Twinj (Friendship turns to love) Episode 35

Hii guys hope u r liking the episodes and thank u so so so much Rashi Verma u r the only one who replies to my FF I am grateful to have a viewer like u….❤️❤️❤️?That’s for u.
Jasmine enters Kunj room and finds him crying and goes and sits next to him and asks her what happened and Kunj says nothing it’s ok.Jasmine tells him not to cry as she cant see him crying bcoz she,Kunj say u…..Jasmine says I Love U….that why pls don’t cry.Kunj is shocked but accepts her since he thinks Sidhant and Twinkle love each other and no one wl stand with him and says I Love u too.Jasmine hugs him and Sidhant sees this and smiles seeing their plan working.Twinkle sits there and says I Love U so much Kunj….Sidhant is extremely happy and goes to Twinkle and tells her to express her love now and today.Twinkle says Wow!Sidhant u r smart.Kunj sings Jeena Jeena,Twinkle is lost and mesmerised in his voice and smiles as he ends.Kunj comes down and the host says that there is a special confession to be made now.Lets Wait and Watch.
Twinkle comes and says the story of Twinj childhood and calls Kunj on stage and says wl u accept Twinkle and gives him the thread they tied on each other’s hand in childhood,

Kunj comes on stage and takes the Mike and says anyone can come on stage to propose a huge singer and any fan would want to marry him,He says I don’t love u Twinkle,and Twinkle is shocked.He calls Jasmine on the stage and kneels down in front of Twinkle and says Jasmine I Love U,Jasmine says I Love U Too.Kunj says so guys this is my girlfriend and my lyricist.Twinkle looks at Kunj when he says lyricist,as it is actually her.She approaches to tell Kunj that it is her but all the fans come to congratulate Jasmine and Kunj.They push Twinkle in the crowd while Twinkle is crying and struggling to meet Kunj and is very sad.She leaves and Sidhant gets a message from Jasmine to go to Twinkle,as she can do anything Twinkle walks on the street and is crying badly and is very sad.She recalls when Kunj confessed his love to her and when She confessed.She is shattered and broken into pieces.Sidhant goes and consoles her and hugs her.Twinkle says no why is Kunj acting like this and is crying badly.The nxt day Twinkle comes to Kunj cabin and sees Jasmine sitting there and is angry.Kunj sees Twinkle and gets angry and his fans r there too.

Kunj says see guys the person who proposed the famous singer is standing in front of him maybe to propose him again,Kunj holds Jasmine hand and says she is my fiancé,so one else and hurts Twinkle with his words,Twinkle is about to leave but Kunj stops her and says don’t go and complain to Sidhant that we hurted u and all.Kunj says leave now and Twinkle goes crying,she bumps with Sidhant and hugs him and says Kunj..Kunj.Sidhant enters and says what is ur problem when she comes to u don’t use harsh words on her and just shut up!and leaves with Twinkle.Twinkle comes home and sees Kunj picture and throw it on the floor and the glass breaks.Kunj pic is safe.The nxt day Sidhant comes to Twinkle and proposes her and says I will keep u happy forever just accept my love,Twinkle accepts it and thinks that she is more happy with Sidhant these days.They come to work and Kunj and Twinkle unknowingly bang each other and Twinkle falls in Kunj’s arms.Sajna Ve plays.

Precap-Kunj and Twinkle pack their childhood stuff bcoz of Sidmin telling them to throw it.

Twinj (Friendship turns to love) Episode 35


Twinj (Friendship turns to love) Episode 35


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