My layered demeanour (Episode 6)

My layered demeanour (Episode 6)

Hi guys. First to everyone who supported me- love you all . XOXO

Now to those who are not liking this story- I know everyone is entitled to their opinions and i do respect your views. I just want to say that maybe you are not liking the plot or the way i have etched out Surbhi’s character. But in this ff, she is good, she is bad and some may feel that she is very bad. She is rude, harsh and short tempered but she does have a softness in her heart. About KVB, you will know as the story progress. So, in short if you are not liking it now then you would not like it in the future episodes and you’ll be disappointed only.

(Himanshoo’s pov)

I had just returned from office when I joined her on the sofa. I opened my laptop as I decided to complete some pending work. She kept her head on my shoulder as she said, ‘Bhai, let’s go to watch a movie today.’ I just nodded my head as she excitedly hugged me and kissed me on the cheeks. ‘Thank you Bhai. You are the best,’ she almost screamed excitedly.

‘Yes Mr Khurana.’ I turned to see my father on the phone, speaking to Mr. Khurana. She nudged me as she heard “Mr. Khurana” from my dad’s mouth.

‘There’s definitely something fishy,’ she whispered into my ears with her one eyebrow raised.

Dad came to us after finishing his talk as he looked at her and said, ‘Today there is a party thrown by Mr. Khurana’s nephew and I want you to attend that party.’

‘But dad…’ She had tried resisting to this.

‘I have already said that you would attend the party’. This thing from dad was enough to ignite her anger as she said, ‘Then why do you take decisions on my behalf. I’m not like bhai who would listen to everything you say. You never wanted bhai to get involved in your business and so he started his own business. Bhai always do what you say but I won’t. So stop taking decisions of my life.’

Dad was enraged after hearing her and he lifted his hand… the first time ever that he did this. But I stopped dad’s hand by holding his wrist. I lowered my gaze as he looked into my eyes. I saw Sweety running away from there as I let go off dad’s hand.

‘Your love has spoiled her. Knock some sense into her.’

I assured him and he left the place. I dropped myself on the sofa as I rested my head on my hands.

i don’t know how was it. Hope you all liked it.

My layered demeanour (Episode 6)


My layered demeanour (Episode 6)

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