Ishveer The LoveBirds ..(Episode 4)

Ishveer wakes up . Ishani was changing her dress just then ranveer came and says” Today i will not come close to you beacause from now on (in italy) i will spend whole day loving you … Close to you ” he gaves a naughty smile
Ishani : ” jitna hasna hai hasloo me tmhare pass hi ni ayon gi apkr kr dikhanaaa ” she laughs
Ranveer : “Oh letsss see. Wait and watch muahh ?
They both were ready to go ,they came downstairs to take ashirwaad
Amba takes the arti of both
Amba: Please Dikraa Now i wanna hear the good news from both of you and all family laughs .
Ranveer: G maa No prob … I will fulfill it and grins to ishani and say Ishani right naww ?
Ishani smiles . They said goodbye to all and then sat in the car
Ishani : U r soooo Besharam na ranveer huh i dont wanna talk with you !!?
Ranveer : awwww melaa baby! Yeah im besharam …. Its my right ?
Ishani : are all the BAKWAS AND BESHARAM Things ur right??
Ranveer : Yeah beacause My Hot wife is with me… Who cares about world
Ishani: Hottttt??? (She was red with anger)
Ranveer was terrified
Ranveer says “nnn..nnn..nnoooo..noo Im mean HOT .. ii..i meann..n. you took bath from hot water na that s y.. thats ….y
Ishani: Ok Ok.
The took the tickets and went into the aeroplane.
They sat on the seats.
Ranveer coming close to ishani’s neck . Ishani says : Ranveer what r u doing ??? All people are looking at you plz stop
Ranveer : Who cares abt work baby?? Lets carry on ?
ishani jerks him and smiles at him.

The arrived at the station .
They didnt find any taxi. It was already about 1:00 at night .
Ranveer : Hayeeee ishaniii darr ni lrggrha tumhein ??
Ishani : plz ranveer na draoo naa … U r my sweettt cute world best husband so please dont afraid me
Ranveer : So What will you give to your “SWEET CUTE WORLD BEST HUSBAND?? A kiss ?? He make a face like this ?
Ishani Runsss shouting nooooo catch me if you can (this all scene is taking place on road)
Ranveer : ahhhhh okkkkk
Just then ishani was about to slip
Ranveer hold her tight and said :
I Taught you that Give me a Kiss …. If u have given the kiss early … U will not slip .. he smiles in a naughty mood .
Ishani blushes
Ishani : Ranveer yr please find the hotel early … Please
Ranveer : Q?? Tumne Honeymoon jaldi mana na hai naww boli ??


SORRYYYYY GUYZZZZ FOR SMALL UPDATE ACTUALLY I WAS BUSY …. SORRYYYY LOVEEEE UUUU And my name is Zainab … U can call cutie or zainu as u like and Im 12 years old (someone asked ) ?? ??????????????

Ishveer The LoveBirds ..(Episode 4)


Ishveer The LoveBirds ..(Episode 4)


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