One Month Agreement – Episode 13

One Month Agreement – Episode 13

Thank u guyz for ur love.
I m adding one twist go continue my story till 30 days.
Sry guyz.. Just stay tuned..

Recap- sanskar takes d promise from swara dat she won’t leave her.

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9th day of agreement
Swara’s pov-
“It’s lovely morning today. I found my self in d sanskar’s arms. He was holding me tightly. His grip on me showing me dat he dnt wanna leave me in any condition. I m on the just like 9th cloud. I m so happy today..
But how can I do dis? I m just looking at my happiness. I m not considering his happiness. If we live like dis den it would be difficult for me to leave him after 21 days. I wanna go away from him. I knw i can’t live like dis wid him.. Coz if i live like dis wid sanskar, den he will not able to live alone .
I hv to be strong.
I remember dat day… D memories of dat day r engraved on my heart..
D day was cloudy. I felt like dizzy. I thought I m pregnant so I called sanskar .
I(happily)-” sanskar plz come to home early in d evening, I wanna tell u something “.
Sanskar was asking me continuously abt wht I wanna tell him but I kept it as a secret. I wanna tell him face to face.
I thought to conform dis news before telling him. I searched on d net abt gynaecologist. And I took my appointment and headed towards hospital.
Doctor checked me. And i found that i m not pregnant. So to check d reason behind my state Dey did several tastes. And dey found dat I m suffering from blood cancer.. May be I will survive till 6 months. I was shattered after listening dat news.
Without going home I went to ragini’s house and I cried.
I switched off my phn.
She asked d reason but I didn’t feel any need to tell her.

So she didn’t asked abt it later.
It was evening.
Ragini received call abt sanskar’s accident.
I just felt dat all thing has happened becoz of me only.. Coz of me he drove fastly to d home and he meet wid dat accident.
I was broken completely.
I felt unconscious.
So dat day I was not able to meet him. Whn I regain my senses , I thought to go away 4m him. I will find perfect match for him.
*flashback ends*
Now he got d perfect match for him (kavita). Den y m I disturbing his life again? No I can’t do this. After my death, I dnt wanna him to be shattered. I just wanna him happy. I will make arrangements dat he won’t knw abt my death. He will just take me as betrayal and he will live happily wid kavita. ”
Thinking dis she moved away from him. Just before dat she kissed him on forehead. Tears r flowing through her eyes.
She become fresh fastly and while grabbing clutch and keys she left d home…
(Milke bhi hm na mile, tumse n Jane kyun milon ke hai fasle tumse n jane kyun)
Sanksar’s pov-
“After last night I was too much happy.. I decided dat I will not ask her d reason, why she was absent whn I needed her most.. I wanna her.. And she also promised me dat she won’t leave me.
In d morning, after waking up I found dat swara is not anywhere..
I was broken. She has broken her promise again. Her phn was switched off. And I m 2 restless

here. Why she didn’t hv any effect ? Why she did dis again?
(Pyar hai ya saja ye mere dil bata tutata kyun nhi dard ka silsila. Is pyar me kaise kaise ho intehan? Ye pyar likhe kaisi kaisi ye dastan! Ya rabba dede koi jaan bhi agar dilbar pe ho na dilbar pe ho na koi asar… Ya rabba)
I m just broken.. Plz swara come back to me. I wanna her. I can’t live without her.. Plz god.. I knw I did mistake dat I flirted wid kavita. But dnt wanna dis big punishment. Plz god! Make her(swara) understand dat I love her only..”
Without eating anything, he headed towards d office. He was restless .. He called her again and again but as usual phn was switched off.
Here swara was seating at d beach.. And thinks dat, ” I knw sankar I m giving u pain.. But coz of my dis behavior u and kavita will come closer.. And I know she will take care of u more than me. And I m sure u will be very happy wid her.. ” and cries continuously.. Her eyes becomes swallow..
(Bhula dena mujhe,
Hai alvida tujhe.
Tujhe jeena hai mere bina.
Safar yeh tera,
yeh raasta tera,
Tujhe jeena hai mere bina..
Ho teri saari shoharatein,
Hai yeh duaa..
Tujhi pe saari rehamatein
Hai yeh duaa..
Tujhe jeena hai mere bina,
Bhula dena mujhe,
Hai alvida tujhe,
Tujhe jeena hai mere bina..
Tu hi hai kinaara tera,
Tu hi to sahaara tera,
Tu hi hai taraana kal ka,
Tu hi to fasaana kal ka,
Khud pe yaqeen tu karna,
Banana tu apna khuda…
Khizaan ki shaam hoon main,
Tu hai nayi subah,
Tujhe jeena hai mere bina.
Tujhe jeena hai mere bina..

Khilengi jahaan bahaarein sabhi..
Mujhe tu wahaan paayega,
Rahengi jahaan humaari wafa,
Mujhe tu wahaan paayega..
Milungi main iss tarah,
waada raha
Rahungi sang main sada, waada raha.
Tujhe jeena hai mere bina!
Bhula dena mujhe.
Hai alvida tujhe
Tujhe jeena hai mere bina..
Tujhe jeena hai, haan mere bina!)
She comes to home and totally ignores to sanskar.
Sanskar was amazed by her behavior..
D promise (behavior) of her before day was true or todays behavior is true..
She sleeps on couch..
He sleeps on bed…
Both hv tears in der eyes…

Precap- may be I will write kavita’s pov in next epi..

Love u guyz..

One Month Agreement – Episode 13


One Month Agreement – Episode 13

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