Twinj pyaar ka ek roop (intro)

Hi guyzz this s my first ff.and my characters are very diff except kunj,twinkle and yuvi.other characters are mainly frm bade acche late hain.some are from other soap operas.hope u like it.
Kapoor family:
Ram kapoor and Priya ram kapoor as twinkle’s dad and mom.
Yash kapoor and aarti kapoor as twinkle’s elder bro and bhabhi
Abheer kapoor and meher bhalla as twinkile’s second bro and to be bhabhi
Twinkle kapoor
Sidhanth kapoor and juhi kapoor as ram’s bro and twinkle’s chacha and chachi
Ishitha kapoor as sid and juhi’s daughter
Khush kapoor as did and juhi’s son
Rishabh kapoor and saumya kapoor as ram’s second bro and twinkle’s chacha and chachi
Akash kapoor (from kum kum bhagya) as rishabh and saumya’s elder son
Peehu kapoor as their daughter

Sarna family:
Vikram sarna and neha sarna as kunj’s parents
Raman sarna as kunj’ elder bro
Kunj sarna
Ridhima sarna as kunj’s sister
Samar sarna as kunj’s younger brother
Abhi mehra
Maya ( as in tei)
MR.Luthra ( u can imagine Neil from itna karo na mujhe pyaar)
Anitha Luthra
Yuvraj Luthra
Purabh as twinkle’s aunt Natasha’s son
Chinki,shanaya,simran,samaira are twinkle’s frnds
Rohan as yuvi’s frnd
Abhi,kunj,purabh and abheer are frnds
Aarti is kunj’s cousin sister
Ram and Mr.Luthra are business enemies
Ram and vikram, neha and Priya are frnds
Ishita and raman are married.
Guyzzz I hope u like my characters.plss support me throo ur comments and suggestions are most welcomed

Twinj pyaar ka ek roop (intro)


Twinj pyaar ka ek roop (intro)


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