude…tall and best built…blue eyes and blond hair. …decent and manly dressing…good at heart
Eric: understanding and reliable enthusiastic…brown eyes and hair…attractive smile with dimples …his enthu sometimes leads to prob but brave and resposible
Eric and Ryan childhood frnds…eric knws ryan the best
Tad: flirty easy going…..caring but doesnt admit….black silky hair with grey eyes charming look
Kyle: tomboy totaly brown hair till shoulder level…charming in her own style…sweet at heart but hides with her tomboy attitude….
Melody: bubbly..supercute …charming and fashion orinted …chatter box sweet nature … Black hair with brown highlights
Esterella: caring of all….smooth blond hair …..beautiful and studious
Kaira and kaith..rick spoilt kids who believe studying here as a status symbol
Gerry and duster…casino type with worse attitude
Tad kaira kaith Gerry and Duster are skool friends bcoz of their common family frnds and are from same place

Ryan, eric and kyle belong to archeology dept…
Melody esterella and tad belong to marine and geographical studies…

Opening scene

Ryan and eric in the train on their way to the college….tad comes on bike where kaithe and kiara sees him…(kaithe is close to tad and thinks tad is her bf but tad isnt interested in her just a casual hangout for him)….kaithe and kiara try to talk to him when in between kyle comes and collides ….kaithe says ewwww!! Who us she and wat type of fashion sense is this? When kyle is about to answer tad comes in between and says ladies y waste precious time in fight and take them away…in the way he dashes kyle intentionally and winks at kaithe ….all three leave while kaith smirking at kyle….

Kyle thinks great!! First day got judged by and miss.bimbos …when she is ranging in anger…esterella who is watching all this come and says hello!! Dont worry its wasnt your fault and i am esterella….kyle says who said it was my fault…i would have answered in them but their good fate they left…i am kyle and no thanks i wasnt feeling bad at all…esterella nodes with a smile and says ok and asks if she is heading to the intro seminar …she says yes and before esterella answer kyle leaves and accidentally a small girl who was looking back at her mother come and collide dropping her candy…kyle makes the child getup and says sorry and asks her name…she says minnie and strts crying….kyle says i dont have big bar but i have a small chocolate for u and gives a small candy…minnie smiles and hugs kyle for which kyle smiles….the girl mother name marie comes and says sorry it wasnt ur fault and u neednt bring any chocolate…i marie incharge of cleaning and room cleaning in girls hostel….kyle says its ok!! I ill get a choco for minnie….and winks at minnie

Esterella who was watching all this thinks at first she collided with those girls and she was fuming and now it wasnt even her fault saying sorry ….and smiles to herself ….esterella calls kyle and says can i come with u i am scared to go alone to the seminar room…Kyle sats alright and they both leave….

In the seminar room:

Kyle and est enter and then…kaithe anf kiara sats there comes a girl with a boy…oh no its not a boy and laughs…tad says chill baby not all can look as beautiful as u …esterella goes to them and says i am sad even in this century people are identified by their dress…tad says wooww!! Defender nice!! kaith says to esterella watever and leaves….

Kyle and esterella leave and sit beside them….dean of the college come( who is strict and good person) says hello students to the most prestigious college …..from tmrw the accademic year begun and ur lists depts concerned will put upon the notice board… Ur respective professor wiill show and rake tour of the college depts

Professor : shain , martha, pety , parker
Shain : prof archeology ( smart and good looking ….energetic and encouraging) dancer too
Martha: prof marine and geography and also drama ….stylish and head of girls hostel…..believe in status
Pety: painting …kind and soft natured
Parker: sports teacher …strict of all….
Also other prof concerned with senior students

When the dean is speaking…one cute beautiful looking girl ( melody ) was late and asks poen to send her in…poen says times up and dean is very strict regarding timings …she says please and cute child like words keeps pleading….peon smiles and says last time and let her in….melody gives him a chocolate and smiles at him…melody says chocolate for sweet persons like u and whom i like….as my name says i believe in spreading sweetness….

Kyle was who was watching all this says how can someone be so xpressive and sweet….est says wats wrong in that some people are xpressive atleast not pretending to be rude like someone( refering to Kyle)…kyle says ok fine!! I know u saw me talk to minnie, i dont like to b soft and weak…and by the way i also knw u werent scared of gng alone bcoz the way u spoke to those bimbos doesnt show any sign of fear…also i saw ur name on the board out…intro speech by miss esterella….esterella smiles and says i guess both of us r bad actors….

When melody enter in …tad looks at her and says niceeeeee!! Kaithe gets angry seeing tad being attracted to her and put her leg across…
Ryan who was passing by for he was introduced as the topper among the exams conducted from the freshers batch…catch hold of her and they share a eyelock
All make a huge noise seeing them and ryan gets angry and leaves her
Melody was about to fall and git herself to the chair…esterella gets up and help her and ask if she was ok….ryan doesnt even take a look back and go towarda the stage
Kyle gets angry and about to go on a fight when esterella and melody calm her down…
Then dean introduced melody to give also second topper in the batch.

Esterella goes and give her speech which impresses everyone…. And also have lovely voice….ryan come back and sit…even eric says u shudnt have left her tht way… When ryan says u knw i dnt any unnecessary rumours ….eric was about to say something when dean says lets wind this session … Ur respective rooms i ill be allowed by the staff!!

Next episode: rooms and hostel allotment…group divisionsand many more….

guys suggest me two group name please and do comment!! I need them more as i am new to ff …please lemme knw any drawbacks and additions….forgive my grammar and i took archeology marine studies as subjects other than the regular subjects….:) please comment

Alfriaa!! (Chapter 1)


Alfriaa!! (Chapter 1)

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