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Scene 1
Joy is working. Sanyu brings him coffee. She says hi, you look tired. Take a break you will feel better. He says thanks but why you do all this? Sanyu says I am just helping the team. You need any help? He says what help in logo? She says this is the face of mission. He says Nirman is already mad at me, if he gets to know that I have taken your help.. sanyu says its okay I understand. She leaves.
Aryan is working, sanyu gives him coffee with a note. It says dark shadow looks cute among humans. Sanyu smiles at him.

At night, randhir is working. Sanaya comes and says hi. Would you work here all night? He says seems like it. She gives him food. He says I am not hungry. She says I knew you would say this. And wont come with me to eat. So I brought it here for you. Sanaya throws out her upper. She says what will people think is going on in this room? eat this sandwich. He says fine. He eats it. He says now stop it. She says goo boy. She says I saw that girl, I talk to her about you. I asked how was you in college. How many girls you had. She ran from there. Were you so horrible in college?
she says go bring what I threw outside.

Next morning, Randhir comes to nirman. Nirman says where is presentation. Randhir says in my brain. Nirman says there was same person last year. He couldn’t deliver it in paper. Randhir says I am glad he is not here anymore. I don’t rely on paper work.
Nirman says I hope you don’t disappoint me. Randhir says I will do my best I assure you. Sanyu says arjun your design is faulty. Use something other than springs. Arjun spills coffee of her design. He says you can make a new one for yorself and new coffee for me. Aryan comes there to.

Nirman says you all 30 seconds, if you can show it then good otherwise its useless. Kiritika gives her presentation. She says this is the best way of coding. Nirman says I have to decide that. Next. Arjun comes and presents his designs. Sanyu says this design is faulty. Arjun sees sanyu’s design and tears it he throws it on her face. He says I don’t care about your design. Its a problem to interfere in someone else’ work. He leaves in anger.

Sanyu is in canteen. She orders juice. She sits with aryan. he stares at arjun.sanyus please ignore. Arjun spills her juice. Sanyu says arjun you were feeling stressed out, she throws juice on his face. Now you must feel better.

Randhir says they don’t even know what they have to do. Sanaya says is Nirman also little insecure? Randhir says shut up.
Arjun says how dare she mess up with me. Joy says let it go. He says I am the fastest pilot in airforce. She has no idea what can I do with her. Joy leaves. He gets a call from Minka. He says why you called me? She says you are busy. He says I don’t wanna talk to you. Why you called me. She says don’t even wanna talk about mission Vijay? I am in cafe outside ISRC. Joy hangs up.
Joy comes to cafe. He says what you want? She says what wishes can you fulfill? Joy says I am leaving. She says your dad was not responsible for failure of mission vijay. Life is so unfair. My target is Nirman. I want mission vijay file. You give me and your dad’s blame will be over forever. She says you came here because that blame still bothers you.

Sanaya says Nirman has no right to treat sanyu like this. I hope he doesn’t treat me like this. Randhir says he is always stressed. If someone speaks crap he loses it. She says my brain is not working. She eats chewingum and says this is only solution to keep myself quite. Sanaya says should I modify my design more? Randhir says it doesn’t need to. The entire design of Arjun is flawed. Sanaya says that means sanyu was right. Why didn’t you say this in front of Nirma. He says this is not my business. Can I do my job now? Sanaya says this is not done. Sanaya leaves.

Precap-Sanaya says go, I will work here. She says I wont breathe until you smile. He says you don’t have to wait for long. She says okay then I am starting now. Randhir says stop acting like a child. Breathe. Sanyu comes in and sees randhir laughing with her. Sanaya breathes.

Update Credit to: Atiba

Sadda Haq 19th February 2016 –


Sadda Haq 19th February 2016 –


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