ragna – love is life (EMA) – Episode 11

sammy says come on bestie dont be so impatient you’ll get her. he starts d car n they leave.(any doubts left?)

there paki brings kamla ma ( how i hate her, she was d one responsible for ending my ragna’s love story …… hate her in her new role as janki in spk too) to d college. kamla takes her seat vitthala is shocked n asks her how she came there kamla tells him d entire story.

paki goes to d locker room where she sees kalpi n tells her about kamla ma kalpi stops her n says she doesnt want to listen. paki says dont be so angry on her kamla ma is breaking inside due to this attitude of yours. kalpi says leave paki i dont wanna talk about it paki complies kalpi says u just saw her pain paki nobody ever sees how much i break within when i see my own ai loving sm1 else more. she prays oh god till when will u test my patience plz send sm1 in my life who will give me all d love n care i never received.

sm1’s black car stops at d college gate ( oh my, what a coincidence. wonder since when i started writing so well? just hope dont write in english boards LOL )

sammy comes out n opens d door of d mercedes benz n says here is you destination, mr. raghav singhania. raghav steps out in gusto first his black shoes are seen then part by part he is complete n he smiles at sammy thank u my driver oh sorry i forgot u r my best friend mr. samar raizada they shake hands.

( oh my god sorry i know it is very annoying when u read my bracketed statements coz they break d flow but trust me i cant help it i was blushing even while writing d above para wonder what will happen if i get to meet ashish chaudhary in real smday? any ways , any producers out there? coz i think u could contact me n make ema part-2 from this ff i m sure every1 would love that. but give d lead roles to ashna only n dont try to steal my story – bcz permission doesnt mean i cant file a case of copyright violations a big LOL ha ha though i would have a really hard time explaining to my parents why i was writing such ffs instead of studying n then my deleted history would be checked n every1 would know that i watched every epi of ema on utube even though my mom doesnt approve of such “love shows” n my dad would hardly let me live no wait he’d get me killed so you can use this story i wont file a case against you just mention that it was sweety’s story…….. are d producers relieved?)

ragna – love is life (EMA) – Episode 11


ragna – love is life (EMA) – Episode 11


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