Ek kahani (manmarziyan) episode 22

Ek kahani (manmarziyan) episode 22

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And harani: ur asking the same question for 3rd time, age doesn’t matters in love.still u can’t imagine,Think Neil is elder than Sam..!!
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The episode starts with radhika opening n getting relieved seeing them both happy. Just then, arjun receives call from his dad. He lifts it.
Arjun: haa.. dad..?!
Raghav: aruu beta…!! Please go to the address which I messaged u. its important.
Arjun: but dad… raghav cuts him off.
Raghav: no more excuses arjun, make sure that u will reach their in time. Its related to our company issue.
Arjun: okay..!! just for u only. He ended the call n turned to radhika,who is congratulating neil n sam n said “congrats guys..!! see u soon, I have some urgent work” he said n turned radhika for approval. She blinked her eyes in approval manner, while neil n sam r not aware of this. He bid bye n left.

Arjun reached the address n it’s a mall. He thought “company issue..?? that too in mall..??” he walks in n took his phone to clear whether the address msgd is correct or not.?? But stopped, when a hand caught hold of his arm. Its Avani.
Avani: hy arjun…
Arjun: what are u dng here..??
Avani: dad msgd me to be here in 1hr, so im here.
Arjun: so now, I got it, y dad msgd me..!!
Avani: so, they want us to meet so, they did this. Whatever..!! leave it. We already arrived naa.. come to shopping with me. Please..!! I didn’t get any of my frds for shopping.so come naa..!! I promise that u will enjoy my company.
Arjun nodded reluctantly n walked with her into mall. Both had a frdly talk. Arjun liked her company. Both sat down in restaurant inside the mall talking, arjun talked about neil n things happened in mrng.

Radhika, neil n sam are in full happy in clg. Radhika declared party to celebrate the drastic change in neil’s behavior n life too. Neil n sam happily agreed. All 3 fed to the same mall,which arjun n avani present. Radhika n sam decided to shop. Sam n radhika became frds in no time during shopping. Both liked each other’s taste, which made their bond more stronger. Sam thought “bhai…!! U r selection is best, radhika is really so sweet”. Just then, radhika observed arjun chatting n smiling with a girl n burned with jealous. (god: I got full clarity about u r future arjun,get ready.hehee..)
Radhika: come guys..!! lets go n have some food. Im hungry. Neil n sam nodded n walked towards restaurant. Arjun got up to get food n radhika saw him going.
Radhika: neil n sam.. u both go n sit, I will just come. She said n left. Nesam both looked around found every table filled.
Sam: neil…. See that table, only one girl is sitting there(pointing a avani’s table), come. We will sit there. He nodded n both walked n asked “excuse me, can we sit here, is there anyone here.?” Avani looked at nesam n said “yeah..!! sure”.
Sam: thank you…
Neil: hmm… corner table, good for romacing..!! he said looking at the view through glass wall. Avani looked him sharply, sam who observed this, pinched him.
Neil: oouchh…. Sam…!!
Sam: not only we both r here, there r few ppl around us.. indicating avani,who acting as she is dng something in her mobile. Neil turned to avani n said.
Neil: hai Miss.beautiful, this is neil. Forwarding his hand, sam turned her face in jealousy.(god: see.. flirting with girls infornt of his own gf, thinks he is not aware of his future)
Avani: hii.. im avani..Avani gupta… with a bit attitude, extending her hand. Both shake n she looked at sam, who is at jealousy. Neil looked at sam.
Neil: see avani.. these girls so jealous when there bf talks with any girl. Sam gave a plastered smile.
Avani: so, she is ur gf.. (god: after this much clarity convo, also she is asking such a question)
Neil: nope..!!(sam turned) my everything…he said staring her lovingly. Sam smiled. (god: I think he got saved this time)

Arjun, at counter, ordering food. He felt a cool breeze n turned to see radhika. He surprised n smiled but she gave angry look n walked out.
Arjun: what happen to this girl suddenly..?? he ran after her, calling her, but she didn’t listen. He held her hand n pulled her close to him. It’s a bit isolated part of mall. She banged to him,he held her waist tightly, she closed her feeling his touch on her waist.
Arjun: y r u angry at me..?? radhika came to sense with his question.
Radhika: y did u came, seems u r busy with u r urgent work. Go… she said pouting.
Arjun(confused): urgent work..??he realizes after a while n says… so, my girl is jealous… with naughty smile.
Radhika: no… im not, y should i..??
Arjun: u should…(touched her forehead with his) only u should, bcuz only u have right to show u r possessiveness on me. She stared in his eyes… n that girl is avani, my dad’s frd daughter,dad said to meet her,that’s it….
Radhika(smiled): okay then…
Arjun: so.. u got angry on me,so, I have to forgive u na… let me forgive u… he said coming closer to her. Radhika smiled.
Radhika: mistake is urs.. n I should forgive u..
Arjun: its not my mistake, its u who misunderstood.
Radhika: no.. its u who with girl,so, its ur mistake.(god: admit naa arjun..!! y to risk ur life…)radhika again pouted.
Arjun: then, I will ask forgiveness in my style…. He pulled her more close n leaned to kiss. But radhika, placed her hand on his mouth.
Radhika: nesam r waiting for me, u go n enjoy with avani, okay bye.. said sarcastically. Both walked into restaurant n saw nesam n avani on same table.
Radhika: let me go first, u come later. Otherwise they will doubt us.
Arjun: doubt..?? on what..??
Radhika: I didn’t tell neil about our relation,so please… arjun nodded n stood there,while radhika walked them.
She greeted them n sat n made small introduction with avani. Then Arjun arrived acting surprised n smiled at radhika secretly, who smiled back with her eyes. Arjun introduced Avani as his office Frd to all. Nesam was chatting closely,while Ardhika too chatting with eyes ignored Avani.Avani literally irritated.
Avani: Arjun,where is food..?? He forgot to get as he was with Radhika.
Arjun:sry..!! I ordered but forgot. Neil,come with me, I can’t carry all stuff. Both left to the food counter.
Radhika felt to share today’s good news about Neil’s love with Shekar. She excuses n leaves to call Shekar. Avani n Sam r left alone. Avani decided to clear her confusion,so she spoke up.
Avani: so Sam..what’s up..??
Sam: hmm… nothing here.
Avani: so.. u n neil love each other a lot.??when did ur love story started..??
Sam: yupp… a lot.. just today we confessed to each other.She smiled looking at Neil,who is standing at distance.
Avani: so…. Arjun n Radhika too love each other..?? Sam laughed. While Avani gave a sharp look.
Sam: no… not at all… actually my brother loves Radhika so much but he didn’t confess yet..!! I wish Radhika n my Bhai be one…!! She smiled looking at infinity n dreaming their pair.
Avani: Ohhh…She smirked at Sam n then looked at back to see Radhika happily talking in phone,explaining everything to Shekar by waving her hands in air,while Arjun is staring her lovingly.She looked back at Sam thinking “u fool..!! U doesn’t know that they love each other, now I got a opportunity in the form u to get back what I want. Sorry, Radhika I’m going to separate u from Arjun (smirking at Radhika) I’m selfish,I will get you” she looked at boys,who are cmng,recalling that she has seen Arjun n Radhika together few minutes before.
She excuses Sam n went away from table n called someone n said “Mr.Sharma, I want details about Arjun, Radhika, Neil,Sam n Sam’s brother details. Be careful. Especially Sam’s brother details including his schedule too”
She returns n involves in casual talk with all thinking about her further plans. Avani forced others to accompany her in shopping,Radhika was not interested but Sam is excited n insisted her. So, 3 left to shopping, leaving boys. Avani behaved frdly n closely with Sam n talked cheesy with her. Sam liked her behaviour n quickly became frds. But Radhika felt negative vibes in her talks but didn’t pay much attention to that. All 4 happily ended up the day except Avani,who is literally irritated acting soft infront of Sam n she wondered how Neil loved these sort of fool,however she acted frdly with Sam to make bait for her evil plans.

It’s evening, Ritvik returned home after a very busy working day. As soon as, he entered home, he went to his room to freshen up. While, Sam ran to his room in excitement to tell about her day n senses he is in bathroom. She ran n starts banging the door.
Sam: Bhai… Bhai.. come out fast. Urgent.
Ritvik: Sam… use another washroom if it’s urgent. Sam banged her.
Sam: not that urgent.. I want to tell u something important.
Ritvik: we will talk later in the morning, I’m tired,go…!! Sam made a face n an idea strikes.
Sam: Okay… I was thinking to say that Radhikaaa… (smirks) we will talk morning,u r tried na… She turns to go.
Ritvik,who heard Radhika’s name pecked out of washroom n shouted “wait…I will come in while”. Sam smiled n said “no no..!! No problem, I will tell tomorrow”,”nooooo… I’m coming in a min”he replied. He came after a while n sat beside Sam on bed. Sam started.
Sam: u know, Neil…
Ritvik: wait wait.. u said Radhika, right..??
Sam(laughed): u won’t come out until I say it’s about Radhika…!!
Ritvik: u…. devil…. he hits her with pillow n she laughs.
Sam: Bhai..I’m sorry but this is also an important matter. He turned serious n she started narrating the whole incident. Ritvik jumped n kissed her forehead. She hugged him. Both had a happy tears.
Ritvik: I’m happy that u got a right person…!!
Sam: Even I’m happy bcuz ur selection is best, tell me when r u going to confess her…??
Ritvik: soon…
Sam: what soon…?? U have to propose her tomorrow, if you get then someone will be after her.!! So do it tomorrow.
Ritvik: Okay..!! I will think..
Sam: then u have to buy gift for her, so we will go to shopping tomorrow…!! N where r u going to propose her..?? I will plan a date n decorate everything, u ask her for date n propose her,okay..??
Ritvik: cool cool…. She is sweet n Simple girl so need anything, I will propose her in simple way,okay..!! U buy gift for her. Now go n sleep,go…!! He pushed her out of the room while she muttered “how unromantic my bro is..!!poor Radhika”.
Ritvik closed the door n smiled to himself thinking “how his life turned in few months..how her sister’s ego turned into love..how she forgot her Piyali’s presence..how she turned to my choti old Sam,who is sharing her everything with her Bhai..Radhika entry made many changes..her tips to maintain good relationship with Sam..Sam’s love succeeded due to Radhika.. n almost everything changed infront of my eyes without its presence like slow breeze..!! I’m never going break my relation with you Radhika at any cost..!!” Thinking this, he slowly slipped into sleep.

Avani in her house. A elderly aged man arrived analyzing the file in his hand.
Avani: Mr.Sharma, did u..??
Sharma: yes mam…!! Arjun n Radhika r in love from past few months,they met in some musical concert…he continued but was stopped by Avani indicating to stop with her hand.
Avani: tell about others..!! She ordered.
Sharma: yes mam.. Sam n Neil r in…
Avani: I know (immediately)she paused.. tell something new..!!!
Sharma:sorry mam, Sam’s brother loves Radhika, his name is Ritvik..Ritvik Khan..!!
Avani(surprised): Ritvik khanna not Khan…!! Do Ritvik loves Radhika…?? Then I have to plan something big..!! Get his tomorrow’s schedule.

That’s it…. wait wait… please suggest me a good girl name which starts with J…please….!!please comment the name.

Ek kahani (manmarziyan) episode 22


Ek kahani (manmarziyan) episode 22

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