Tashan e ishq (hate changes into love ) Episode 2

Tashan e ishq (hate changes into love ) Episode 2

I know that my episodes are short because my exams are approaching so I will try my best to make it long☺

The episode starts with chinki messages yuvi if the plan is done

Chinki : (in message) how much time will you take you are just good for nothing

Yuvi: khod to behti ho aur mujh par ghussa nikal rahi ho ( you are just sitting get and taking out your anger on me)

Chinki: don’t talk about other things just tell me the plan???

Yuvi : (tells her the whole plan which is muted)

On the other side kunj is thinking something

Kunj to himself: akhir kab tak aisa chale ga ( till when will it be like this) one day I will have to confess my love so why not now. No if twinkle says no then what will I do? Oh god I am so confused

Just then twinkle comes. She is wearing a black colour dress which is kunj’s favourite color

He is mesmerized to see her

Twinkle : kya hoa kunj ase kyon dekh rahe ho ( what happened kunj why are you looking like that? )

Kunj: Today you are looking so beau……. I mean changed

Twinkle : I am the same I guess your eyesight is a bit weak you should do checkup

Kunj : I haven’t said a complement yet and you are flying in the sky ………you should do your ears checkup

Twinkle: kunj you are so………

Kunj : handsome

Twinkle: leave it why am I even talking to you and she leaves

Kunj : you look even more cute when you are angry

Twinkle is going angrily so she isn’t looking down her foot slips but kunj holds her and she falls on him and kisses his cheek by accident but she doesn’t notice it but kunj feels it and dosent say anything . They have a eyelock

Sajna Ve plays in background

Twinkle breaks the eye lock and moves and says thank you

Kunj : wowww breaking news siyapa queen said thank you to the handsome, dashing , supercute kunj Sarna

Twinkle : ahhhhh leave it

Kunj : now I will tease her( laughs)

Chinki: I even spilled oil on the floor but that twinkle bhabiji got saved. Now I will have to use yuvi’s plan and gives a evil smile

Precap:all the family members scold twinkle . Kunj says I know twinkle can’t do this

Guys I am trying my best to entertain you all
If you want any changes feel free to express your opinions
The no of episodes will depend on the number of comments❤

Tashan e ishq (hate changes into love ) Episode 2


Tashan e ishq (hate changes into love ) Episode 2

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